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I decided during my morning run to just let it go…”it” being the need to try to fit regular things into an irregular week.  Run was nice.  I’m like a puppy, I guess; I just can’t stay out of the grass!!!  So, got my grassy laps in, but still didn’t feel totally up to par, and I didn’t want to risk injury, so I only did 3 laps.  Meanwhile, back on the asphalt…not just ANY asphalt, mind you…oh, no, I’m talking about poured-within-the-last-couple-of-weeks kind of asphalt; the kind poured to make beautiful new streets through beautiful new parts of a neighborhood; the kind where the only proof of life on the black, cushioned track; oops, I mean street, are scant dirt tracks from big, yellow, dirty machines.  Oh, yeah, I turned right in.  No workmen around, no barricades.  This run was for ME!  It was great.  I actually felt rejuvenated and took it as far as I could & then followed it back.  Ended up with almost 4 miles.  Not terrible.  Movement is good.  Movement is good.

I was pleasantly surprised to remember that I had an hour to go soak up the Son at school.  Got to see my own son while I was there & that’s always a treat.  I love that boy.  He has such a beautiful, discerning, quiet spirit.  I wonder how many people who know him see what I see.  There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t have questions about God.  I was not that way when I was 16.  I love that about him.  He helped bring me closer to God just by being my son.  Something about knowing I was having a baby just made me feel like I wanted everything to be right with God from that moment on. 

My time in Adoration was the same as ever.  God’s presence is just so tangible while I am there.  It is hard for me to quiet my mind, but when I am in there, with God’s help, I manage to do just that.  It’s great.  I don’t know what I would do without my relationship with God.  He is everything to me.  And to think I used to believe I wasn’t worthy or likeable, is that spelled right?  Or lovable for that matter.  He got me over those feelings right quick.  Now I love knowing that He loves me just as I am. 

Switching gears TOTALLY, now.  I ordered P90X.  Yes, I did.  I thought I could handle the whole muscle confusion thing by myself, but not so much anymore.  So, I’m curious to see what that cat Tony Horton has to say on the subject.  I’ll keep you posted.  Get it, POSTED???!!!!  Just some blogger-humor…teehee.

Welcome back…


I realized today that first and foremost, I AM A MOM!!!  And I love that.  I am a runner somewhere down the line (not too far;] ) after that, but Mom is totally at the top of the list.  Getting kiddos ready in the morning, an 8:00 meeting at STM with an unbendable Algebra teacher, typical day-to-day stuff.  Phone rings 3 minutes after my son leaves.  “Mom, I got in a wreck.”  Those are not words any mom wants to hear at any time.  Me & the girls were attempting to leave at that moment for the bus stop anyway, so we just headed out straightaway.  It is super foggy here this morning and he hit a lady from behind and then he got hit from behind.  Thank God no one was hurt.  My son’s vehicle was terribly damaged, but that’s just a thing & things come & go.  Went to accident scene, made sure everything/everyone was okay, got girls to bus stop, went back to scene & helped my son with paperwork, etc….got him to school – tardy, naturally – and managed to be only 15 minutes late for my meeting! 

I haven’t run since Saturday morning & that was a TM run, which will do in a pinch.  But I really wanted to get out in the sun, since the fog finally cleared up & the golf tournament is over. 

By the time I got back home, the handy-dude was here to do some work.  FINALLY, got my Mizunos laced up, music qued, even had a little Cytomax in my bottle.  As soon as I started running, I had to remind myself the first 10 minutes of warming up STINK!!!  I feel like I’m plodding & barely moving, but I know that will pass.

I kept on going, of course, and finally, after just over a mile and well on my way to the back of the neighborhood, I began to walk.  Walking during a run is a pretty low point for me.  When I think, “Movement is better than no movement,” I’m feeling low.  But, upon reflection, I realized my heart was still so heavy from this weekend & then compounded with my son’s ordeal this morning, I just felt so dang heavy!  My sweet son’s blue eyes were just huge with “Wow, I can’t believe this just happened,” and I couldn’t do much except be supportive & help.  Of course, it turned out well, but still traumatic.  I realized I felt like I had all my extra weights on – ankle, waist, wrist, but no, I didn’t.  I just felt that weight that a mother feels when things aren’t right in her world. 

I allowed myself to continue to walk & then as I made the last big curve toward the back of my ‘hood, I saw it.  I even smiled.  There it was just waiting for me – my big, grassy, car-less, dumpster-less grassy TRACK!!!  That’s the ticket!  I started jogging toward it, hopped over the golf cart path & started my run again.  And it felt great.  The grass welcomed me with each cushioned foot-fall.  A new addition – clover flowers & onion flowers brushed my ankles and tickled me back to the lightness I always feel on my track.  Could I do — dare I think it ‘cuz I’ll have to do it then —6 LAPS???  Feeling like I feel today?  Scratch that.  Feeling like I felt today?  Of course I can.  I’m back on my track.  Yes, I did my 6 laps and even walked one, turning off my BFF Garmin for that – didn’t want to skew my numbers, of course.  It was glorious and just what I needed today. 

Anywho, I ended up with 5 miles and don’t feel badly about that.  I always feel a little freaked out when I know the holidays are approaching and I wonder how I can meet my self-imposed quota of 20 miles a week.   But, I also know that where there’s a will, there’s a way and the good Lord knows I’m always willing, so He always makes a way! 

I’m so happy my little slump is looking up.  I realize that without a few low points, we can’t appreciate the flowery, grassy tracks of our lives.

Where do I start???


Let me start with this…I am still in the same Cajun Cup sweatshirt I put on yesterday afternoon.  Yes, I slept in it.  I swapped the black linen skirt I had on for Mass for Target sweat/capris…it ain’t pretty, folks.

Got up yesterday.  Hormonal.  PMS – P = >:[   Like I said, it ain’t pretty

Anywho, after picking a rousing argument with my innocent husband, I went to Mass, teary-eyed and extremely pained by girlie cramps.  They were like contractions that didn’t end.  Only because I didn’t have ANYTHING edible for the girls to eat afterwards (I wasn’t about to suffer through a restaurant visit with nothing on the menu I would eat due to my soy fixation), I went to Wal-Mart.  I did, however, see that Ben & Jerry’s Fro Yo Cherry Garcia would fit nicely into my day.  Girls got their stuff, I got mine.  Into the car.

Oh, the car…I RARELY, if EVER, park as close as possible.  My motto is, ‘Thin People Park Far.’  I never said I wasn’t weird.  However, yesterday, at my daughters’ questioning of my motto, I retorted, ‘Thin People With Cramps Park Close.’  Huh?  Long story short, leaving my parking space, which was the very first one near the store, I hit a Row 8 pole.  Yes.  It sucked.  Big time.  I cried.  A lot.  I evidently had a lot built up in me.  “Mom, are you okay?”  “No, but I will be.  Buckle up.” 

A lady driving a big old Yukon, crying, must be a sight.  I tried my best to conceal it, but I had hormones going against me, so I didn’t do a very good job. 

I went home & pretty much stayed in bed, just waiting for the day to be over.  My daughters had fun with their dad & brothers, watching the end of the golf tournament.   Popeye’s fried chicken for them, a Ruffles sandwich for me.  I’m all about the carbs lately.

My car?  $3,001.56.  I vow to never park close again.  I vow to always back up out of my parking space.  No short cuts here.

I feel better now, at least emotionally.  Run?  Oh, no, not even.  Not today.  However, I shall remain hopeful that after a rousing afternoon of homework & dinner, perhaps I can summon some energy to take my 10 year old for a run.  She’s evidently training for a 5K.  That’s my girl…

Dinner tonight will be much better on so many levels.  Hamburger steak with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, and peas…ALL ORGANIC which is the best part!  The majority of it is done, with the hamburger steaks slowly cooking & soaking up yummy gravy…mmmm…

Good news:  I did make it to Mass. 

Better news:  Tomorrow is another day!

I should have taken notes…


I have so many things that have happened since I last posted that I wanted to write about & now I can’t remember!  I’ll just work backwards & hope for the best.  Had a GREAT run this morning – was aiming for only 30 minutes because I had to go soak up the Son at Adoration Chapel at my son’s high school.  I averaged 8:28 miles, which made me happy, especially after attempting the workout listed in “Run Like a Mother” book…which I’ll include the link to one day when I learn how to include links!!  Anywho, there is this amazing full page workout in there & I was intrigued by it & tried it.  I love a lengthy recipe, too, so I guess it figures.  The workout yesterday started with a 2 mile run, followed by a 400m 5K pace lap & then lots of other goodies – crunshes, squats, chin-ups…everything you can think of to get moving!  It was great.  I capped it off with a 1 mile run on my treadmill.  Ordinarily, I don’t like to mix my workouts like that – if I’m going to run, I wanna run.  If I’m doing weights & such, then that’s it. 

I purchased some new kicks yesterday!  My Brooks were bought in December & I was just feeling this muscle ache in my right leg & I knew it was time to get some new ones – I am trying Mizuno – never tried them before.  I’m usually into Asics & Brooks, but I liked the way these felt in the store.  They are the Wave 13 model & I really enjoyed them on my run.  I’m trying to plan the rest of my week – that’s really code for trying to fit my runs in – I have a ceiling guy coming in the morning, a meeting at 10 at my girls’ school, so I guess I’ll run after that.  I planned on Mass at the high school, but I’m assuming the ceiling dude will cut right into that.  And I can’t very well go out to a meeting in running clothes…or could I?  Heehee, I wouldn’t do that.  I just like to get my run done early!  And then there’s Friday, which is smelling like a long run to me.  I only have ten miles this week (another reason I was a little ambivalent about yesterday’s workout), and my goal this year was 20 miles a week.  Saturday includes our last 2 soccer games & hockey out of town to be announed…I’m not whining, just thinking…trying to fit it all in. 

Good news is Sunday begins Holy Week.  I LOVE Holy Week.  The older I get, the more meaningful it becomes to me.  I love Veneration of the Cross.  Our kids’ high school do a phenomenal job of the Stations of the Cross/Passion…I can’t remember the last time I didn’t cry at one of those. 

Of course, this weekend, I’ll have to have some kind of an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos…yes, I hide eggs just for the girls to find…they enjoy it.  Maybe the weather will be warm enough to swim!

There goes my kitchen timer telling me my post-time is up!  Gotta get going again!



My head is swirling with thoughts, but my day ticks away so quickly.  I can’t wait to type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have so much to say!!!!!  I thought today would be a good day, but no.  Two little girls awaiting help with homework, one of them with a headache after ortho appt….life is calling…gotta run.



This morning started typically enough.  I woke up and realized my heart was heavy due to my 9 year old’s temper tantrum last night.  Oh, well, what’s done is done…wandered into the kitchen to get coffee, happy with the fact that I was driving the girls to school due to soccer practice gear, regular school gear, and a special project that was too delicate for the bus.  Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a stray Cheerio (my hubby), and a stray piece of dental floss.  Probably the 9-year old. 

I actually sat with coffee ON THE COUCH before I had to wake up 16 year old & girls!  This is such a rarity for me before school…anywho, I glanced at the fireplace, still bedecked with a beautiful Nativity scene.  Yes, I know.  We just had St. Patrick’s Day.  Even my husband asked me how long I intended to keep it there.  IDK…But as I looked at it, I realized how much I love it because it reminds me of family.  And the fact that Mary & Joseph had their own set of problems as a couple and then a family, but they stayed together and made it!  Okay, maybe I don’t need the Nativity scene set up in March to remind me of that, but for now, that’s the deal.

As I donned my running clothes, I wondered what kind of run I would do today…I already had my hard workout attempt at speed & I’m not in training for anything in particular.  Then it hit me:  6 grassy laps…I just did 6 grassy laps twice this week!  Well, this will make an even 18!  The internal conversation went on & I wondered why I even was arguing with myself becuase I knew that anything except 6 grassy laps would feel like I fell short this week.  So, I did it.  It was great.  I knew it would be.  It was hard.  I knew it would be.  Then, I had a fleeting thought…as difficult as my life has been during different periods of time, endurance running really is easy.  That said, I had a new appreciation for those grassy laps and appreciated them for what they were:  a wonderful, brief escape to run freely and bask in the glory when I was finished.

I wasn’t alone out there today.  The ‘hood is getting ready for the annual golf tournament and lots of preparation is required.  The Waste Management dudes used the middle of my “track” as command central for dispersing of big, green, freshly painted dumpsters.  No biggie.  We didn’t get in each other’s way.  But there went my imagination again smack dab in the middle of my run.  “A runner’s remains were found in a brand new, freshly painted Waste Management dumpster right in the middle of a field of a very affluent golf course neighborhood in South Louisiana.  Authorities had to plug in her BFF Garmin to look for any identifying records.  Waste Management dudes are the prime suspects at this time.”  I felt bad for having that headline unexpectly scroll through my brain.  It actually made me laugh out loud.



I’m so happy to have a blog…I always have so much going on in my head & I can just empty it all right here.  Do you know the hardest part of my almost 6 miles this morning?  Driving home from Target and THINKING about it…same old thoughts…my legs might be too tired from yesterday.  Is a weekly goal of 20 miles wimpy?  Am I setting my bar too low?

But, I got home & quickly unloaded, quickly got ready to run, did a couple of quick stretches, quickly pressed Start on my BFF Garmin & quickly began.  I also know that if I gave into those doubts and talked myself into a day off, I would feel the same as if I planned to go to Thursday Mass at my son’s school and then changed my mind & didn’t go.  I can’t have that kind of regret, not when it’s within my control.  So…I went to Mass and as always, was extremely glad that I had.  And I did my run.  The best part of my run was the peace I felt running huge laps on my make-shift grass track.  I love that I don’t care what people think when they see some womany running through a field that nobody uses for anything!  But it’s an important place for me.  It makes my quads burn and it strengthens me, physically and mentally.  The repetition is comforting.

I LOVE lemons.  I peel them and eat them.  With salt.  Big crunchy grains of salt.  I don’t try to understand it.  I just accept it.  However…I can’t help but picture every time I eat one, the prospect of swallowing a seed & a beautiful little, manicured lemon tree growing in my belly…I know.  I know…But that’s what I think.  It would look like a little table-top tree with the trunk having no leaves & then the round top would have perfect little lemons in it.  This morning my husband had a smoothie with an apple in it.  Same thought.  What if he swallows a seed & an apple tree grows in his belly?  I told him what I thought.  He just looked at me…lovingly, quizzically…

I am secretly hoping soccer gets rained out on Saturday so I can go to hockey.  I know that’s terrible.  It just pains me to think of my sweet son playing two games without anyone who loves him in the stands to cheer him.

Time to get on with the rest of the day…