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sneak attack


Jumped on TM pretty early today…sandwiched a 5k between getting hubby out the door and girls fully waking up…pretty pleased with an 8:34 average pace.  I get these ideas in my head for almost all my treadmill runs…for example, I think, I’ll do a fast warm-up for 500 kilometers and then just cook at 7.0 for the rest of the 4500k’s.  That was today.  Some days, I have a slower pace, but an endless hill.  Other days, I alternate fast running for 200k’s and recover for 200.  There’s always some idea cooking up in my coconut.  That’s why I don’t know why anyone ever dreads the mill.  It’s crucial for me.  I love it.

First  storm of the season in the Gulf  – Alex.  Seems to be on the harmless side.  Easy for me to say.  Regardless, I’ll continue to pray that it just blows and pours without hurting anybody.

Whatever happens, it’s giving us some pretty overcast skies in South Louisiana.

losing my voice


wow.  i’m feeling very ee cummings, so bear with me y’all.  yesterday while walking the handy-man out & chatting, my girls started fighting.  really fighting.  before i knew it, 4th grader had broken two panes of glass on our beautiful front doors.  i’m not connected to these doors.  they are beautiful, but they are doors.  the thing that got me the most was knowing she was so angry at her sister.  as a prelude to punishment, i took the dsi’s away and banished both girls to their room for the remainder of the afternoon, ’till daddy comes home.’ once he got home, i got the girls into the same room as us, he saw the damage and asked what happened.  3rd grader burst out, ‘i’m not taking my attention pill!’  me & husband had to turn away in order to stifle our soon-to-erupt laughter.  we couldn’t help it.  we started laughing.  after that subsided, dad told girls we would figure out the proper punishment.  evening proceeded.

dinner over. bike ride, girls?  we headed out at dusk.  on a whim, i decided to treat us to a quick ride on the golf course.  it had just finished raining, it was monday and it was getting dark.  however, right after we began riding, about 200 yards onto the path, this crazed man came bolting out of his house, screaming at us that we were trespassing, etc., etc., i don’t want to re-live it, it was ugly, mean-spirited, and really none of his business.  i told the girls to stop, turned our bikes around, and left the course, shaken & stirred…i didn’t say anything to this man.  i was thinking about what would be the Christian thing to do and i didn’t owe him anything – not an explanation or apology to be sure…


7:17 p.m.  just finished my 5k i started at about 3:30 this afternoon.  not 500 meters into it, ring-freaking-ring…gotta go meet my hubby to pick out new floors.  home in time to cook, watch hubby eat while talking on cell.  hey, i take what i can get 😉 and back to tread.  interrupted yet again by 9 year old – can i please undo her knot?  she’s all dressed in workout gear except for this pesky fuschia & white skate boarder shoe.  had to stop the mill.  >;\.  i was cooking, too, y’all.  anywho, handled knot, pee break, back to work…cranked it up to 7, 8, and 9 for the remainder.  10 year old asked me mid-way, can we go for a bike ride?  so, peeps, that’s where i’m going…sweaty me. peace, y’all.  keep it real…


My beautiful children...

Destin sunset...

We got back last night…vacation is always so nice, but coming home to an empty pantry & fridge is not so nice!  Our whole family had a great week away; high school junior’s baseball team won every game of the tournament that they played; that was really nice.

The night before we left, I hurt my back.  Yes, ouch.  It continued to hurt for a day or so, got better, then hurt again.  Hubby did reflexology.  I prayed.  A lot.  Back better.  Much.  Hubby urged me to run.  I was afraid.  What if it still hurt?  Only one way to find out.  Not only did it feel fine, I ran alongside a wildlife refuge which was literally music to my ears!  I hit that path twice more during the week.  Humidity is about half of South Louisiana’s, so that was really sweet.

On one run, I was just about to take my first running step and then continued to walk.  Not because of my back, but because of the cleaning lady pushing her cart up the hill.  I felt very privileged, being out there, able to run…or able to go walk on the beach with kiddos…or do nothing.  But here is this sweet looking little Spanish lady, with kind eyes, pushing her cart to take care of other people’s garbage, sand, etc.  I felt like someone punched me in the stomach.  Weird thing was, I saw her cart before I saw her, and I was oddly reminded of the scene from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie where it was dusk and the knife dude was pushing that cart full of knives.  I used to get thrilled during that part… anywho, that thought was erased from my mind right-quick when I realized it was a housekeeper.

I did run that day; I couldn’t help it.  The :30 window presented itself and I jumped through…it was great.

Too much indulgence, though, I must say.  I am definitely counting calories starting today.  Plus, I realized on this trip that I don’t want to be a slave to anything except Jesus.    I pretty much commit each day to Him anyway, but I think I found new fervor while on vacay.  When focusing on Him, blessings are sure to follow.   I much prefer being wrapped in His arms than wrapping my arms around things that are of this world.

So, on with summer.  What will it bring?  10 year old finished her summer reading and her libray challenge of 640 minutes and she’s still going strong!  She’s waiting on her little sister to finish so that they can go claim their prizes!

Life is good.  Peace, yo.


I just did my last 5K on my TM for the week.  I totalled just over 23 miles for the week.  That’s really good for me, considering…South Louisiana is brutal on runners in summer; I have kiddos home 24/7; and I have kiddos home 24/7 😉  My time in my pool is not too shabby either.  I will be getting in another workout later today, likely to be 30 or 45 minutes, and that will give me close to another 5 hours of pool workout. 

Most of our family will be going on vacation starting tomorrow, so that will be a much needed break from home and a chance to see my beloved Florida coastline before BP f’s it up.  I will be taking lots of pictures.

As I type, I hear my sweet daughters in their bedroom.  They both, somehow, ended up in my youngest daughter’s full-size bed during the night.  They are giggling and chatting it up totally deaf!  As I passed their room to come to my computer, I could see both little brown heads peeking over the striped quilt, looking at each other.  I adore that they have one another and are so close.  Sometimes the closeness is physical, like in a fist fight ;\, but most of the time, it’s a good sister-relationship!

Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially mine in Heaven.  I sure do wish I could have known him for longer than 8 years.  I do remember his extremely strong faith in God and I am grateful for that memory.  He would hold me up every night and let me kiss the feet of Jesus on this beautiful crucifix that hung on the wall of his bedroom.  He would hold me up and we would both look in the mirror and he would ask me where I got my blue eyes (he had beautiful blue eyes and jet black hair – a beautiful Irish speciman!), and I would say, “You!” and he would tell me, “No, God gave you those eyes!”  He was smart and wonderful.

Happy Father’s Day to my husband, who is the most steadfast rock of a dad.  There is no question about his love or loyalty for or to his family.  I am blessed and so are my children.

Okay, girls are up and active.  So far the conversation has included books for our trip, when are we going to church, when are we bringing the cat, finishing the first level of the book contest they are participating in, where’s dad, 4th grader loves her new implant…


I always thought the biggest ache of my life was losing my mom.  It was this tangible, internal ball of darkness.  I hated it.  But the pain subsided because I knew she went to Heaven.  Second to that was thinking I was losing the person I was so deeply in love with.  Lucky for me, I didn’t. 

Today, I took my three children to see Toy Story 3.  Toward the end, when Andy, practically all grown up, was saying good-bye to his mom in his newly vacated room, I lost it.  It was the biggest tug at my heart in so very long.  I sat right by my beautiful 17 year old son who has been, hands down, the best relationship, most lasting relationship I have ever had.  He made me a mother.  He was such a gift from God when I really didn’t think I deserved a gift.  Just the promise of that sweet little life in my stomach caused my life to do a one-eighty.  I’ve never been the same.  Thank God.  Thank You, God.  Luckily for me, my son and I have a great relationship.  Nothing is off limits.  I believe if it’s important enough for him to ask me about, I owe it to him to be honest.   He knows he can ask me anything and tell me anything.  I love being his parent and guiding him in ways my mom didn’t have the good fortune of being able to do.  I see God in my son’s life.  I see God in his eyes.  He is so far ahead of the curve it makes me exhuberant.  So, at this point in the movie, which I was totally not expecting, it’s Pixar, right?  My son tapped my leg, in a re-assuring way that just made my heart melt.  This sweet little boy…the first Toy Story, I took him to see it at Acadiana Mall, when they still had a movie theater!  The second one, at the now defunct Westwood on Congress, in Lafayette.  And, now, the third, we met at the Grand in Lafayette. 

I know my son is growing up and growing out.  I know he will go to college, too.  It’s a new beginning, I keep telling myself.  It’s a year away.  But, as a mom, I know how quickly these years have ticked by and I just want to do my best to relish in the time he is still a kid with some naivete (sp?) in his life. 

He’s sleeping out tonight.  I just called his number to check on him and find out final plans for the evening.  He didn’t answer the two times I rang him.  But, I didn’t really worry, because I know what kind of kid he is.  Sure enough, he called me back and told me he was swimming with his buddies and didn’t hear the phone.  I told him I loved that he was having fun with his friends and just wanted to check on him and make sure everything was okay and what were his plans for the evening. 

I have always believed that parents should be parents and kids can have friends at school.  I still believe this.  But, seeing what a wonderful young man I have been blessed with as a son, I delight in the prospect of being able to be friends with him as he grows up and out.  This mentality has paid off, apparently, because he has a gift of discernment that is only God-given.  He innately does good things.  No, he’s not an angel, but after the movie we saw today, I am choosing to think of what a better world mine is because of him.  I love that boy.



This is where I've been getting much of my workout time in!!!!

My pool workout equipment…
And the other one : )
One of my usual trainers : )

I had a GREAT workout today!  I can’t ever get over how great it feels after a pool workout.  I’ve never been a strong swimmer, but I can say I have gotten very strong in the pool!  I use my son’s old watch to keep track of how long I’m in there and I’m just amazed at how time flies!  I had a nice & easy :45.  We’d still be in there, but we have to get to the bookstore to start required summer reading!