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Three things


I had three things on my radar today – Mass, running, and baking chocolate chip cookies. Thank You, Jesus.



They all ha


They all happened! The text is From me to my son – my 20 year old. My relationship with God is the most important thing in my life. I wish, more than anything, to impart in our children, how important a relationship with our living God is…




I swam for 2 hours this morning – correction – I was in the pool…I used weights, did cardio, and aqua jogged for 75 of those minutes. I did not scratch off a run. I’m tired. 35 miles in the last week as of yesterday. I feel a bit like a slacker watching the light fade, running clothes still on, and no run done. What are those bugs, cicadas? Yes, I hear them welcoming the evening. I’m on the fence of calling it a day or going for it. I did a 9 1/2 mile run yesterday. I hate feeling this way. I would like to chill here – no run – a cold beer. A movie with the fam…and you know, now that I think of it, a few summers back, I doubled up training on one day so I could have my family vacation without being in a workout deficit…just sayin’:)

One thing for sure and it brings me immense happiness – Mass tomorrow morning with 4 of our children! Nothing delights me more than the bulk of us (one lives out of town) crammed into a church pew, worshipping our Lord Jesus. I hope our children do the same thing one day with their own families.

We are not in charge of each other’s waistlines or salvation:)



few minutes.


Galloway. You: Only Faster. Train Like a Mother. :-\ WTH. ADD. ADHD. IDK. WTH…sigh.

For reals. I don’t know if I should scratch my watch or wind my ass. That was my mom’s favorite saying 🙂

I’m missing my Baton Rouge Rocket Chix Tri. I will be doing the Cajun Man Tri. And the Cajun Cup. And the local half in December. And the Louisiana 26.2 in January. And the Zydeco in March. And New York in November. How to train? How to train?

I started the Jeff Galloway 30 WEEK training. For NOW. Taking walk breaks, which I did yesterday for the first time, little bitty hills, but a totally cross country course, fricking HEAT of South Louisiana…yeah, that little timer on my arm was a blessing. I embraced the :45 seconds.

I just don’t know if I’m totally committed to Jeff. Like, can he REALLY get me to qualify for Boston? Well, I guess the answer is NO. Only I can do that. With God’s help and blessing, of course. Then, I heard about the McMillan dude. I like him. He’s very scientific about numbers and I love that. So, now he’s an app on my phone too. And my beloved Train Like a Mother ladies. That training program is serious. And seriously great. So totally made for a mom.

So, I wonder…will I ride the Jeff Galloway train & jump off in favor of TLAM? I just don’t know. But I am moving, getting all the good workouts in, like I should.

Oh, and I’m attempting to stockpile workouts. Weird, right? No. Not weird. I don’t like to skip workouts. I’m going out of town soon, and will likely miss some. So, I figured I can skip the rest days, use the XT days for a run and by the time my butt hits the seat on United, I will have squirrelled away enough “off” days to justify being off. That’s my plan. Don’t judge. 🙂

I’m gonna try to do Insanity before my real-life version of Insanity cracks wide open on this day.


choose carefully…


…because. so many things. the child who is seemingly resilient, playful at the beach as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed toddler, might someday be back on that beach, wondering who and why his life turned out that way – so different from his friends…drunk…they aren’t that resilient. they don’t have a choice after we make our choices. they aren’t resilient; they adapt…by stuffing clothes in the back of their cars…never really seeming to be ‘at home’ because their homes are scattered…by the choices of the parent. and then the parent – never able to totally unleash the whole story – always trying to protect feelings – always trying to be the cocoon around the injured, always wondering what would have happened if…if what, though? well, that falls into that dark category, doesn’t it? so, we pray, we consecrate, we bargain, we don’t bargain, we swallow the lump that swells in the throat…in a nutshell, we suck it up, buttercup. then we bargain with that, right? all the while, knowing that God is there. He doesn’t move, now does He? we do. He – no. He does not. so, there’s that – we can go to him, fists punching toward Heaven, sorrowful, remorseful and regretful, confused. then what? well, the planet keeps turning. the sun keeps rising. the clouds keep floating. grass keeps growing. and you look at that young-man-used-to-be-toddler and you hope & pray with every fiber that God holds HIM in the palm of HIS Hand. you do what you can. which, sometimes, seems to not be much at all.



I’m still in Week 4 of Insanity. Not because I’m a slacker. I know that is an incomplete sentence. Sigh. I am listening to my sweet daughter snoring away in the next room, knowing she’ll be upset that I chose to let her sleep in. It’s summer, for goodness sake. We went to Red’s yesterday. I did my 7 mile slow run in the heat – which was great. She met a couple of her bff’s. She thought they would be doing laps in the lap pool. They didn’t. They had a bit of a workout upstairs & then “walked around and sat at the table.” Not what she was hoping for. Snoring girlfriend is a chip off this old block – except I am SURE I NEVER snore…heehee. She takes private soccer lessons in the afternoons and it’s quite a workout. She’s pretty driven. I love that. So, she went to bed last night expecting to get up & go do those laps with me. Which means we don’t get home till 5:30, which means it’s time to cook dinner & do laundry, which means Insanity won’t be happening again today. But she’s snoring. Because I decided to let her sleep, bring my little one to her camp, dash back home to get my Insanity on so I can at least make some progress. Snoring child won’t be happy. But maybe she’ll feel better when I tell her we can go do laps tomorrow, when our beloved housekeeper is here. I’m almost out of time for the morning. I am going with the Jeff Galloway 30 week plan. I love a long plan. It started yesterday & I, true to form, fooled with the schedule because I didn’t want to miss that first long run. This is South Louisiana, so we need to get our miles in the best way we can & as luck would have it, I had a pretty good morning, as temperatures go, yesterday…82 balmy degrees without too much humidity. I ran for over an hour. I thought about a couple of FB acquaintances who either just came off a full IronMother (IronMan:) or just beginning training…wow. Wow. So in awe. I just look at my life and I know I don’t have that dedication to that level of training right now. So, in the meantime, I do what I can & continue to embrace the water. I still don’t know what it is. It’s just hard to get in, but once I’m in, I’m good. And I especially like doing laps with my daughter. She’s a fish & she’s very much fun to hang around anyway. Sigh.

Okay, gotta finish getting this day prepped so we can live in it.


Oh lord I don’t know where my update went y’all but lemme tell you quickly – we swam – I did notdo insanity but I swam OVER A MILE with my awesome daughter! Her idea. It really was great. I realized as I was typing that entry this morning that I was probably secretly avoiding the water….sigh. BUT I did it. Sweet. Thank You, Jesus.❤