50 percent is better than 0 percent


Yesterday was longer than usual. Thumbnail – it was after soccer practice that I wanted to run – figured I could steal 1 out of 24 hours to run…sun was fading fast. Hubs persuaded me to jump on treadmill. Safer. I was gonna do 5 miles at that point. I got on tm tired – I would have told someone with my complaints to skip the workout…but I couldn’t leave my training plan empty…meanwhile, my daughter, recently showered, still deaf, came in to say hi…I was trying to communicate to her to turn off the light above me. I wasn’t communicating well, it turns out šŸ˜‰ picture it – she’s deaf, puzzled look on her face, and there’s me, sweating, running, arms high above head – I’m laughing as I type this – trying to say turn off the light!! I had a biggest loser treadmill moment except I flew off the side, still hanging on with one hand…have you ever had whiplash?! Ouch! Well, my daughter was killing herself laughing – “mom, now you know how the biggest loser people feel! You shouldn’t run distracted!!” thanks. Thanks a lot. The ass-whippin opened on me by the treadmill pretty much taxed all remaining energy…yet, still I plodded till I hit 3 miles…I figured 50 percent was better than 0 percent. True.

Then today, my homeschool daughter and I combined her lunch time with my run…I got 3.22 in the sweltering heat with extra humidity for added fun šŸ™‚

Topped off the day with an early dinner at olde tyme grocery…7th grader had braces adjusted & Lord knows I can use some carbs stored for Sunday šŸ˜‰

I hope this all came out right…totally on iPhone…


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  1. I’m not exactly coordinated. There doesn’t really need to be any distraction for ME to get attacked by my treadmill. I swear, it doesn’t like me because I make it work a lot harder these days! šŸ˜‰

    My boys have to do hill repeats tonight (at home) as part of their cross country training. I’ve never done them before, but I’m determined to try. I’m just a bit scared. I figured, if my 7-year-old can do them, so can I, darn it! At least their coach gave us explicit instructions and I don’t have to embarrass myself by having to Google them!

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