Monthly Archives: October 2013

sometimes, at Communion


kneel. breathe. think. pray. thank. pray.
look around.
i’m not missing my turn. my chance.
close eyes briefly to focus.
make sure i’m not forgetting anyone.
or anything.
fold hands.
it’s HIM, after all.
HE is there, waiting
to commune with ME.

a sinner.

and HE loves me.
right where i am.
full of faults,
full of judgments
of other people,
of myself.

and yet…

HE loves me.

eyes cast downward.
watching my daughter’s feet
make their way toward


she is excited, too,
knowing HE is there.

becoming overwhelmed
at being in HIS presence.

HIS LOVE becoming more and more
apparent with each slow step
i take.


there i am. looking right at
in the hands of one of his
happy servants.

overwhelming, HIS LOVE for me.

and you.

i will back tears
of happiness
of amazement
of pure “wow-you-love-me-so-much”
YOU paid the ultimate sacrifice for me.

as soon as i feel unworthy, i feel your love
warm me and cover me,
holding my heart in YOUR hands,
covering all the wrongs,
all the bad,
replacing it with golden beauty.

i love YOU, JESUS…

this is just true


a day.
6:00 (daughter didn’t have to ride the bus today b/c of braces being removed at 8:00)
shower. yes, i went to bed last night after having run 11 miles, jumping off the treadmill, grabbing up girls, water bottles & a protein bar/pelligrino water and going straight to soccer. i’m honest.
got daughters up. got hubs up. ran hubs bath. made his smoothie. made daughter’s smoothie. made other daughter’s egg sandwich. ate a chobani. ortho. phone call to son who slept in town to deal with two bald tires. left one daughter to give son a ride. went back to daughter. yaaaayyy!!! celebration over braces being removed. picked up son again for ride. car fixed. tires no longer dangerous. yaaaaay!!!! cane’s for celebratory fries/coke. daughter to school 25 miles away. smoothie king for me. home. SCHOOL!!! English. Math. Reading. Spelling/Vocabulary. smoothie for hubs. try to pre-prepare dinner – double cut pork chops/wild rice/acorn squash/brocolli. for him. big old salad for me. pick up daughter. throw food in oven. soccer practice!!!! home. help hubs. find some obscure paper on his secretary’s computer after i spray it down with lysol. she was sick today. no chances. i don’t play that. FINALLY, RUN? oh, honey, what if something happens to you in the dark? run on the treadmill, okay? ok. sucks. ok. i can’t get my mojo. my legs are tired from the 11 miles yesterday. dude. 11 fast miles in my book. 9:20-9:40. i guess sometimes i overachieve. 9:11 average. today i’m just tired. do i count the 2.5 even tho it was supposed to be 4? i’m not sure. do i have a hard time committing to a training plan? or am i just tired? i just don’t know. i think i got a day behind & was trying to catch up. bright side: i am healthy. i am healthy. i am strong. i can run. i can run fast. i am blessed like crazy by my Good Lord above. i am Loved by Him. i think i’m gonna flick this chip off my shoulder, be thankful for what i have, call it a day, make a little salad plate of nachos & pop open a mich ultra. if the Good Lord is willing, there might even be a tomorrow. what is that saying? with each new day, God’s mercies are anew? something like that. anywho. no matter how cruddy it seems, the sun will probably rise tomorrow; our families need us. peace.

overload. well, not really. just too dang long.


I hate when I let so much time go by between posts. I never remember all that I intended to post about, and a lot of what I do remember seems to have lost it’s luster. typically, I start at the here&now and work backwards. DREARY day in South Louisiana. as my mom used to say, “I wish it would just rain & turn cold.” Because waiting for a cool front in South La is like waiting for a hurricane. the air is THICK. you can almost see the dampness. everything seems to be draped in grey heaviness.

little one. sigh. my little one. she has an extreme overabundance of copper in her little body, we found out yesterday. so, we are starting her new supplements to rid her of that. problem is, her new pills caused her a severe stomach ache and long story short, she is sleeping. it is a school day. kids get sick. I get that. I feel awful for her. we managed to get through Religion this morning before her stomach pains began. Right at the end of watching a short documentary about Juan Diego – we learned so much – bam! Raman noodles did little to assuage her pain, poor little lamb.

problem is, Monday was a holiday. why on earth we celebrate Columbus i’ll never know. seems like it would be Vespucci day. or how about the first person to “discover” the new world who was NOT mean to the natives? There’s an idea! anywho.

so Monday was out. Tuesday & Wednesday were better. we managed to get a lot of work done in the morning. that’s the thing with my daughter – we can cover lots of material in a short amount of time, especially English. based on my punctuation and sentence structure, it would be difficult for most people to believe I LOVE English. or should I say ‘I lumme some English.’ heehee. this is my blog and I shall do with it as I damn well please. there. 🙂

I was going to do a blog entry and entitle it “A Tale of Two Jeffs” and perhaps I may still do that. jeff Galloway got on my last nerve. it wasn’t all him. trying to carve out time to do the training to qualify for boston, combined with the heat of south Louisiana, combined with the treadmill remarks of a certain someone (treadmill just pulls you along…doesn’t really count). doesn’t really count, expletive, expletive???? really? get your a$$ on there and press 8. then 9. cuz when I do it, if I don’t run my a$$ off, I would be flying off the back of that sucker. so, sorry, I happen to know it does count. still, timewise, I just don’t know how that’s going to workout.

in the interim, I signed up for a runkeeper app training program for a sub-4:00 marathon. jeff gaudette I think is the dude’s name who heads up that program. I like it. each day is laid out very clearly. he breaks up the long runs over two days. for instance, this week’s long run is 15 miles – 4/11 on back to back days. I like that. I have marathons 9, 10, and 11 on tap for 2014. I know I can complete them. 9 is the one that I would like to qualify for boston. i’m doing the speed work & interval training as directed. the long runs have gotten a lot fast from Galloway’s plan. the new jeff (gaudette) has my long run pace at 9:20-9:40. daaaaaaammmmmmnnnnn. I did 10 miles on my treadmill last Saturday. I rewarded myself with a two-lap walk at the end. I couldn’t figure out why that was such a tough run. then I realized that the Galloway long run pace for me was 10:50!!!! makes sense! I was pretty proud for getting 10 on the treadmill done! after that, I quickly got ready, grabbed up my daughters and headed straight to lunch at Acme Burger for a tree-hugger burger (organic, grass-fed meat, multi-grain bun), homemade chips and an ice cold coors light :). yum!!! okay, I guess that is it for now.

peace, y’all!