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Tomorrow’s another day…


I don’t do “off” days well…at ALL.  I don’t look forward to them.  I’m not sure if I even need them…I just force them upon myself because in my mind, I think I should not be so willing to be so physical 7 days a week.  After all, I’m not a nut or anything, if i get out there and I’m not feeling it, I go home…it’s happened many times and I just accept that my body lets me know when enough if enough.  I’m 42 for crying out loud, it’s not like I’m NOT going to listen to this bod…so, I fake-tried to embrace, “Yay, tomorrow’s Sunday & I’m OFF!  Woo-hoo!  No running!  Just good ‘ol rest…”  Yeah, right.  It’s like I didn’t have coffee today.  Finally, after Mass & overseeing yet another third-grade project (I’m so sick of 3rd grade), I just dove right in.  Literally, I thought, the rain is coming and I’m going while I can.  I got about 10 laps in (60 foot pool) and the thunder was pretty loud.  So, I got out.  Then, after I got 4th grader to class sleepover, I got on the bike with 3rd grader for a couple of miles & then we jumped into the pool….all the while, though, okay most of the while, I was thinking of running.  And the oil spill.  But running more…thinking of how I would feel tomorrow.  Am I up for another personal duathlon?  Since it is personal, can’t I run first, since that’s where my heart is?  Or, will it be muddy from the intermittent rain?  Maybe a muddy run is in order?  Will it be humid? Like I’m running through the jungle?  We’ll see.

I miss my son.  I know he’s having a great time, but I miss my son.  I love the person he is becoming and I love knowing God entrusted him to me.  If God gave me a choice, I would have picked him…I guess, nowadays and thenadays, God did give me a choice and I did pick him.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Seeing that child struggle through his junior year, wanting to switch schools even, but being pushed to push on (by yours truly), just makes me want to be better and do more.  I never had Algebra II and I am totally lost when I see what that boy had to do in his junior year.  I used to think that being a devoted mom helped us get to Heaven, but I can see now that having children and seeing what wonderous little creatures they are is what gets us there even more…I knew really soon when I was pregnant with my son and I was immediately and permanently changed.  I knew motherhood was going to be my life and I couldn’t believe it…after my upbringing?  Really, God?  You trust me this way?  Wow.  You must.

Okay, I guess twelve more hours will let us know what tomorrow brings…peace…

Take the left.


I rode my bike first today, before running, that is.  This is after waking up at 5:45, getting the 3rd grader UP and dressed in African motif costume – fabric dress, tied & pinned here & there, and a gele, which is the beautiful wrapped headdress often seen by African women.  This particular little woman screamed at me, called me by my first and last names, and pretty much had a bad morning.  It got worse when the reality of no milk hit home – nothing to pour on top of her Fruit Loops, because apparently what was left was poured on top of the Cocoa Puffs by her 4th grader sister, who gets up lovingly & thoughtfully most mornings, gets dressed, starts studying and pours her own cereal.  I’m cerious.  Heehee.  Seriously, though, she does.  So, trying to keep peace, I dashed to the store and pulled into my neighborhood just in time to see the recycle truck LEAVING my neighborhood.  Immediately I thought of the crawfish shells the college student mistakenly put into the recycle bin…finally, after a couple of days of marinating in the hot Louisiana humidity & sunshine, I realized where the stench was coming from…

Anywho, after all was said & done I rode 5 quick miles in twenty minutes.  My quads were gently calling to me to leave them alone.  Not till after a run, my pretties! ;>]  So, I ran.  It was hot.  I kept running. Me & my FRS.  Love that stuff on a hot, humid day.  I had a choice to make – continue straight or take a left on the new road to add some distance.  I already had met my mile quota in running for the week.  But how would I feel, passing up that road?  Not good, I figured.  I would be happy to think about it afterward.  So, I took the left and was so happy that I did.  I ended up with almost 3 add’l miles…more later.  movies with my son… : )

Okay, I’m back – we saw Prince of Persia…very good.  I don’t remember the last time I spent $10 getting into a movie for both me and my son!  Plus, we hid Subway sandwiches in my purse for lunch, so I felt like it was a bargain day!  Girls back from school – needing a swim on this hot afternoon…all of us girls, that is!  My sweet son is going to the beach tomorrow morning with his dad…I never get over missing him when he goes out of town, which is pretty much in the summer.  Ducks hanging around, quacking, being cute…

I must say, I’m glad I took the left!  I don’t feel like I left anything out there and I love the way that feels…


I don’t even know what to entitle this post, so I’ll skip it.  I’m horrified at what is happening right down the road from our pristine neighborhood – I’m sure everyone watches the news, CNN, namely is what I’ve been watching and they are doing a great job covering the avoidable tragedy of oil spewing into the Gulf waters.  I’ve been praying so much and ask each of you to keep this tragedy in your prayers, too, so that we can have a quick restoration.  I know with hurricane season starting up next week, people are even more worried, but something is telling me a hurricane ripping through the wetlands that are literally saturated with crude might not be so bad.  I am thinking that enough pounding rain (hurricanes are just an amazing force of nature that I have lived through since I can remember!) for long enough could actually disperse the oil…I am definitely a glass-half-full chick, no mistake about it.

I want to go down there myself and start cleaning up – I mentioned this to my husband last night and he quickly reminded me that people are only able to tolerate the air for moments at a time without proper clothing – respiratory ailments, etc., are certain to follow.  I just don’t know where this will end. 

First of all, the spewing must stop.  I don’t think the top kill will work due to the pressure.  I never thought I’d be anxious to drill in the Gulf, but I think they need to drill immediately and try to tap into the well from a different angle.  My husband told me it takes months to drill…so have they started?  And with the oil continuing to make it’s way to our already-fragile wetlands, what will the increasing supply of it do to our air?  We are close to the Gulf already…my mind just doesn’t know where to go with this horrible mess except straight to God, like I do with everything else in my life.

Okay, I know life has to go on, right?  We have to figure out a way to incorporate this tragedy into our everyday lives and deal.  I get that.  I still run.  I still ride.  I still swim.  I still love my Mizunos.  I washed them this morning and ran with them fresh out of the washing machine because I love them so much.

I had a great surprise this morning.  I ran 5 and then rewarded myself with a bike ride.  While playing around with my BFF Garmin 305 the other day, I found a way to seemingly record my bike miles, too.  However, I also remember that someone told me I had to have a foot pod to use the bike portion.  So, I guess I filed that info in my outbox because I never fooled with my Garmin that way – for my bike, that is.  So, today, I thought, “Let’s just see…”  And it worked!  It was great!  When I plugged my BFF into upload my time, BAM!  There was my multi-sport entry of 5 miles, too!  It was great!


When I returned from my workout, I couldn’t help but notice my Irises we planted a couple of months ago…extremely happy blooms, wouldn’t you say?

Mallards, the newest members of our outdoor residents... : )

These guys are great…I hope they stay around for awhile…



I have MISSED my BLOG!!!!  Hello, sweet thing, I’m right here!!!!  The last couple of weeks have been hectic and even now, I only have given myself 10 minutes to purge…let’s start with the present, shall we???

I-Pod is good.  I use mine, a variety of them, actually, often.  However, after waking up and putting ear-buds in my ears within 10 minutes of getting 3rd grader up?  mmmm, not so good.  That’s how this morning was.  I have NEVER had so much homework as my 3rd grader has these days.  Yes, I have not.  There in no way in God’s creation she could do it all herself, by herself…it’s an amazing amount of work.  I am exhausted at this moment, drinking a Synergy, waiting to get the high school boys out the door so I can run and infuse my body with fresh air & sunshine.

So, anywho, back to the stuff…Dave Matthews….man, oh, man, “You & Me” is just a vacation in my ears, y’all.  After I got the girls on the bus and sped through the parking lot to distance myself from the 3rd grader (hey, I never claimed to be perfect), I cranked up Dave in my ears and grabbed my big orange cup of perfectly warmed, extremely dark, flavorful, black coffee.  Yes, my world was quickly getting back on track.

Oh, get this:  yesterday, starting at 8:00 in the morning, I tried to burn a disk for my daughter’s 4th grade project.  It NEVER happened.  I finally took a break at noon, to run, and then went to Target, thank you body spray, and still, no burned disk.  So, I sent her to school with the entire Flip camera & cables, and a sincere prayer.  “Dear Lord, please let there be a place to plug in this Flip camera so that my sweet girl isn’t penalized for her momma’s technological weaknesses.  It’s not her fault, God.  Oh, and please let it work.  Thank You.” 

I secretly want to send out an e-mail to all the 3rd grade and ask, “Is it just me, or is the amount of homework just overwhelming starting with two weeks ago?  Okay, y’all be honest, who’s doing some of the homework for your daughters?”  I guess I’m just a little scared of what I might hear back, you know?  “What?  YOU are doing your daughter’s homework?  Are you serious?”  “Yes, yes, I am totally serious.  I am 42 years OLD and have NEVER heard of so many kinds of spiders!  What?  One of them builds a raft to drag his food to?  I know I’m not supposed to end my sentences/questions with a prepositions; what are you gonna do about it?  Huh?  Oh, and there are how many segments to each spider leg?  Okay, seriously, folks, I have NEVER needed this information before learning it in her homework and I would wager she’ll never need it either.  There, I said it.”

On a happier note, the running has been going GREAT and so has the bike riding!  Did my own personal duathlon.  2 mile run, 16 mile bike, 2 mile run.  Loved it.  Will include that more in my workouts…

Gotta rouse the troops & find my Mizunos…

Peace, y’all.

Total lagniappe


Today is Thursday.  I haven’t run.  I’m not sure if I’m going to.  I just don’t want to & I have a dental appointment to get my teeth cleaned in a little while.  Yesterday morning, I found my 3rd grader with the non-electrical, bulky can opener, trying to “open” her ADD med… ; ]  Wow.  I can’t get that image out of my head.  You know, you go your whole life & then see something weird like that & it just stays with you!  I never thought I wouldn’t see that ‘cuz I never considered it!!!!!! 

I love organic stuff…no secret there.  I must urge you to go to and check it out.  We use Deep Steep bubble bath cuz it’s organic.  I buy a dozen bottles at a time because you can’t get it in town.  It was so totally on sale this morning.  I got 12 bottles (17 ounces each) and 8 bars of my favorite exfoliating mint soap (whose slogan is “no fake crap”) all for under $100.00, shipping included.  I was so excited about it that I forgot to order shampoo for my girls.  I’ll do that shortly. 

Thursdays are pretty much the only day of the week I feel like “caving” as my hairdresser, fellow Capricorn, calls it – just staying in – I do love it.  I thought I’d walk on the treadmill…some days I just don’t want to continually go past contruction workers/yard guys.  I know they’re great; I see them most days.  The weird factor lies with me.  It’s just how I roll.  I also watched Max & Ruby.  Yes, it’s a cartoon!  My girls used to watch it faithfully when they were 3-6.  That’s why I watched it.  It just reminded me so much of them and that sweet stage of not having homework yet, not dealing with head gear yet, or countless projects & index cards.  I love having all those things in our lives.  I know we are blessed to have them.  But every once in a while, it’s just nice to step back & remember how things used to be.

So, I’m going to indulge in a second pot of coffee.  I’m going to get myself ready and reflect God’s love every where I can.  Then, before school lets out, I might re-visit the whole running thing again…sometimes running in that mid-afternoon sun, knowing I’ll soon be picking up kids, directing homework, laundry, dinner, bathtime, etc., makes me just want to get out there & grab a nice 30-40 minute run.  If I do that, I don’t think I’ll have an I-Pod on.  I think I’ll be craving the sounds of the ‘hood.

Run, pray, love…it


Decided to gift myself a 10-miler…decided this yesterday – I always give myself a big ‘ol run when my birthday or mother’s day is approaching.  I love knowing I have it in me to do it and I don’t want to waste “it”…”it” being so many things – health, ability, strength, the day, for goodness sake…anywho, so, I decided I had better get it done cuz life certainly has a way of happening.  Sooooo….kids on bus.  Check.  Husband off to work.  Check.  House of horrors – wow, dude, the laundry…the bathrooms…welllll…gotta run!  Bye! 

God bless my housekeeper.  I’m totally buying her a gift card this week in addition to her salary…

Anywho, I parked at our health club & took off.  Didn’t realize it was quite so humid, but, I was already moving, Garmin all cued up & I-Pod, too, so I kept going.  Around 5 miles, I thought, it’s toooo hard!  What was I thinking?  I have to pee!  Suddenly, I was scoping out port-0-potties placed on neighborhood contruction sites.  Relax.  I DID NOT do that.  But it was fun thinking about it.  I ran through the neighborhoods I used to ride my bike as a kid & that was really fun.  Okay, enough, already, I really have to PEE now.  So, I decided to make a water stop about a mile & a half away at Shop Rite.  But on the way there, I saw my favorite (ok, one of my favorites) churches.  Let me list what happened at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, in my life – First Communion for me, my father’s funeral, my mother’s memorial service, my wedding to my beautiful son’s father, my father-in-law’s funeral, my nieces confirmations, countless Holy Days, countless days where no one was in the church, except me, on my knees, in the front pew, back pew, middle pew, sometimes, right there on the alter steps (wanted to make sure He saw me), sometimes thanking, sometimes crying, sometimes both…okay, so you get the picture?  That was my stop.  I prayed in that front pew.  I thanked God for entrusting me with my son, especially on this day, his birthday.  It was wonderful.

This, I promise, will be continued.  The bus will be dropping off two little angels soon…

Okay…I’m back…wow.  What a difference  a day makes.  No run.  Not happening today, evidently.  The witching hour has struck – 4:30 – wwwaay past running. 

4th grader got head gear today at ortho.  Head hurt.  Teeth hurt.  Day off.  We got her homework done, when the Motrin kicked in.  We swam.  We rode bikes.  We went to the nursery.  We planted dwarf mondo grass between haphazardly broken pieces of beautiful flagstone…we got snowballs…we had a great day!  I actually love when my house looks like a Saturday, mid-day, when it’s a week day…way to shake things up!

Between my cochlear-implanted daughters, they have 6 devices…count ’em, six…much to my chagrin, they were all out of warranty.  After meeting with hubby at his office this morning, oh, how did I forget that on my list of things I did today; )?  Anywho, we decided to get the plan in place on 4 of them, rather than 6 – they each have a back-up, which serves just as a back up & we can’t really justify keeping them in the plan at the cost of $1,500…so, when all was said & done, $3,200 and we have plans in place again for our sweet girls cochlear implants for another year…

“Mom, the water is steaming!”  This is my cue to get going again…mac & cheese waits for no one… ;]