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Just now


Saying good-bye to my son after his fall break from school absolutely…is absolute. He is wonderful. He is caring. He is a beautiful Christian with a heart for God. So, why am I sitting in the backyard, teary, with a heavy heart? I know it’s because I’m his mom. I adore that kid. He carries a beautiful inner light with him. He’s off to the spring semester. And he took his dog. Double ow. Ouch, baby. Very ouch.

Bright side – my son is off to college once again! I rejoice in his good choices and responsible nature.

Life is good. Thank You, God. I love You.




Vocabulary Workshop :)


VW is what my sweet girl is working on. Independently. Which allows me to jump on my blog, y’all! I’m always breaking some rule of English on my own time, aren’t I??? If it’s the non-capitolizing-eecummings-thing, or incomplete sentences, I’m always doing something 🙂

Anywho…I ran on our new Landice treadmill yesterday. I loved it. I hadn’t really appreciated it for all it’s goodness. The last time I ran on it was before Houston & my mojo was still MIA. Glad it’s back. phew.

Mass on Sunday keeps coming back to mind. One of the readings was about how the Holy Spirit gifts us with different talents/gifts according to His Will. I had never really thought of it that way. I have asked for certain gifts of the spirit over the years, and wondered why I didn’t receive them. Now I know. The Holy Spirit knows better than me, for sure, but I hadn’t thought of simply being grateful for those gifts that I DO have. Well, now I’m more grateful than ever! Like always, His ways are wwwwaaay better than my ways!

My son is still in town. His classes start next week. I love having him here. He is such a good person. He has a kind, discerning heart that I admire so much.

I’m back to running. I love it as much as ever. I turned 45 on my b-day/Houston Marathon day 🙂 I will not take a day for granted. As long as God gives me breath, I will make the most out of what He gives me. I realized during my marathon, at a little low point that I experienced, actually – and by low point, I mean low as in emotional – it just hit me: “I’m running a marathon ON my 45th birthday! THIS is awesome. I am LUCKY! I am blessed!” My legs chugged a little faster at this realization. I won’t let other people’s limitations be MY limitations. I won’t let THEIR junk rent space in MY head. Life is GOOD! At the end of the day, it is up to each of us to be able to have a solid, good accounting of how we used the time we were allotted. And, we all get the same 24 hours, right?

Soooo. I’ve decided I’m going to move at least once a day. I think it’s good to have a default. My default is at least 30 minutes a day. Something. Ride, run, walk, swim, elliptical, whatever. Homeschooling has changed the complexion of my day, in a beautiful, filling way. I don’t have a “next race” on the horizon & I’m okay with that. I gotta have a goal, though, that’s for sure. My goal right now is 80 miles by February something. I forgot what I picked. I picked it right after my marathon, so I’m sure it’s mid-February. That’s 20 running miles a week, thereabouts. I can do that. I’m waiting on my wetsuit to arrive. I had issues with the first one. Yay, Amazon.

Alright, VW is over!

Peace, y’all. Lent is right around the corner! I love Lent. It’s marathon training for the spirit. Seriously.

the little things…aren’t so little…


i just had to say we had such a great day today! we had lots of instruction & learning & doing from 8:30 till 3. guess what happened at 3? we were reading, “The Endless Steppe,” and my sweet daughter wasn’t ready to quit! we just started the book this afternoon & it is really good…a book about a family in Poland, right at the beginning of the nazi invasion. my 7th grader read it last year. anywho, many days are hard-started – they start, on time, mostly, but with the rubbing of the eyes, the furrowed brow, etc., etc. Today started that way, too…i immediately suggested morning prayers & that certainly soothed things…we got on a great roll this afternoon and that was wonderful.

That was yesterday…didn’t get to finish. shocking, i know 🙂

the day ended wonderfully…hubs came with to pick up 7th grader & we headed straight to the movie theater & deposited 6th & 7th graders into a movie they had been wanting to see – Legends of the Guardian, I think it is called…hubs & i went to see “Silver Linings Playbook” which should have been called, “Let’s Cause Mary Tons of Anxiety”…geeeez. okay, the movie was good. not great. good. and definitely not academy award winning good. hubs likes to see all the movies that are up for awards. me? notsomuch. i can wait for the DVD or on demand.

we came home & continued watching, “The Blue & the Grey”…definitely more my style & taste!

alrighty, then, still off of running. i feel great. recouping quite nicely. with each passing hour, i really wanna do the half on sunday – Louisiana Marathon. hubs already labeled me crazy months ago when i tossed out the idea that i had paid for 2 full marathons a week apart. i haven’t re-tossed my plan, yet. i figure it this way – i drive over (1 hour, if) to the race, run a half at 7, back in my car at 9:15, straight home to my church clothes & i’m on my knees thanking God for everything by 10:48. could totally happen, dude. totally.


we’ll see.

meantime, there are lessons to be learned & a sweet little girl to teach!!! gotta run…


over the rainbow…


here we are, january 15, 2013…

let’s work backwards, shall we? i ran 26.2 in Houston on my b-day, sunday – i woke up to blustery temperatures and rain!!!! my absolute favorite running weather. plus, it was dark, crowded, and chaotic. not that that’s a plus. anywho.

i got dressed and was so happy i had an extra layer – a jacket i planned on depositing somewhere in the lower economic section of my run…the free gloves from the expo were perfect, too. i hustled across the street to the convention center; we stayed at the hilton, which was absolutely wonderful…i went over later than i should have – i asked a dude in the middle of the street directing throngs of runners, where corral b was…that way…okay. um, no, director-dude, you seriously lied. he directed me to the start of the half-marathon. this race had almost 40,000 entrants. moving around was not easy. i freaked. it was 3 minutes till race time! i ran AWAY from the half-marathoners. hey, i love them, but i wanted my own proper spot for the day & wondered if starting there would disqualify me somehow. anyway, i was running before i was running. i found the race start, a block & a half a way. i was ducking under the rope when the race started. it took me a full 6 minutes to reach the starting line!

keep in mind, i was not properly prepared – i ran the baton rouge beach marathon at the beginning of december & my mojo had been off slightly, ever since.

so…i just enjoyed the fact that it was my birthday, the weather was sublime & i had a 4-hour run ahead of me.

funny thing was, my first marathon was on my 40th birthday in houston as well & i finished in 4:06. not horrible. hey, i finished! and this marathon? ON my 45th? chip timing was also 4:06! so, 5 years later, improperly trained, and same time? that’s a victory, my friend! i was GRATE-ful!!!!!

it was a great race. the course is great. it was much kinder to me than baton rouge.

seriously? i was googling the louisiana marathon this weekend because i have an entry paid for into that race, too. no, i’m not that crazy, but i would run the half. my 7th grader is having a sleepover on friday night after the dance, so when i couldn’t sleep this morning at 2:00, i thought, well, if it’s on Sunday morning, i might be able to make it! so, we’ll see.

meatime, i took some Christmas money hubs gave me & ordered a wetsuit so i can swim when the water is too cold. our pool is not comfortable for me until may. i’m blessed to have it and so want to swim in it & i’m hoping this wetsuit will do the trick! i can do weights & laps year-round.

home-school is going great. i love this time with my daughter.

okay, time to move her on from vocabulary to English!

Peace, y’all…