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Kid back from camp. Yay.  Housekeeper out.  Hmmm.  I’ll survive.  Extra guest, unexpectedly at dinner.  Nice.  Mold on 35 foot tall living room ceiling.  Not nice.  Whole downstairs wood floors to be replaced.  Sweet!  With what?  Who knows?  Ortho appointment and soccer camp this afternoon and evening.  17 year old going to Europe at the end of the month.  Expired passport.  I’m only breaking a sweat cuz I just got off my treadmill.  I beat myself up over the weekend in the pool.  Long hard workouts that I loved for each and every nano-second.   But I thought about running all weekend.  I just didn’t  have it in me.  I tried relishing in the fact that I was “big girl” enough to listen to my body, but in the deepest recesses of my mind, I still beat myself up…’you know you want it.  just go get on the tm.  walk if you want.’  But I didn’t listen.  I just enjoyed the weekend as it unfolded.  I even made a totally from scratch chocolate cake in honor of my son’s return from camp. 

So, after realizing all the above, and, oh yeah, we have a sick palm tree in the backyard and I don’t mean sick like the teenagers say it…SICK!  He ain’t happy.  We named him Bumpy when we had him planted.  He’s exotic and never seemed very picky.  Anywho, I ate a couple of pieces of bacon folded up in my HealthNut bread & jumped on the tm after that and a good swig of green chai tea.  I impressed myself.  I guess my weekend off worked out nicely in my favor because I got right up to 6 & 7 mph and finshed at 7.2.  Never backed down!  Averaged 8:22 per mile.  I like that.  THAT’s what I’ll remember today.  Not the bacon.  Jeez, what was I thinking?????  I don’t usually eat that way.  It was not even good, happy-pig-grazing-in-the-clover-bacon.  Noooo!!!  It was “smooshed pig” bacon as my kids call it.  Okay, I will NEVER buy that kind of garbage again.  Jillian, can you please move in with us?  heehee.  Or Lance.  That’d be okay.  Just someone healthy who can discect my grocery basket before I check out.  I had given up soy altogether.  HARD to do.  But now that it’s sloooowwly creeping back in, I think I feel it.  I’m pretty sure I don’t like it…no, I don’t like it. 

I’ll grab another couple of outdoor miles this evening when my daughters are kicking away at the soccer fields…peace, y’all.

Time flies


This picture stays in my mind from a couple of weeks ago and now, hopefully, I can purge my mind…this woman, squatting, sweaty, breathing heavily, out of the way of traffic, near a fence, fumbling with something frantically in her hands…ME!!!!  A couple of Fridays ago, I had an outdoor, H-O-T RUN outside, THANKFULLY with SPORTBEANS in my pocket!    So, yeah, the squatting, sweaty woman was me, trying to get something energizing in my mouth!  The beans worked!  But as I squatted there, fumbling, I had to laugh at the picture of myself.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that the heat here is scorching and wet – all at the same time…nice.  I liken it to running with a blowdryer blowing at me on the highest setting.  No joke.  That being said, I must say, I have NEVER regretted a single outdoor run I’ve taken.  I almost did – once – right after Hurricane Gustav was seemingly over – our family and extended family spent the night huddled up in our poolhouse with the generator keeping us cool and tuned in to the news.  By the next day, I was literally ready to stretch my legs and grab a quick run.  So, I did and by the time I got to the far point of my neighborhood to turn around, I looked into the distance and saw one of the final “bands” of Hurricane Gustav coming our way – this purple/blue thick strip of sky, complete with embedded lightning.  My heart raced.  I don’t do lightning.  I turned and high-tailed it home, through the golf course!  THAT was pretty scary. 

So that was a couple of Saturdays ago.  Hubby and I decided to take girls to Gruene for a night and then he ended up with pneumonia!  When a parent gets sick, look out.  The household balance is totally askew and such was life here.  Things are finally getting back to normal.  He’s in New Orleans for baseball, so that’s a good sign.  He’s still not feeling 100% so that’s a little worrisome for me.

Still, trying to keep things flowing the way they should for the fam…one kiddo went to camp in Arkansas for a week – he loved it, as usual.  Another kiddo is coming back in the morning from a week in Northern California from camp with lots of friends from his school.  He has had a wonderful experience there and I’m so grateful for that.  Girls starting soccer camp next week. 

Me?  I’m getting my workouts in when and how I can.  I’ve done well on my miles – treadmill and outdoor miles – lots of pool workouts.  I’m even getting better at swimming!  Like, real swimming with my face in the water swimming!  That’s huge for me.

I’ve been riding my bike as well.  I promised my hubby I would get a helmet, so I’ll do that today probably.  I think I’m ready to save some dollars toward a basic tri-bike for me.  I’ve considered changing the wheels on my mountain Trek, but I love off-road riding a lot and I don’t think tri-wheels will share my passion!  I’m not sure how much a tri-bike will run, but I’m willing to look at it now, and that’s a start! 

Cat evidently spent the large majority of yesterday and the entire night outdoors…whoops.  Little one found him outside this morning.  She bathed him ;]  I’m sure he wished he would have stayed outside after that.  heehee

Mass today so I can greet my beautiful son in the morningj – they are going to Mass in San Francisco this afternoon…how fabulous.  My prayer for him this week was to have a better relationship with God and to recognize that there is a whole beautiful world out there and he can participate in it anywhere!  If I were him, I’d go to college someplace far and beautiful…spread those wings and FLY!  Life is full, beautiful and good – grab it while you can!


Today…that was yesterday.


Thought I was going to get back to editing what I just posted…such is life, peeps.  Anywho, got my beautiful 17 year old son fed & out the door bright & early with two of his good friends.  He packed his own stuff, woke himself up, evidently growing up and making me proud!!!  I love that boy.  I miss him already.  I ran – more about that in a sec – and took a break to call him and check on their progress to Destin.  He had stopped to get gas & clean on bird poo.  That’s my boy! 🙂

The run.  Oh, the run…it was GLORIOUS.  God made this day just for me.  He had to.  My legs were aching.  I had a pretty tough lower body workout in the pool yesterday on the heels of my screeching treadmill work.  But I could not pass up a recovery run outdoors – overcast skies, really humid conditions, slightly breezy, and drizzling.  Are you kidding?  This is primo running weather in my book.  I felt like a kid.  My shoes & socks were squishy sopping wet.  It was great.  My housekeeper was looking after my girls.  I suppose I was running in what’s left of Hurricane Alex.  He (or is it she?) churned up weather in the gulf that we are still feeling and will likely have all day today & possibly tomorrow.

4th of July weekend.  No major plans.  Lots of pool-time planned.  I have a great apple pie recipe I’m going to make and serve with vanilla ice cream.  Talk about good.


Got my 5k in early today, even before hubby went to work.  I combined hills and speed intervals…guess i felt like a good old fashioned butt-kick to start my day.  I had three cycles of increasing my speed and ended each cycle with the tread on 10, pretty much a first for me.  I’ve put it on 10 in the past, for a few seconds, just to feel the sensation, but this was pretty cool for 200 kilometers at a time.  I think I’ll be visiting that end of the speed spectrum more often!

Getting 17 year old ready for another Destin trip…4th of July, of course.  I miss him already.  Spaghetti sauce is done for tonight’s dinner and organic chocolate brownies for a surprise dessert!  They taste awesome and don’t have any soy or junk in them.  Yum.

Had my second day of swimming in the rain.  THAT was fun!!!!  I loved it.