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…and then…


It’s Christmas break. And Advent. So much to say but it’s after midnight & I’m typing on my iPhone. Factor in older eyes & let’s see what we get! Mass today. ALL 5 OF OUR CHILDREN WERE THERE!!!! Wow. Seriously wow. Even my sister and my niece were there! I couldn’t figure out why I felt the way I was feeling during the Mass, but then I realized …I was simply thrilled that our whole family could come together and worship as a family.

And now. My words to Jesus are a simply put, heartfelt gift: use me for Your kingdom, Lord Jesus. Just like that. He’ll do the rest. He and His Father will equip me with all that I need. I often talk about complete surrender to him. Now I want to continue to offer Him my complete surrender, but without the strings attached – take me Lord, use me for the good of Your Kingdom. I love Him so much and now more than ever, I feel Him right by me. When I live my life according to His Will, my life is a perfectly balanced level – the little bubble is right in the middle. That’s good. Yes, storms come; they always do. But He’s already there, waiting for me so He can show me the way out.

His birthday celebration is near. I want Him to know how much I love Him. And I want Him to know that unworthy me is reporting to duty…all of me. It’s the very least I can do for someone who came for us…

Merry Christmas, y’all…



i’ve been wanting to/meaning to post, but couldn’t figure out how to weed through EVERYthing that has gone on. i just decided to pick up now and do the best i can.

i ran this morning, one week after running the baton rouge beach marathon last saturday, on VERY short notice. my rationalization was this: i needed a long run in the books to legitimately be ready for the marathon next month on january 19. so, as the other three times i’ve done this particular race, i counted it as a ‘training run’. i even incorporated Jeff Galloway – i ran 4:00 and walked :45. i went into the race not completely prepared, which was part of why i was doing the race anyway. hubs offered to drive me the hour to Baton Rouge, but i said no. let me sleep in our bed, wake up at 4:45 and get there myself. which i did. it was blustery COLD, at about 34’ish degrees. greyish blue skies and windy. couldn’t have asked for better. that was my first race doing the galloway method & i really liked it. ESPECIALLY since i didn’t have many long runs as of late. the walk breaks really invigorated my legs and spirit. i looked forward to them. i finished in about 4:13 and i was actually pretty happy with that. Baton Rouge has hills, y’all. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. My elevation climb before my phone died was over 1,400 feet! That’s pretty much for down south. As usual, my Garmin wigged out during the first 40 minutes without me realizing it, so that was a waste of time. This was my 9th marathon & I could tell by doing the Galloway method, the first 8 to 10 miles FLEW by. I mean, no fatigue AT ALL. I loved that. I did, however, feel the typical achy muscles at the top, inner part of my calves, beginning at around mile 20. I didn’t hit the wall, though, and that was nice. I used Bonk Breaker as a bar – half at mile 17 & half at mile 21. I used Gu – salted caramel – which was good, but I was looking forward to my Hammer Gel in Apple Cinnamon – it didn’t arrive in time for this race, but I will surely be using it in January!

BRBM is the only race I do that I consider 4:15 & over – but not tooo far over – good for me. I cross-trained on Wednesday & Friday and that brings us to Saturday – I did 4 plus miles this morning on the road in my neighborhood – that felt GREAT!

I’m still not sure how to pick up the pieces enough to qualify for Boston. I’m not giving up, but I’m not risking injury either. So, I think I might keep old Jeff around for awhile and figure out how to make things work with him. 🙂

one thing is for sure – I LOVE running and will try my best to keep it a part of my entire life…

Third Sunday of Advent, y’all! Rose candle gets lit tomorrow!