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Sunday check in :)


sigh. well, whaddya gonna do, right? Thanksgiving is gonna come. Thanksgiving is gonna go. Training during that break? wellllll…lemme put it this way – i had a great run on Wednesday before turkey day struck;)
Thursday – no run; Friday, walked all over the galleria in Houston, Saturday was filled with shopping & driving…

Which brings us to today – YES, I felt like I hadn’t run in three days…double sigh, y’all.

So, a little bit of a whack schedule coming up this week – I’m running a marathon on Saturday – right around 10 minute miles, at least for the first half. I am using it for a training run which explains the slower pace. It’s 6 weeks out – thereabouts – from Houston – I have the perfect run-fluids accounted for every so often on the course, it’s a beautiful course and I’m relaxed about it – not one bit freaked out. I wish the weather would be cold and rainy, but I’ll be happy and blessed with whatever I get. So, schedule-wise, I’m gonna follow the Train Like a Mother “own it” plan, marathon week schedule…

Personally – Mass today was amazing. Our priest was feeling much better and gave another powerful Homily.

I got to visit with my son over the Thanksgiving break. He came with us to Houston. I adore that young man. He has such a beautiful spirit. My step-son came with us, too. I delighted in seeing what fine young men they have become. They are both so very humorous, and especially kind. It was a great break for all of us.

My daughters loved the whole experience – driving to Houston, hotel, restaurants, shopping, seeing all the Christmas decorations and hearing the Christmas music.

My 12-year old asked me today, “Why do kids get excited about Santa, but they don’t seem excited about Jesus?” Wow. I love knowing that even with the abundant blessings we have, she knows to place God first…THAT makes me happy…we can’t control one another’s salvation, but we can surely teach our children in the way they should go.

Peace, y’all!

tuesday, 11/20/12


sunday was a long run, yesterday, due to having a blast ringing in Thanksgiving break with 2, count ’em, TWO movies, i took the easy route on the plan and skipped the workout altogether.  group gasp…teehee.  it was needed.  it was good.

just got back from clubhouse workout room & had a great workout – i shorted my warmup & cooldown (you can do that sometimes, especially when you know your own body so super-duper well) & then i did 5 miles at marathon pace – 8:57 – felt a little hard for me, i guess because sunday taxed my legs.  but i did it.  i finished it and even felt really strong about halfway through until the end.

managed to get my hair highlighted this morning, shop for Thanksgiving dinner too.  my sweet son arrived today & that always makes me happy.

onto help 7th grader knock out some holiday homework.

Sunday – own it check in


Sleepover/bday party was great!!! Sweetest little group of girls…they make sleepovers easy! Plus, my daughter was so very excited to have her bff’s altogether.

Mass – a moving experience, as always. Thank You, Jesus, for our priest.

A Builder Bar (20g protein) for lunch before my 17 mile training run. I consumed 2 peppermint stick GUs…oh, and a Vespa…and a Gatorade I mixed myself.

Btw – I know I have incomplete sentences…I’m tired…plus, long runs leave me feeling COLD!

The run was quite good. I still start long runs like that with ambivalence – what if, what if, what if…but, with each passing mile, my confidence was raised. Plus, my 13-year old daughter rode with me for the whole time! It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes. 9:47 miles…

I’ll take that.

My toes are STINGING!!! I don’t mind.

Peace out, y’all!!!



Had my rest day, as per “Own It” and I survived without even any cross-training:-)

Today – 5-6 easy…me and my daughter had a great workout at or clubhouse (PE!!) and I got my 5.1 in, via the “trailblazer” workout…


Anywho…I checked my heart rate at each incline (10 max) because I couldn’t believe I was keeping up with that workout! But I did it!!!

And all the while, my hummingbird-like daughter seems to have become a fan of the numbers – like me, she feels compelled to go just a little more…


I love this plan – it really feels like a great fit for me…tomorrow calls for an easy 3 but if life is too hectic, I get a pass…from the Mommas themselves!!! They get it!!


Another Mother Runner own it plan


Brief post…

After a run coach hiccup, I’m switching to an “Another Mother Runner” plan – “Own It” – got 4 miles last night at an easy pace & 4 miles today – I tweaked it a bit – supposed to do negative splits, but I did 400M repeats up to 9mph and I LOVED IT.

I think I like this plan – by mothers, FOR mothers…I gotta get behind that!!!

I’ll be posting just to keep a little journal of my training, assuming all goes as well as I expect!!


Cajun Cup review


Race day was pretty sweet, although it was really much warmer & more humid than any of us would have liked.  There were over 1,200 people, I believe.  It’s a 10K race that starts on Johnston Street, near downtown Lafayette & finishes on Jefferson.  I was hoping to have 8:15 miles.  I set my RunKeeper app to talk to me every 4 minutes.  I knew better than to expect a PR because of the heat.  It just wasn’t going to happen.  I went to sleep the night before hoping I would finish in under 50 minutes, which I did last year.  Being that a year has gone by, keeping the same pace would have been a victory for me!

I finished the first mile in 8:04.  BUT I knew there was no way I was going to keep that pace and finish the race.  The humidity was just too much for me.  As it was, I had taken off my outer shirt (the very sweet race shirt) and tossed it right as the race started – I tossed it under a restaurant sign, hoping it would be there when I came back for it after the race!

Anywho, I carried my own Gatorade in a small hand-held bottle.  I also sucked down a Peppermint Stick flavored Gu as I was walking to the start.  It was SO GOOD!!!  It tasted like a York Peppermint Patty…YUM.  I had half an almond butter & jelly sandwich and coffee when I woke up at 6:30.  So, I was fueled.  It was only 6.2 miles, after all.  I am in a constant state of hydration, so that is never an issue.

I finally got tired of hearing how off my pace I was, thanks to the RunKeeper app.  Yes, I had programmed my hopeful pace, and even cinched it up a bit, thinking I wanted to push myself and not run complacently if I could, in fact, go faster.  5K point – I was pretty peeved at myself – I was so off pace, but I was going to get there.  I didn’t want to take my headphones out because I really needed the music to motivate me.  So, I thought, well, I’m going to pick off 10 people in the second half of the race.  That’s not always easy to do – by this point, everyone, just about has settled in to where they will finish.  I was struggling to keep my own pace, but I was hopeful to finish a little stronger than the way I was presently feeling.

I managed to pick off 3 fairly easily.  After that, I just focused on pushing my quads toward the finish.  I had plenty of time to think — I wondered what would pushing beyond my comfort zone do?  I was pretty near the edge as it was, but what would a little farther be like?  I seriously didn’t think I would die out there, but I wanted to get out there a little bit.  And I did. 

I finished in 52:46, which was an 8:31 pace.  Not terrible under the conditions.  My mile splits were:  8:02, 8:27, 8:41, 8:43, 8:32, 8:24, and 7:37.  I’m totally cool with that.  I was happy I could finish with a little kick!

After all these years of racing, I still have not gotten some things down to a science, like where to put my Iphone.  I have yet to find a carrier that is accesible and easy.  So, my phone has a LifeProof case & I keep it in my top.  That seems to be the easiest!

I ended up 6th in my age group of 105. 

Now, I am going to focus on getting some speed work in each week.  I am also going to plan my longer runs.  If all goes well, I will use the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon as a training run for Houston.  I’ve done that in the past and I really liked it.  I just drove in that morning, ran & drove home.  Holding back to 10 minute miles is totally doable for me, thank God.

Alrighty then, my girl is almost finished with her Math Chapter test!

Peace, y’all…