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first swim back


got back yesterday evening.  i am a cop magnet.  yes, i got stopped on the way up for my inspection sticker and on the way back for my obscured license plate.  i don’t think a pink hibiscus license plate frame is reason to stop an obvious mom-driver, but whatever, dude.  i AM a rebel.  teehee.

got in the pool this morning for an hour of laps & weights.  then i did my beloved aqua jogging for :20.  i could stay in there all day.  good thing i didn’t cuz when i came in, my 11 year old said, “You were SWIMMING?  I didn’t know that!”  wellll….where’d you think i’d be early on a saturday morning????  silly girl. 

anywho, it was GREAT.  i so needed that.  hotel workout rooms are nice, but it wasn’t home.  glad to be back.

heavy heart for my kiddo.  boy, it’s hard growing up, ain’t it?  more on that later.  bless his heart.  

so, now, onto bigger and better things.  i used to RELISH in reading my cookbook collection.  no pun intended…no…not really…but, yeah, i do love to read them.  i am inspired to get back into that.  it’s inspirational.  i love to cook.  with school around the corner & so much activity ahead, i want to do some different things…

gotta go back to the bookstore to buy yet another copy of little house on the prairie for summer reading.  uniforms.  grocery store.  mass this afternoon with my 3 kiddos.  football retreat for hubs & son.  totally good stuff all around. 

yes, i thanked God immensely from the bottom of my heart.

Unexpected blessings


here in Dallas this week for cochlear listening camp. Love this place. We are at American girl this evening – actually waiting for dolls to finish their glamour treatments – hair washed and styled, new outfits, new stuff…

okay, that was a few days ago on my iphone.  now, wednesday, i am waiting…to go pick up my girlies and for my son to arrive from home – he’s flying in and spending the last part of this week with us and then he will drive home with me and the girls.  we are all very excited, but mostly, i am excited because this time with him will certainly make up for not having him with me in San Antonio…

it’s strange to have this time alone during the summer.  i am rested, worked out, showered, and even have make-up on!  weird…i usually hit the aforementioned quickly, but this week has been leisurely and that, i ain’t used to!

i have chunked up my time this week, too.  i used to feel like i had to cram everything in to every day – where we are staying is right in the middle of any shop you could possibly want.  of course, there is nothing i really need.  okay, yes, i needed new bras 🙂  and pj’s.  and i do love running skirts.  and, really, can you have too many workout bras or shirts?  i think not.  okay, the one thing i was really after are these blingy flip flops i’ve been seeing around.  are you kidding?  they are to-die-for cute.  found ’em!  and guess what else?  nothing i bought was full price. i don’t pay full price for anything except food.  clothes?  forget it.  i bought a running skirt in seaside for $54.00.  full price.  that was the first time in forever, it seemed, that i payed full price.  i do love that skirt. 

anywho…i have been quiet and prayerful, too, this week.  finished my novena.  trying to download another rosary app – my other one is on the computer at home and i found one that is audible the whole way through.  good reviews, too.  but it’s staying in ‘waiting’ mode.  yes, i get that.  i’m waiting.  come on, God, help me out here…

me and the girls have been having a blast here!  we have done american girl, the mall, rainforest cafe…there’s more to come.  we are going to medeival (sp?) times, too…love that place!

fitness – been chunking that too.  feeling like spending time with one thing instead of jumping around.  monday – bike; tuesday, treadmill hills, and today, :30 elliptical & :30 bike.  yesterday kicked my butt.  i love trying out new programs on machines & the one i pressed said, “random”.  really????  cuz i would rename it, “get ready to run your a$$ off at ridiculous inclines!”  no complaints.  i love a challenge.  i only got a few miles in, but let me tell you, sweat was flying!  my quads were saying, “huh???” 🙂  it was great.

oh, and unexpected girlie time for me.  didn’t see that coming.  bloated, crampy, yeah.  it does explain, however, how come i couldn’t resist ben & jerry’s cherry garcia frozen yogurt on sunday night…explains how i lifted both my daughters (separately), pretty much into the target ice cream freezer because the last pint was soooo far back in the case…please, target, don’t have a security camera – i had my 10 year old crammed into that tiny space at the top, reaching her skinny, little angelina ballerina arms to get my yogurt!  funny.  sad.  true.  🙂

okay, that’s probably it on my end for now. 

peace out…

first run back


prayed day 6 of novena…Chaplet of Divine Mercy Novena, for those of you who are interested…

Yes, this is most powerful when prayed on Divine Mercy Sunday, right after Easter Sunday.  However, I believe that when God puts something on our heart, and we are faithful to it, whatever it is and whenever it is, we are being obedient to His will.  So, that’s how i started this novena at this point.  It’s really quite beautiful. 

anywho, that was my first priority of the day.  then, the run.  fresh legs, right?  or, the flip side is, practically unconditioned legs 🙂  either way, i jumped on board, and took off on a quick warm-up.  250 repeats seemed to be the way to go, so off i went.  long story short – 27:03.  sweating like a PIG, i tell you!  but i did it.  the first one back is always a doozy.  so glad i re-considered swimming this morning, cuz the pool dude comes on fridays.  i’m just not into socializing with the pool dude during a workout.  LOVE that first run back being checked off.  i was actually pretty good on our brief vacay, food-wise…i usually splurge on a dessert the night before we leave and i did.  butterscotch something…talk about good.  this little pie shell pastry, some heavenly yummy orange gooshy filling, soft creamy white topping, and a little scoop of ice cream that was the color of wet sand, (and looked like it), but tasted like vanilla/brown sugar/cinnamon…some of my favorite flavors.  plus, a nice glass of shiraz & steak.  that was a splurge for me! 

onward…school shoes, cat, uniforms, store…life IS good.  Thanks, God.

keeping it real…


home.  i have decided to give my eyes one more week…blurry right eye.  allergies.  ALways allergies.  perhaps not.  but…perhaps.  i’m gonna fill the next week with good, thoughtful stuff.  i hate being a walking wounded.  doesn’t please God.  doesn’t please me, either.

missing my son.  he’s still in nyc.  having a blast and that makes me happy.  girls miss cat.  soon enough.  i miss my heart feeling whole.  soon enough, too.  i know i couldn’t appreciate the sunny, cool, flower-filled mountain tops without the deep, dark, cracks in the earth…go away lump in my throat.  i’ll deal with that later. 

i must say…i do like being this real.  feels good.  i grew up with secrets.  that stunk.  that, my friend, is the devil’s playground. 

saw a great sign today – “Try Jesus.  If you don’t like Him, the devil will take you back.” 🙂  Ain’t that the truth?

Took sweet step-son on a quick bike-ride this evening as soon as we got back.  I love that boy.  He never gives up. 

laundry is calling…

Ghost in the machine


we spent last night at the menger hotel – very old creepy haunted and womderful…forgive me I’m on my I phone and I swear the ghosts are messin with me So I’m typing fast…things have settled thank you Jesus and the kids are having lots of fun as they should….my heart is sad but not broken beyond repair…my sweet son took care of business and is having a great time with his dads fam – mets game last night! Praying a novena definitely helps…

Fallin apart through Texas


sounds strange in my head even as I think the thoughts…we started this trip with 4 children and now there are only 3. I know, I know. My son, who most of you know is my heart, decided yesterday morning to not come with us – we were already in Houston at this point, having spent the night. I made the terrible error in parental judgment of letting him see a movie with his girlfriend on Saturday which was the same day we were leaving. Due to lack of communication btw me and my husband, I thought we were leaving much later in the day. Anywho, it unleashed husband’s fury that lasted for hours. We finally managed to get it together enough to get to Houston to break up our trip a little. We were all emotionally raw and went to bed. Sunrise sadly brought more of the same – mainly horrible fighting btw me and my husband. My son came to my defense – it was all verbal – just horrible screaming. And just like that, he left. I found him downstairs, making his own arrangements to be with his dad’s family. I am nOt writing this for any other reason than trying to make sense of it myself. I am devastated. I didn’t want to go on with this trip except that I saw my daughter’s eyes and k ew that I had to. I thought of the way Jesus laid down His life for us. It tore my heart out to kiss my son good-bye and go on without him. But I am proud of him. He stood up for what he knew was right and that takes a lot of courage. So here I am, sadly half-hearted, ever-prayerful, and will do what is right for my family because that is what God wants.

wait. weight?


i never thought i would say this about swimming.  today, unequivocally, was the best workout of 2011 i have had.  hubs left early.  it was raining.  no lightning.  no thunder.  soundly sleeping girlies…i actually loved my workout.  laps.  the whole first hour.  i got out of it the same feeling of strength, confidence, and satisfaction i get on runs.  it was wonderful to feel comfortable in the water and think about each element of what i was doing, tweaking each thing my instructor taught me.  and it was raining.  it was quiet.  it was perfectly lovely.  i thought of how different it would be if my daugters were splashing around me.  i relished in the peace. 

so, wait, weight?  yes, like runs, i try to swim too fast.  okay, i’ve finally harnessed myself for the most part to run without burning out, but swimming is new territory for me.  the instructor told me ‘ssssllllloooowwww down.’  k.  i’ll try.  i realize now that my legs don’t have to frantically kick as if i’m trying to swim from pirannas (sp?).  i can do it on my own, but slap some ankle weights on me and i’m just a happy camper.  so, yes, i did that for awhile.  i think i realize now that swimmers must build up endurance, too, like runners.  i get that.  shoulders?  crucial.  i did a couple of fast laps and loved it.  i felt my shoulders powering me through and i realized all that resistance training pays off in the water! 

i thanked God repeatedly.  i remind Him everyday that i am nothing without Him and it is only His will that i wish to fulfill.  i couldn’t swim, run, or get out of bed unless He gave the okay.  i don’t want to waste the gifts He has blessed me with and i want Him to know how much i treasure everything He gives me.  i know He hears my prayers.  i know what He has promised is true.  i know with each decision that comes our way, if we do our best, our very best, to please Him…what would make Him happy?  then we ARE making Him happy. 

this is so off-topic, but i keep thinking of that little boy who got murdered in brooklyn.  omg.  i can’t imagine his parent’s anguish.  i don’t understand why they would have let him walk alone ANYwhere at 8.  i just don’t get it, but i don’t know the reasons, so i don’t want to judge…i just don’t believe this little boy won’t be in Heaven.  i think Jesus met this child and brought him to Heaven Himself.  i hope everyone lifts a prayer up to God’s ears for this child, his family, and the sick-minded murderer. 

anywho, friday is here.  gotta check on dinner.