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Week 3 – Insanity – DONE :)


This was a bumpy week for me. When things are not totally alligned at home, it’s hard for me to hit on all 8 cylinders when I’m training or otherwise physically committed to something. My other litmus test is WordScramble. I play with my sister & most of the time, I beat her. True. So, when I lose to her, it’s usually a reflection of something askew at home. I’m not gonna air any dirty duds & it’s all good now, but it usually takes me about a week to get my head straight after things become askew. Cryptic.

ANYwho. Let’s move on to the real and the now, shall we? Well, at least Insanity Week 3 that is. My body was just tired. I realize that the more I get into it, the better I get at the exercises, so my efforts are stronger. I seriously thought I pulled a muscle yesterday, but it was just muscle fatigue. I love the structure of the program – warm-up – which, I’m sorry, that is a killer warm-up, dude. Then that stretch. Feels so good. I love that. Then, after all that, it’s time to get after it. I have gotten to where I can listen to Sean T more than looking at the screen, which helps a lot – I can focus on my form & do the best I can without feeling intimidated by the people working out with him.

I’ve gotten a few good runs in & I’m thrilled about that. Don’t tell my quads, but tomorrow is an Insanity off day, so I’m THINKING – how about I wake up & ride AND run? A little visit to the brick workout…I’m thinking yes.

I also looked at my calendar & realized the Rocket Chix tri I signed up for at the end of July will be happening without me. I will be out of town. That is irritating. I was looking forward to doing a women’s specific tri. Oh, that’s right, I’m gonna do my own tri – yes, I am. I will set up my own little transition area in the garage & swim, bike, run. Maybe I’ll get my daughters to jump in the pool & kick me in the face a couple of times to keep it real. heehee…

So, Insanity is definitely keeping me focused. The other night, I thought I could go out for a run, but as soon as I started, my quads felt like cinderblocks. NOT cool. I just circled around & came home, much to hubs’ shock. I just don’t do that. I know I’m getting stronger & I love that. I need to focus more on my nutrition because I have been waking up ravenous around midnight or one & I know it’s related to not having enough during the day. And the last thing I wanna do is put calories in my stomach when I’m trying to go to sleep!!! But I do hate that feeling. It sucks. It reminds me of my childhood & going to bed hungry. uncool. sigh…

Speaking of food, I made round steak & gravy, sweet potato casserole & a homemade strawberry shortcake for dinner tonight for my family. It was a big hit. I ate strawberry shortcake for dinner. I have to be in the mood for meat. We ate out last night & I had a steak, sweet potato & green beans & Stella…yum.

God is good. He keeps on blessing me & I keep trying to be obedient to Him in all that I do. I just wanna make Him happy. Be thankful in everything. Peace.

A little time


I’m sitting at the soccer field – daughters are getting a lesson an I am
In the car – typing on my iPhone – listening to my favorite – run like a mother podcast – messaging my sister about the grossness of pork cracklins – very uncharacteristic for me – I’m in my running clothes – but I chose not to run here today – this place is seemingly idyllic but actually sketchy. Super sketchy – ok – this is the park where the half marathon I love is held & the very same park that had to change the course at the last minute due to a dead body on the course. Yes. You read correctly. Anywho, I would not venture off the sunlightened fields for one second unless I were racing throngs of people – oh there is also a sweet cross-country race here in the evening in August – LOVE that race – I ran it last year in my 5 finger shoes & placed 2nd for my age group. I’m not doing paragraphs – I’m just happy to dump the coconut a little – I finally got up at 6:40 this morning – to the sound of my cat vomiting near me – he also left a surprise from the other end- he is not a happy dieter. Anyway, I drank coffee, did a quick load of laundry & jumped quietly into my lululemon capris so I could push play on insanity pure cardio. We are getting into some busy days for my daughters & squeezing insanity in after the family gets up is quite a challenge. I try to run as well as do insanity, but honestly, some days Are grueling with Sean t at the helm, so I cut myself some slack and relish in the fact that I’m doing something outside my comfort zone that is also an investment in my health. And I can now do butterfly push-ups very well, thankyouverymuch! I feel much stronger than I ever have. I plan to stick with this until I finish it – I will start marathon training in the fall, but will still incorporate insanity each week, at least 2 days…I just realized that I’m slated for 3 full marathons next year – the Louisiana in January, the Zydeco at the end of March, and NY in November! I love that! Louisiana will be my main one; zydeco for fun cuz it’s my hometown’s first, and NY for the experience of running through all 5 Burroughs in November!!!! I LOVE that city. We are enjoying summer and the slower pace of things – we are busy, yes, but it’s all good stuff that is met with Smiles on my daughter’s faces…life is good! Thank You, Jesus!❤

Where do I start??? :)


Well, summer is here!!!! Thank You, Jesus. We are LOVING it. My 7th grader received the Math award for her grade & we could not be prouder of her. She is an amazing person, in all ways, but to me, her heart for Jesus is what truly takes my breath away. We got our 6th grader’s Stanford scores & were BLOWN AWAY. Some of her scores TRIPLED, even as she was compared to other Catholic school children! Amazing. Quickly, within a couple of days, I told hubs that originally I wanted the scores to show the Academy that she is smart and deserves to be there. But after praying on it, I realized that her scores improved because of what WE did. Why mess with that? So we aren’t going to! We are going to homeschool again next school year! Yay! SOOO grateful for the chance to continue what we have started. And now, with a year under our belts, I know what I will tweak/do differently, etc. Sigh. Relief. Good things. Even Science went way up!!!! What??? That’s what I was worried about! I guess we did okay!

Insanity – has started. That is some crazy, crazy workout, y’all! I am not kidding. And it is GOOD!!! I can definitely see how it will improve my fitness and dare I say it, get me a little closer to Boston! Oh, BTW, I didn’t get into to NYC. Boo. But, I did speak to someone at NYRR and I am indeed assured a spot in the 2014 NYC 26.2 due to this year being my 3rd consecutive year of denial. So, that’s super-cool. And I will be able to plan accordingly. And NYC in early November? Are you kidding me??? GAW-GEOUS!!!! Can’t wait! Anyway, yesterday was my first off-day for Insanity – I took it. I have been running along with the program – happy about that – I thought it was kind of frowned upon. But, I read somewhere that Insanity + Running = totally cool if you can do it. The run just makes me happy. I don’t care if I am lumbering along with tree trunk quads, I just need that fix at some point once every 24 hours. South Louisiana summers are beautiful; they are hot & sticky, usually, but some days/evenings suprise me & that’s what I just don’t wanna miss out on. But, yeah, yesterday, I took the whole day off of anything physical – aside from what moms do physically anyway, which is a LOT, but I am digressing again – me & hubs took our daughters to a “double feature” – 42 & Star Trek. Well, 42 was engaging & moving and thought-provoking. Star Trek – well, I would have taken a nap, except that I had consumed, a box of Milk Duds & a box of Snow Caps & TWO large WATERS BY MYSELF. I’m not proud. So, I was sugared up & making runs to the restroom. I did notice that the Star Trek dude reminded me of my son. The handsome guy, not Spock, who reminded my husband of a much-loved nephew.

Anywho. Focused on decompressing & catching up – I cleaned up my car, 2 flower beds, had a 5 mile run & Insanity this morning. I am also slowly going through some drawers & cleaning out those, too. My closet looks fab. My tupperware drawers & cabinets where I keep my beloved mixing bowls/bakeware, etc., looks great!

Okay, find a good Novena, say a Rosary, listen to a Rosary, go to Mass, be thankful. Do something to make God happy. And don’t forget to say your prayers when you are going to sleep & as soon as you wake up. If you already do, then awesome. If not, TRY, okay? Just TRY. God knows we all have struggles & doubts. But He’s still right there, you know, He doesn’t move; we do. And He loves you so much.