I’m a running mom in South Louisiana…LOVE my area…it’s unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. I was born & raised here & now raise my family with my husband. We have 5 – his, mine & ours…23, 19, 18, 12, and 11! Our last two precious daughters were born profoundly deaf with Auditory Neuropathy. Thankfully, with cochlear implants, they hear beautifully. They are in school and pursue normal kid-things – soccer, swimming, piano, etc. We found out about their deafness shortly after my 11 year old was born. It was a very chaotic time – she was a preemie – then we found out within days her year old sister was profoundly deaf. We had to wait for our youngest to be about 7 months old before we could test her, sedated, to find out…sure enough, same diagnosis. I think shortly after that is when I got into health & fitness. I would put both babies in a double stroller, walk, then rollerblade, and then run, in my neighborhood. I always felt so centered again after one of our outings. I think I came to find running as my own medicine to take during all the uncertaintly of those early years with our daughters. Now, it’s such a huge part of my life, running is, and I have no plans to ever stop. I love racing and love long distances the most…to update since I began this blog, I have gotten interested in triathlons. I’ve done two so far. Seemed like a pretty natural progression for me because I would often get on my bike after a run of any distance to “stretch” out my legs…truth be told, I just love to ride my bike. Always have. Most of the text in my blog is not capped unless I’m talking about someone important or to emphasize. I have always loved English…yes, I do it on purpose! I always thought ee cummings was pretty cool like that! Anywho…peace.

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  1. the trail has been my sanctuary as well. and i put both of my girls in a double stroller too. i have to confess, i’ll always be envious ci’s worked for your girls and not mine, but…life happens. 🙂

    • I know what you mean, Allie…I think every situation, whether we have a choice or not, has its drawbacks. We are so unbelievably lucky with our girls, but their/our burden is still heavy…while they are at school, I do a lot at home to get ready for them and their homework in the afternoon. They still havetheir struggles with several aspects during school, but we work on them during homework. I think about you and Quincie and I know how strongly grounded you and I are about God and I just have to say, “Wow.” I mean, He has some amazing plan for y’all. I mean, here is this tiny little Chinese baby who is deaf on the other side of the world & she was meant to have you as her mommy! That just blows my mind. And I see God at work – I can’t imagine what her little life would be like had you not traveled halfway around the world to rescue that baby! Anyway, I’m happy you’ll read my blog…I’m going to read yours! I know I have a ways to go to make it more appealing, but it’ll be fun getting it there!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that your post about adoption is one of the most beautiful things I have read. I am about to start a new job at an adoption agency and reading your post has affirmed for me that it is absolutely the right thing for me to be doing now.
    thank you

    • Wow, you made my day with this comment! Thank you for your very kind words and congratulations on a life-affirming job! I had to get those words out that you read on my blog. I was a little worried at first about letting it all out there, but then I thought, well, what if somebody reads this who needs to read it?! And there you are! So, thanks again, and enjoy your new job. What a wonderful way to make a difference.

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  4. I am a homeschool mom too! Mother of 3 boys 13, 10 & 9. My youngest has ulcerative colitis. Started running to lose weight ,It has since been my saving grace and found such communion with the Lord on my runs. Have my first half marathon inOctober..the jazz half in New Orleans..training for that has been interesting..difficult at times….enjoying the longer runs..wanting to lose more weight before the race. currenrly 157 and working ot get down to 135 ish. Counting calories and running lots. Enjoyed your blog…and I am a Christian also.

    • Hey!!! Thanks for stopping in, Melissa! Major congrats on your weight loss AND homeschooling your boys AND getting ready to rock the Jazz Half!!!! That’s awesome. I am assuming you homeschool all 3 boys? I am loving it. It has been a couple of weeks now. My daughter is doing quite well with our new situation. As for you, just keep on running & eat sensibly. The pounds will come off. Counting calories is just hard to do in the South, but it certainly is do-able!!! Peace to you…

      • Yes, I homeschool all 3 boys. this is my fourth year homeschoolong. They were in public school here in Marrero where I worked as a teachers assistant for 2 years and also substitute teacher. Really felt like it was time to pull them out and homeschool and I am so glad we(husband too) did!!!!!! Thanks so much for responding and for your encouragement. I find your blogs encouraging, funny and motivating. Thanks again:) PEACE.

  5. Hello Southernrunningmom. I have a quick question about your fitness routine for upper body. How many pounds do u use when lifting weights? I notice u have great arm defintion in one picture. i feel like my arms could use some toning but I was wondering if u or someone on the blog have a routine that is followable that u or they could share. I do not belong to a gym but have weights and am willing to do the work:) Thanks.

    • Hey, there! I love fitness questions!!! I vary my weight – I will use anywhere from 5-10 pounds in the pool and in my workout room. I pretty much pay attention to what I don’t like on my own arms. Triceps – “wings” – sigh. I do 8 pound tricep kickbacks. Really easy & really effective. Definitely minimizes the back of the arm jiggle…Then, for my shoulders & biceps, I do curls & shoulder presses. I use 10 pound weights for “meat” & then in the pool I do lots of light-weight reps for definition. If you haven’t started following the “Run Like a Mother” group, you must!!! I love it. They are on Facebook & also I think just a regular website. SO motivating. There are moms from all walks (and runs:) of life. Seriously, there are moms of all speeds, and it’s really a great resource for support & comaraderie. I urge you to check it out. There is a book out, as well, called “Run Like a Mother” and “Train Like a Mother.” “Train Like a Mother” has some workout plans in it, I believe. I am also a huge proponent of doing what you can do. Let’s face it – moms are busy! So, I’d rather take a minute or two & get 10 crunches, 10 curls, 10 shoulder presses & 10 kickbacks. I’m done before anyone even notices 🙂 AND, if you do that once a day, in a week’s time, you have done a LOT of work! And your bod will show it. I hope y’all are safe in the storm. Peace!!!!

      • Thanks so much:) Will check out the website and book too!! Praying for this storm to pass …so we can get back to “normal” life.lol.

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