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laundry-list of things…pun intended ;0

now there are 3, count ’em, 3 painters working in our house! trying to get things finished. what, you may ask…well…

redoing the laundry room. (housekeeper had to be let go in the interim – she was allergic to mondays due to excessive partying & drinking on Sunday nights.) yes, you read correctly, SUNDAY night was this lady’s throwdown time. wow. i realized i couldn’t be held hostage all weekend wondering if she was gonna tie one on sunday night & my household would have hell to pay on monday. ANYwho…

re-painting little bathroom. hubs not thrilled with bumpy looking paint. me? i’m happy if the toilet flushes faithfully.

noticed black mold near ceiling fan of our classroom and one son’s room. i’m sure that will keep the pony-tailed painters busy for another couple of weeks.

Christmas celebration on Sunday. for our family. yay. serious yay for that. i can’t wait for that. planning my menu, etc.

family Christmas on Christmas Eve. love that.

driving to new mexico after that. limited space. no real space on top of vehicle yet. all 5 kids coming. YESSS!!! that’ll be awesome.

living room has years of accumulated ski clothes piled here and there. oh, we will probably ski while we are there, plus two boys are going to colorado from new mexico to ski for almost a week…hello space, good-bye two of my favorite young men. well, no worries. i’m thrilled that our ‘little’ family will be able to have New Year’s Eve TOGETHER.

meanwhile, back at the ranch…

i’m preparing my heart for sweet baby Jesus. looking up to Mary as the original, homeschooling Mother.

i have been running for the last two evenings. with my daughter. love it. she’s on her bike. no time, no pace, no music. just us, chatting & stopping to enjoy the Christmas lights and stars.

i am one blessed person…




House – dude – in total disarray. We are getting the laundry room redone. Which means precious little laundry gets done these days. Gearing for midterms for 7th grader. Boys home from college :)))
I am exhausted. I could stay in bed. I’m listening to my body and know that God won’t let me down. New treadmill got delivered today. Landice. Very nice. Can’t wait to take it for a spin. Sigh.


what happened?


brace yourself. it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
what happened???? how did we get this way???
person a has a drug addiction. starting in high school. has been on a slow downward spiral ever since. has gotten his ass in a crack. no pun intended. really.
person b is wonderful. used to be best friends with person a. person b – not an addict. has great future. does good things.
person b wants to ‘help’ person a. person b wants to give a huge gift to person a, who, by the way, has not 2 nickels to rub together currently.
person c tries to explain addiction to person b. person b seems to not really understand. person c tries to explain to person b that person a is not the same person as the pre-addiction person a. in other words, give it up. let person a go. just let that person go. it’s not going to happen.

i’ve been around addictions, way too much. i know how they work. there is the school of thought that says addictions are like other diseases. yes, i subscribe. i get that. there is also the school of thought that says addictions are black holes, sucking the life from everyone around them. addictions are selfish, thoughtless, liars.

so…person b? YOU READING THIS? you are going to make a really dumb choice if you put your eggs in that basket. do something else rejoice in the fact that you have a great life, free from addiction, full of promise and full of people who love and support you. person b? if you want to do something philanthropic, feed the hungry. clothe the naked. give a drink of water to the thirsty. people close to home need you. you have so many gifts to give. gifts that will be cherished.

addicts? notsomuch. give an addict a gift and they look past it to see what else he can get or take.

sometimes, we just have to leave people in God’s hands…His hands are huge and capable.

moving on…

i saw a picture on facebook this morning of the hamburgler (mcdonald’s) from the 80’s – a playground piece. remember mcdonald’s playgrounds? those were fun. the oldschool ones. metal. painted faces. fun. we don’t have those anymore. okay, i detest what mcdonald’s has become, but i miss the oldschool mickey d’s. there, i said it. those tiny hamburgers with tiny onions. yum.

our world has just gotten so screwed up.

i like the simplicity of when i was a kid. kids? go to school. after school, you have a snack and do homework. you don’t watch tv till later, if at all. there certainly were no electronics to deal with. sleepovers happened on weekends. Mass happened either on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday. people seemed normal. no one had piercings except in their ears. no one shoved unGodly ideas down our throats.

obedience to God is an obligation and a privilege. it should live on the front burners of our lives. every day. every day.

i’m exhausted mentally just from trying to drag people away from bad decisions. tomorrow, i am taking a day off. i’m getting a pedicure. i am going to Christmas shop. i am going to Christmas wrap. i am going to listen to Christmas music. i am going to get my car cleaned. i might even have lunch somewhere.

help us, God.



i’m not down for the count entirely. however, i can’t keep chasing the sun, hoping that i can get everything done that i need to for my family, AND train properly to qualify for boston. for the first time ever, i thought about bowing out of my birthday marathon. i decided to not make a decision while feeling so “raw.” there is just too much going on and not enough support. i don’t seem to have enough time to change air conditioner filters, let alone provide my family what they need. i’m going to let my run stand. i hope i do it.

i am exhausted. i am going to take a break and try to get the necessary things done – homeschooling, family stuff, etc.

i probably won’t be posting much, but i will continue to pray, surrender to God’s will, hopefully get some exercise in, and manage our home…

may the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with each of you. don’t forget to prepare His way – second Sunday of Advent was yesterday!

Not for the faint of heart!!



So, if I did it right, I loaded the pic of my precious daughter’s splinter. Sigh. What a long , miserable day. Turns out, pediatric patient might “come to” in a bad mood. What?? I would be so happy that God let me wake up at all. Wait, I am happy about that!

Anywho. As I type on this Saturday nite, hubs has invited my step-son and 2 college boys into our bedroom to watch the Heisman trophy award. Yay. Yay for me with a full bladder! I’m in my pajamas, dude!! Sigh. I’m sorry , but I won’t get up like this…unless I use hubs back like a pommel(sp?) horse.. Hmm. Might happen.

Moving on…I ran today!! First time. No ankle aches!! Wooooo! 5k!!

Hubs and 2 daughters and hubs accompanied me.



i’m here!  let’s see…where were we???  oh, yeah, i was about to do my training run in baton rouge.  did it.  i realized that calling a marathon a training run is still a full-blown 26.2 mile run!!!  seriously, i don’t think i will do the full again.  not there.  my runkeeper app showed that i ran almost 1,700 feet in elevation.  that is not “fast & flat”.  that’s hilly.  it’s a double loop.  it’s beautiful.  it is certainly the most scenic marathon i have ever done.  and it does have the sweetest hill/bridge that i adore.  full of traffic & runners are just running along the tiniest sidewalk.  i passed a dude on the sidewalk.  i couldn’t take it.  i love to “let it rip” on the downhill- well, the dude had on a little backpack & was being really careful about his steps.  finally, i just said, “Left!”  and popped past him.  i don’t think he was in favor of it, but it had to be done – the hill was cresting & my downhill was calling!

i finished in 4:21.  definitely not great.  for me.  definitely got my legs familiar with the distance.  my groin was so sore.  my knees were sore.  my ankles, particularly my right one, were sore.  oh, and the temperature warmed UP a lot.  which is why it’s great for the really fast runners – they still finish while it is cool.

i drove home, grabbed a beer & my bathing suit bottom & stood in my pool for as long as  i could stand.  i have so much more to say, but i’m trying to hit the highlights.  sigh.

i have felt sidelined all week.  i know – i ran 26.2 – some people don’t do any thing physical for a week.  i just don’t like the fatigue – tired as if i just ran, but it was saturday.  so, today, i did the elliptical – very easy because my right ankle still hurts – for 30 minutes.  that did wonders for my mental well being.  i have been hitting the weights a little more and i’ve gotten back to my abs.

i think our bodies are capable of healing themselves if we just listen to them.  i won’t push myself this week.  i want to be able to recover fully & pick up my running for houston on my 45th bday.  i found myself craving cherries – i made a post-workout cherry vanilla smoothie.  then, for dinner, i made meatloaf and was dying for pinto beans.  cherries and pinto beans help inflammation! wow.

okay, gotta get the evening stuff done – homework, clean-up, dinner, get little one ready for foot surgery tomorrow.  (the world’s most expensive splinter – went in on Easter, is being surgically removed at Advent)