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better. plus, another week of Hal Higdon is done!!!


Hubs helped immensely.  Thank You, Jesus.  We will ALL be fine.  I’m much better in touch with that now.

My 9 miles done under blustery grey covering of a sky was simply divine.   Chilly enough for my favorite windbreaker.  Wet streets reminded me of Houston 26.2 this January past.  So, I loved my run.  I had the total ability to run fast in the last quarter of the run and found it hard to stay on Hal’s pace prior to that.  Guess that’s why they call it training.  But, as I ran, I thought about the boost that is coming – mileage wise – next week…so, I tried my best to follow Hal’s advice.  The dude knows what he’s doing.  I finished the week with 24 miles, I think it was, as opposed to 29 last week.  That’s the way most marathon training goes – increase for 3 weeks, and then back off for one week, then a surge upward in the next 3 weeks & so on.  I love it.  I recuperate pretty quickly, thank God, and for the most part, I’m ready for whatever the calendar says.  This week past was still pretty hot in South La., so that made it harder.  Plus, it’s hard to run with a heavy heart, and today it was lightened. 

Tomorrow – rest day.  teehee.  yeah, right.  cross-country for girls in a.m., piano recital, 2 soccer games, and a party.  rest = no running for me.  fine.  my quads will be happy to follow my sweet girls around all day. 

I am feeling the onset of PMS.  I bought Halloween candy from Sam’s.  Me and the girls had a little tasting party while we watched Casper.  I am sure my witch costume will be the perfect thing for me to wear on Monday!  jj…mostly.  :]

Peace, y’all.

…and then some


are you kidding?  girls off today, you know, conferences.  they came with me because we had to do an ultrasound on my youngest (more later) immediately following.  i thought if i got to conferences at 7:30, when they started, i would be done within an hour,being that the teachers & administration explicitly said :15 per teacher.  someone stayed with the main teacher i needed to see for almost :45 minutes!!!!!!!!  get a meeting!  are you kidding?????  so, needless to say, i went in, late already for ultrasound, and said, ‘hey, i know, they struggle, we are doing our best…”  but i LEFT there feeling completely defeated.  according to what i heard today, i should teach my youngest sign language, leter her “embrace” it, and call it a friggin’ day.  “she will be highly intelligent.”  really, lady???  no shit???  gee, tell me something i don’t friggin’ know.  she’s brilliant, my daughter(s), except we weren’t talking about the older one, only the one that makes everyone WORK.  i would love to homeschool her…maybe that’s an option.  i hate the way i feel.  i know, i’m leaning on God and He knows i’m stuck and i know He’ll get me out, but damn, for the moment, it just sucks so bad. 

‘we don’t think they hear.’  really?  fuck you.  did you hear that?  okay?  i know they hear. 

then.  we get in the car, circuititously get to the highway, LOW on gas to the point that no more _____ left is showing, only “LOW”…get to the hospital, do what we gotta do, go straight to the gas station, go straight to the bank to fix a $300 mistake made by me.  shit. 

then, the mall.  that was fun. 

i think i hate conferences so much because it is just teacher after teacher telling me what great attitudes the girls have, but that the outlook is sketchy.

i get it .  i know.  but what am i supposed to do?  enroll them in public school, and let them get taught a fraction of what they are learning?  no thank you.  i know there is some truth to what they are saying.  yes, it is very difficult.  i can’t do any more.  they can’t do anymore.  what is the answer?  i just feel defeated.  they have to say one nice thing, right? 

the brightest part of that ordeal was the head of school, who i bumped into, chatted with me for a moment, and said,  “we are committed to your girls.  we will keep keep looking for ways.”  well, thank you!  isn’t that what teachers are supposed to be like?   Jesus didn’t come for the righteous, did He?  are teachers supposed to only teach the smart kids with no exceptionalities? 

what a day.

24 hours


just the facts.  i just marvel sometimes at the things that happen in life, and then just get absorbed by the day…i was fine with the nutty events of the last 24 hours until…

note:  none of this will probably make any sense, but i gotta get it out of my coconut… 🙂

hubs started walking every morning.  yay!  yay for him.  i’m happy about that. i’m getting used to a different morning routine and it’s a good thing.  i worked at my daughters’ school book fair on monday & tuesday.  fun.  LOVE the little children coming through, dreaming about what books, toys & posters they are going to buy…my sweet daughter came to me yesterday.  ‘hi, mom!’ i bought her a few little things she wanted.  she came back to me a few minutes later.  her foot was hurting a lot where her mole was removed several weeks ago.

i don’t have time for sentences.  not today.  i’m in the trenches of motherhood.

long story short: 

white, ugly, site on foot.  nurse freaked.  staph?  mrsa? wtf?

appt with doc at 3, no prob.  check girls out at 2:30.  meeting with school person at 1:30.  FULL hour.  suggested cognitive therapy in mobile.  huh?  you’re joking me, right?  wft????

entrance to frigging interstate is closed.  we ended up cutting through the median in my yukon to get to doc. 

oh, yes, infection, BIG red stripe running around my baby’s foot. rx, ointment, etc.

oh, and i ran on tm yesterday 6 mile pace run, but i did it in 8:24 per mile.  yay, me.

quads were saying, yes, you guessed it, wtf???  :)))))))))

i fell into bed dreaming about what today’s run would be – 3 miles. 

this morning – kids on bus – text – oh, i forgot my flash drive & today is the ONLY day,   yadda, yadda, yadda, motherhood calls, whatever.

walk with hubs.

no 3 miles. 

dash out to girls school.  i kid you not, there was a full-blown parade happening in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, on a damn Wednesday morning.  kids on the side of the street, with bags like they were at mardi gras.  people parked with lawn chairs, marching bands, firetrucks, you get the idea.  i had to circuitiously make my way back to our beautiful school and almost didn’t make it, ‘cept that the dude who would lead the marching band, you know the one with the big stick with the shiny gold ball on top?  yes, well, he watched for traffic to clear for me to get through on the barely-open lane.  the return trip was equally congested cuz the damn parade hadn’t even started rolling yet!  it was just so odd to me.

if my life were fiction, i think today would have been the cat in the hat.  everything looked normal, beautiful, even, but there was some odd stuff happening in the ‘hood today, y’all! the, knowing the interstate was BLOCKED for construction, i asked the grand coteau cop directing traffic to point me to highway 182…”go this way, and you’ll see 182 right in front’chu.”  k.  got it. 

got to hair dude right at 10:30.  highlights, trim.  target.

home.  so, my 3 miles morphed into 5 miles.  it was HOT.  82 degrees and i am serious.  it was so hot.  my quads were burning.  i did it though.  i even tried to rectify it in my brain by thinking maybe i could do it tomorrow – conferences tomorrow, girls off, 6 dozen ‘baked goods’ for friday, really?  when?  so, i sucked it up, drove my knees forward for 2 more miles & got that thing done!  i’m glad i did.  all that’s left for this week of training is a 9 mile slow run, 3miles, and a rest day.  which would be….idk…not saturday cuz saturday holds a cross-country race for my daughters, a piano spook-takular recital at their school in the afternoon, and a soccer game at 4.  sounds like saturday will be my rest day.  teehee.  don’t suggest sunday – that starts a new week of training! 

life is good.  i have running water, ac, food, and a beautiful family that loves me.  and, best of all, i am a child of God & He loves me the MOST!


fit for a queen…


saturday.  busy.  seems like so long ago!  went into fresh market (a wonderful grocery store) with hubs & daughters.  this sweet, little, older lady was coming toward us, carrying a beautiful cut crystal vase filled with tulips, roses, and lillies.  she spoke to us first.  “a family outing!  isn’t this a great store?”  “yes, it is and those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!” she stopped.  i stopped.  we stopped:)  “do you know who they are for?”  “no, ma’am.”  “they are for Mary, in Her honor!  we are going to say a rosary for her today!”  i gasped, “oh, she’s my mother!”  this sweet lady looked into my eyes and said, “really?”  “yes!  when my own mom died years ago, i asked Mary to please be my mom.”  this got the lady thinking and she reminisced about how her own mother used to surprise her – unexpected gifts & thoughtfulness, etc….”oh, Mary surprises me, too!”  so, this lady had never asked and seemingly, never got…or maybe she didn’t recognize it as such, but anywho, she said she was going to ask Mary the same thing 🙂  hubs turned her on to the audio rosary which is phenomenal.  she hugged hubs & told him she loved him.  🙂  sweet.  i have thought about this little lady several times & so has hubs.  he thinks God sent her to us at that moment to remind us of our mothers who are in Heaven.  i disagree.  i told him i thought God sent US to HER to share that conversation…i believe that with all my heart.  we are supposed to let our lights shine, right?  you know how i feel…i want everyone to know what i know and have what i have.  can’t describe it to someone who doesn’t know it.  but i can say this – even if you haven’t seemingly received blessings from above YET, you WILL, i promise.  i know God’s love, grace, blessing & forgiveness.  keep at it, y’all, it will pay off.  just don’t ever give up.

why not me?


so…feeling the inaugural louisiana 26.2 making its way onto my radar.  catching me without a solid training plan in place.  i have yet to use the same plan twice.  i do love focus n fly, but idk, that’s so last marathon 😉  teehee.  really, tho, i wanted to give something else a shot & see how i liked it.  i knew i wanted to up my game a little.  i’m 43, how many more years can i say i’m ready to up my game???  so, yeah, i’ve been looking and finally decided on trusty Hal Higdon.  he’s been there & done that & gotten loads of people there, too, so, why not me?  i jumped on board & realizing i can suck it up at week 4 of his plan and finish on time, or baby-step my a$$ through week 1 & get what i get come january 15…well, you know me, i jumped in with both feet (couldn’t resist) to week 4.  i follow weekly goals, but not daily; my life just doesn’t roll like that.  my long runs are typically on fridays, and i like it like that.  of course, it it rains and is bitterly cold, well, that’s my long run day cuz i’m like that.  today was pretty warm – close to 80 and only a little humid – which, for south louisiana counts for a glorious day…i ran 6 miles at an 8:33 minute pace!  my prescribed pace was 8:34, so yeah, i’m good with that!  i’m thrilled!  getting ready for two triathlons has taken the light off my beloved running and i’m glad to be getting back into it.  which, brings up my next thingy.  if i’m gonna run & train & up my game, what if i try to BQ?  boston qualify…every distance runner has that goal, i’m sure.  i’ve always figured out a way why i shouldn’t/couldn’t do it.  well, i don’t know what happened, but i decided to give it shot.  now, my question is, why not me?  i’m fast.  i have endurance.  it’s soooo mental, the long run.  i soooo got that.  so, there’s no answer for why not me!  i’m going for it.  the best case scenario?  i qualify for boston.  the worst?  i don’t qualify, but i should run a great race!  3:45 is my time that i need.  i have already calculated my mile splits and magnet-attached them to my fridge, eye level, where i can see them often…i’m excited about it and transparent about it, too.  i think i might have felt like a slacker somehow if i didn’t qualify and said i was going for it!  now…not so much.  we all need dreams and goals and that’s mine.  i’ll do the work and see what happens!  hubs?  heehee.  he came home friday afternoon, after i’d printed my splits…i held them up for him to see…”what do these numbers look like to you?”  “mmmm….i don’t know….”  “what i need to run in january to qualify for boston.”  “OOOhhh, awesome!”  so, it helps me tremendously to know he’s in my corner and even onboard the 3:45 train!  we talked more about it this morning & i feel really good about this training that has gotten off to a great start!

okay, housekeeper is BACK!!!!!  LOVE her!  gotta put groceries away. 

biggest loser tonight!  have you seen it?  7 central.  me & my girls fave show.  so inspiring.

rest is part of training; rest is part of training; rest is part of training…; /


i’m silly.  i know.  i am tired.  i did the thingy on sunday.  great workout.  i think i swam monday.  tues wed & thur i definitely ran.  my quads are going, ‘huh?’  and i swam.  on all those days.  i’m determined to build up my endurance in the water and that’s that.  anywho.  yesterday i did speed intervals on my tm.  it was great.  wanna run faster?  run faster!  there’s no way around it.  train up.  move it.  faster.  faster.  you’re not gonna die.  what’s a little pain?  sweat?  move!!!!  a bit of internal dialogue.  🙂  so, i officially dusted off & tweaked my focus n fly training plan.   i lOVE FNF.  it’s very customized.  and i do miss running.  knowing there are days of training ahead with my name on them and my sweat in each of those miles makes me very happy.  after 3 days of pretty short runs & lots of effort put into each one, plus the same for swimming, i am so happy i had the foresight to schedule a massage for tomorrow!  sweet son gave me a gift card on mother’s day.  i usually save it for a heaving training week in the fall, but Lord knows i need it now!  tomorrow is friday.  girls are off on monday.  blessing of the animals tomorrow!  had to go buy a kennel that rolled for our fatty, robiespierre.  if i ever hurt my back, i promise it will NOT be cuz i was carrying his fat but to go get blessed.  i’m not bitter.  i just don’t have much of a relationship with him.  feed, water, change the litter, let him in when he inadvertantly thinks he’s a bada$$ outdoorsy cat, and yes, i then laugh.  he always has  that same expression, ‘do you know what’s OUT there in the dark???’ i laugh louder.  i’m like that.  so, i’m tired and took a nap & listened to born to run for the umpteenth time.  i love it.  it makes me hungry for mexican food…guess that’s why i’m planning on beef & cheese nachos & beer for dinner.  yum, are you kidding?  so, back to the original broadcast…i am realizing more and more that yes, rest is indeed part of training.  feels better couched in those terms anyway, right?  i’m gonna go freshen my harry potter cup of godiva autumn-something coffee.  total impuse buy at target.  it’s good, tho.  i’m all set to start logging miles for inaugural louisiana marathon!!!!! 


Harvest Apple Pie!!!! :))))


So, here it is…yum.  Just make it.  And serve it with vanilla ice cream. 

Pastry for 2-crust (9 inch) pie

6 medium apples, peeled, cored & sliced

1 Tablespoon cornstarch

1/2 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons butter, melted

1 teaspoon gorund cinnamon

3 tablespoons sugar

1/3 cup light corn syrup

1/2 light brown sugar

3 tablespoons light corn syrup

1/2 cup chopped nuts (I use pecans)

2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons butter, softened

Fill pastry-lined 9-inch pie pan with apples.  Combine next 6 ingredients adn pour over apples.  Cover with top crust and bake at 425F for 30-45 minutes.  While the pie is baking, combine the rest of the ingredients and spread over crust toward the end of baking (I just check it and add this when the crust is browning).  Note for topping – as the topping warms up, it gets easier to spread on top of pie.  The recipe says to put the pie back in the oven, but I don’t.  I think it makes the topping too runny…

Enjoy!!!!!!  Oh, and as for apples for baking?  I experiment with all kinds of varieties.  I always buy organic just cuz i think they taste like apples did when i was a little kid…