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brain dump.


I haven’t posted in awhile!!! I have had lots of ideas come and go through the coconut, but just hadn’t had the time to sit down and type. Go figya! ANYwho. Where do I start?

Consider yourself warned – this may not be a pretty post. It’s a brain dump – what comes out, comes out. Consider yourself warned…k, everyone there?

I’m on my third period of the month. Yay! NOT. Freaking NOT. Y’all. Seriously???? I feel like I am wearing a girdle of fat. I’m not. But it sure feels like it. Well, maybe I am. Sheesh. I’m supposed to see my doc for my yearly on Wednesday. LOL. If this ridiculousness ceases.

Junk is coming out of my nose. My throat has been angry. I fell asleep Friday night on the big chair for 2 hours. No one bothered me. Good thing 🙂 So, yeah, you see where I’m going with this…just a little layer of yuck hanging around temporarily. I know, I know, I can’t appreciate the mountains without the valleys, yadda, yadda, yadda. I know.

Today, I ran on the indoor track while my daughter was doing test prep at Sylvan. Afterwards, I was talking to my college son on the phone & composing myself so I could slosh through the rain in my oh-so-cute and ON SALE Lululemon Run in the Rain Jacket. Some dude walked past & turned & said, “You had a great pace in there! Everytime you passed me, I would try to keep up! I tore my meniscus awhile back and I’m trying to get my speed back…” you get the picture. In my head, my retort was, “Wow! Thanks! Can you believe I’m on my THIRD period within in a month? And the snot rockets just wanna take off?!! But you said I was fast, so that’s cool! Thanks!!!” Of couse, the Southerner that I am, I said, “Wow, thanks! Good luck with the knee!” ;-\ Sometimes I feel like a Quentin Tarantino in my head. Sigh.

Homeschool is going fine. Not sure what we are going to do next year. I’m getting a little antsy. My sweet girl…

I signed up for my first duathlon in March. That’ll be fun. I so miss my bike. There has been so much rain as of late, plus, for Lent, I have committed to running 30 minutes a day. Every day. I’ll have to reacquaint myself with my bike, though, before the race.

I also signed myself, my son, and his girlfriend up for the Festival International 5K. That’s gonna be a blast! I love that race.

Lent is going well. With each passing year, my spiritual strength, being examined more closely of course, is getting stronger! I love it! I truly CAN do ALL things through Christ, Who strengthens me. He surely does love me. He puts up with a lot. 🙂

Okay, my brain feels better now. I hope you are all doing quite well…

May the peace of our Lord Jesus be with each & every one of you…

First weekend of Lent 2013


I’m so looking forward to having a “good Lent” this year…with all the stuff happening in our world, I find prayer, and lots of it, to be a wonderful place to dwell. My own choices I have made for Lent – praying more, reading more about my faith, fasting, being more deliberate in my choices, teaching my children more about our faith, more Rosaries – seems to be off to a good start.

I loved the conversation I overheard my husband having yesterday – he was stressing the word, “deliberate,” to someone over the phone – “Deliberate, you know? DE-liberate?” I loved that! And it’s true, especially during Lent, and I never considered that before – it really is about removing our perceived freedoms from some of the things we love, in a way that we “feel” because we WANT it, right? And it doesn’t end there. We remove it – deliberately – in order to get stronger spiritually, and build a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

I tell you, Lent is marathon training for the spirit!

Peace, y’all…

Create in me a clean heart, oh God; a clean heart, oh God, create in me…


I hear this beautiful melody in my head — from a Mass a couple of years ago — and I can still hear my son’s girlfriend’s voice singing it – with Campus Ministry – like an angel…

I’m so filled with emotion – our Pope Benedict, the Vicar of Christ, announced his resignation on Monday morning, our time. Right before Lent. I feel for him; I do, but I am sad, understandably so, for our Church losing it’s highest leader so unexpectedly…I’m on my iPhone; it’s 3:00 in the morning – I have so much more to say, but I don’t want to do a disservice to any of it.

THEN – there was a shooting in our town – 3 15 year old boys who attend our Catholic high school – I’m certain the truth will be revealed – I’m so sad for ALL involved – the boys, their families, the 18-year old shooter, the families of all…

Lent is right there

My plans are falling into place. I love the Lenten season…just so many more variables to contend with.

The great news? Jesus is with me; He will help; He will provide…He always does.

Create in me a clean heart, oh God; a clean heart, oh God, create in me…

May the peace of our Lord Jesus be with you…