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back on track :)


Woke up feeling SO much better today!  Thanks,God.  Set my sights on an hour pool workout, which I did.  It was great.  My 10 year old swam with me.  I love when she is with me; she innately knows when she should give me a little space.  Love that girl.  She is also so much fun to work out with – EDGE – EveryDay Go Extreme – a camp trick my step-daughter taught me – don’t touch the sides or the bottom – pretty much just tread water for an afore-decided amount of time.  :15 minutes or :20 minutes doesn’t sound like much until you haven’t touched anything but water for the majority of them!  It’s really fun and I try to do at least :10 a pool workout – today 10 year old did it with me.  She’s so sweet.  She had her goggles on, treading water, reading my lips since she is deaf in the pool (cochlear implants and swimming pools don’t get along yet;)…she has always had this sweet spirit that draws people in…

anywho, it was a great workout and i am actually ready to tackle a treadmill 5K – oh, can i tell you?  i was getting the trashcans from the front of the house & the mailman happened to be passing by, so i met him to get our mail.  he said, ‘run yet?’  no, i answered.  (he seems very into his work, so i was surprised that he knew i ran!)  he continued, ‘i am amazed!  you don’t jog, you know?  you RUN!’ I laughed.  ‘thanks!  i’m always looking to get faster!’  it’s funny how we receive encouragement from the seemingly unlikeliest of places!  i was going to get trash cans & got a boost to my running spirit~!  nice! thanks, dude!  i will totally hook you up this holiday season with some organic, delish somethings… 🙂



Mother Nature gave me a beat down this month.  This is not like me, but I won’t fight it.  If my body is telling me to rest, I won’t argue.  I really think it’s God’s way of saying, “Cool your heels and avoid injury.”  Got it.  Thanks.  Will comply.

So, here I am, still hopeful, still in running clothes in case this thing passes any time soon.  Feeling a little better, I was doing a baby set of exercises in my workout room.  My 10 year old was with me, complete with a pair of my high heels.  “Good exercise, Mom!”  Thanks.  So, I did my obgigatory sit-ups & arm thingy & a quick set of plyometric/weighted squats and then spied my weights.  Thinking that would be a nice thing to do, I grabbed both sets (I have little ankles & double them up), and said to no one in particular, “Is this it,” thinking I had a heavier set instead.  Little one chimed in, “You might want to use this,” indicating my Kick-your-booty waist pack of weights, which is about 8 extra pounds.  I just laughed.  “Thanks.  These are good.” 

So, I know this yuckiness will pass…loved the comic relief, tho!

girl stuff…


today is evidently a rest day.  never planned.  but taken when…sigh…needed.  i guess i need it.  tear.  not really 🙂  seriously, i hate not having at least a friggin’ walk on the books y’all.  just before i cued up my page to add this post, i logged into runkeeper to see my totals – wwwhaattt?  may, a legitimate school month had like 46 miles all total for me.   we are toward the end of june and i’m already at 42, i think is what i read.  that’s unheard of for me.  school being out normally cuts down my activity, but i realize that my children are getting older and, thank You, Jesus, more independent…translation – less needy…i can safely jump on the treadmill or jump in the pool for a designated number of minutes and they are either doing something legal (mom-legal), or doing whatever minutes with me, which i really like best.  (normally swimming…biking – forget it…altho’ sometimes i will cross train by rollerblading with my little one who is FAST)

anywho, so, yeah, it’s that lovely time we ladies ‘cherish’. i’m tired.  i didn’t get a full night’s sleep.  my quads are on strike.  my shoulders – on the outside – are pretty much calling it a rest day by themselves.  so, that’s it.  oh, and i got my hair highlighted and it looks really good.  so, all things considered – i’m wearing this super-cute running skirt/black & hot pink top & hot pink minimalist shoes for naught.  oh, well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

however, there is a new marathon coming down the pike.  yes, ladies, mark your calendars and get down here to beautiful baton rouge louisiana.  okay i’m in broussard, louisiana, but i’m making the hour drive.  january 15 (next day is MLK day, so yeah, a holiday, right?)  the inaugural Louisiana Marathon.  it’ll be super sweet.  lots of happenings surrounding it.  clinics, etc.  i have already signed up for it and have made it my 44th birthday gift.  love it.

and the oh-so-sought-after trail marathon…november.  the day before my sweet baby turns 11.  i just can’t do it.  her b-day is on a sunday which is the very next day and i don’t want to miss her sweetness as she eagerly anticipates her birthday.  i talked myself down – 50K!  woo!  i can do it!  i’ll just drive back right after.  it’ll be good, y’all!  okay, a full trail marathon?  i’m there!  4 + hours (given the trails & hills)…okay, a half?  ppfffttt…all day long, dude.  i’ll be back when she’s finishing her donuts & milk!  forget it.  i’ll be in training mode any way.  i’ll use the cajun cup 10K as a quick morning run & call it a day, y’all.  plus, i prayed about it.  a lot.  c’mon God, help me.  it could happen, right?  you just can’t get some moments back and i’m not missing out. 

alrighty, then, that’s about it.  there’s a big salad to be made and a sweet potato to be baked for hubs dinner…peace out…



love, love, love the lingering slight fatigue my body feels from this new direction of training…i’ve never felt my thighs so much, but in a good way!  so much swimming and i’m so comfortable doing it now.  nice rhythm the last few days…clarity, i guess.  surrender, too.  and hunger pangs!  wow, i wake up ravenous!  hubs interrupted me making my buckwheat/pecan/blueberry pancake this morning and during our conversation, he simply stared down at my abdomen…raised eyebrows, “wow!”  like it, like it, like it!  i also love figuring out from day to day which 2 sports i’ll be attempting to fit in…today i have done nothing.  yet.  but there’s time.  and since i hit one sport fairly hard every couple of days, i don’t feel the least but guilty…peace is great, dude.


summer.  sweet.  long humdity-filled evenings with the warmest colored sky in the evening…i can look at our old videos or pictures and tell by the sky what the season was…we saw a video today – girls in the pool, but i knew it was winter – the sky was that washed-out-yet-bluish-like-faded-jeans, my favorite pair…then, as the camera moved, i could see that it was indeed winter and our girls were swimming in our pool the only time in winter we ever heated it.  30,000 gallons of water ain’t cheap to heat.  if we wanted warm water, we could have traveled to the caribbean on THAT heating bill.  snap.  soooooooo….yeah, summer is golden.  in so many ways.

it’s transitional – son – i feel like we lit a fuse at graduation and he took right off out of there and hasn’t really come back.  he’s itching to grow up.  i, of course, earning my wisdom the hard way, see the road that lies before him with clearer vision than he does, of course.  living alone, for the most part, doing ones own laundry, trying to make the mac and cheese taste like mom’s, is…interesting…for a while.  i just wish i could get him to relish in this time of his life…well, relish in his family.  teehee.  forget it.  he is awesome.  i must say.  he works hard.  he is obedient.  but he’s a boy on the edge of adulthood and all i can do is watch.  and i pray a lot.  i text him prayers.  stop laughing.  i’m a mother.  it’s what i do. 

and my first baby…i missed that boat.  i just missed it.  no one did anything wrong.  to the contrary…we did everything right.  i gave her a life that was way better than anything i could provide.  she is a beautiful woman.  she’s amazing.  i think about her every day.  we try to reconnect, but i think there are too many ‘things’ there.  we are strangers to one another.  we don’t know each other’s favorites.  i think sometimes in life we have crosses to bear and faith to hang onto.  i look at the big picture.  i wasn’t her mom.  i said yes to a gift God Himself sent down.  i knew my limitations.  i used to wonder how i made it through those years.  thumbnail:  paycheck to paycheck, 1 to 2 jobs, night school, an abusive prick from brazil…

of course, i KNOW how i made it.  funny the straws that break our backs – it wasn’t the abuse to me that drove me away…or even the complaints about the bacon not being crispy enough or the way i ironed the son of a bitch’s collars.  nope.  it was one night in particular we had  a FIGHT.  right by our car at abc liquor.  oh, yes, people, this is the truth.  can’t make this up.  he choked me from behind, i grabbed behind my head defending myself.  a couple of days later he told me that i must have broken his…sorry, gotta stifle my laughter…gold chain with a crucifix on it.  i knew i didn’t.  but he pushed me to file a claim with our insurance company!  that had insurance fraud written all over it and i was not about to take part in that.  so, i quietly found a place to live that was “secure” – code for an apartment complex with a gate and access code…neither of which stopped my reason for being in the 519 square foot compartment.

wow, i digressed a lot didn’t i?  sweet summer —> heavy past. 

anywho, i guess feeling all the transitions this summer leaves me feeling…well, okay, really.  i mean, what choice do i have?  life goes on, they can’t stay babies, yadda X 3, right?

‘sall good on my end.  i rode my bike for 1o mostly pre-dawn miles this morning and loved every second of it.  i had an hour long pool workout that tested me and strengthened me. 

so, yeah, i signed up for my first triathlon.  i’m looking forward to it.  the one thing holding me back from trying it all these years was not having the proper bike.  well, i still don’t, but i’m willing to just go with it.  this tri is a sprint tri and, at the very least, will be fantastic training for me and a great adventure.  my shoulders have the slightest bit of fatigue, which i like (i think it reminds me that i’m capable:)

i would love to do a full ironman by the time i’m 45 or 50.  i like numbers with a solid, no-nonsense finish.  my first marathon was ON my 40th birthday.  i know, i know…that’s how i roll.  so, i’m 43.  got some room to figure it out. 

each day i get into that pool, i give it up to God.  remind Him that i am nothing without Him.  let’s do this, i tell him.  guide me.  He comes through EVERY time.  i love that.  love that.

Camp mom…


I LOVE summer.  I LOVE kids being home.  I LOVE long days.  HOT days.  This stage of my life and of my family’s life…I’m thanking God before my eyes open in the morning and after they close at night.  He is ALL good.  He has graced us, to be sure.

We have a few things scheduled for the summer.  So far, it’s feeling very laid back and easy.  We have a lovely pool to swim in and great books to read and as of Sunday, freshly cleaned bicycles to ride. 

I signed up for a sprint tri for september.  I’ve been stalking the website for years and finally heard something in Mass on Sunday that said, “Today is the day.”  Our priest, during the Homily, asked us what we were afraid of…he tossed out lots of examples. 

Anywho, I took the great liberty of signing up & informing my family at the dinner table that evening.  “You’re going to swim?”  “Yes.”  “No.  You’re not.  You can’t swim.  You can barely make it across the pool.”  “I heard something in Mass today…I’m tired of thinking ‘what if I can’t?’  I’m ready to start thinking ‘what if I can?’ So, yes, I will swim.  I have 3 months to practice.” 

3 months to practice swimming 800 meters in open water. I know I can do it.  I know I will do it.  Maybe not so WELL, but it’ll happen to the best of my ability. 

It just seemed natural for me – I do love the water.  Unfortunately, my swimming lessons were nothing more than my BFF helping me figure out how to NOT drown in my brother’s apartment complex swimming pool. 

I have solicited, easily, the help of my fish-like daughters who adore swimming.  Turns out, I’m not terrible.  I need to build up my endurance.  In fact, my youngest daughter asked me after she saw my exhibition lap, complete with goggled-head in water, “When did you take lessons, mom?”  🙂  LOVE that. 

Anywho, that’s the idea behind camp mom…we are always busy around here…looks like we’ll crank it up a notch this summer!



yay for new days.  biggest YAY for GOD who never leaves me.  or you.  or our children.  He’s always there, waiting.  i choose to keep that line of communication open.  constantly.  i desire nothing more than His approval because i know that with that, everything else is ALL GOOD.  it all falls into place.  even when we are sick to our stomachs with grief over the things our loved ones do, He is there.  and not just Him, although He is way more than enough.  His army is our army – Mary, Joseph and all the angels and saints.  and the Holy Spirt.  it just doesn’t get better than that, y’all.  i just keep on praying, keep on thanking, keep on knowing He’ll get us through it all. 

run.  ride.  my schedule has been very giving, thank You, God, for allowing me to get out there & work up a sweat.  keeps me centered and helps me be better for everyone.

gotta run…