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Cold, go away…no, not that cold.


I just want my head to stop pounding.  The holidays are here and my girls our out of school!  I want to enjoy my time with them without the extra weight of an additional head on my shoulders!  Seriously???  Can my head still feel like this?  My husband told me I was stupid if I actually ran today.  Well, now I’m not.  I just don’t want to miss this gloriously cold weather.  I love the way it feels to run in it – my legs take a lot of extra effort to reach their full capacity and I love it.  It feels like everything on the planet slows down when I run in this cold weather.  I guess I’ll sit this one out today.  I’ll have to do something else.  Stadiums?  Heehee, just joking.  We are going to a movie and the store.  We made lovely lemon rosemary soap this morning, my girls and me.  It was a lot of fun.  So, I guess I’ll take this detour as gracefully as I can and have fun with my daughters in other ways.  We still have a week before they go back to school.  Surely I’ll feel better in the meantime and we can hit the track then, right?  Right!

I don’t do colds…;(


Did I mention I had a sore throat before I left for Belize???  Well, I did.  But, I ignored it and considered it my barometer telling me to relax and quit doing so much.  But I was going on vacay, so that was a given. 

However…waking up on the boat the last day, I had a burning throat…I would have attached a fiery red to describe how burning it felt.  Nothing I could do about it.  My remedy had I been home would have been a Listerine gargle, followed by Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, loads of water, and finally, my mom’s Irish remedy – honey, lemon and a nice splash of bourbon.  But, I didn’t have any of that, so I thought, well, I’ll be home tonight and will do it then. 

By the time I got home that night, 11:00, and got Christmas, a-hem, ready, my head felt HUGE and heavy, my throat was burning still, and I just wanted to go to bed. 

Long story short – I was sick on Christmas day, to the point that I couldn’t go to family’s house in order not to spread my germy self around.  I felt like I was banished to the Island of Misfit Toys.  I’m not complaining, I’m just sayin’.  sheesh.

Sat night – up all night with raging fever.  Not sure how high because SOMEONE got my one and only working thermometer to not work.  So, I just gauged it by how boiling my brain fluids felt.  Pretty darn boiling.  Ow.

Sunday.  That’s today.  Right.  Church.  C’mon, you feel great, right?  Pick yourself up!  Eat some sushi, put on your running clothes and get out there!  Breathe.  Breathe deep.  Yep, I did.  me and my girlies on their new Santa bikes.  Got to the gate.  Stttrrrettch!!!!  Bend….wh-what???  Who put bricks in my head???  Hey, when did that happen???  MY HEAD HURTS and won’t stop.  Ooow.  Naturally, my hubby attributes this headache to running and nothing else.  That hurts.  ow.  I can’t get comfortable.  I think I need Mom’s remedy.  Oh, and today would be the old broad’s birthday.  I miss her terribly.  She was the most non-judgmental person I ever met.  She always pointed me toward God.  She was awesome.  She’d be 82 today.  I’m sure she’s in Heaven, having an Old Fashioned…my Libby…

Anywho, I am very lucky to have not had so much as a cold in years.  I guess that’s why I’m such a bad patient.

I just hate wasting time feeling poorly.  Could be doing laundry or playing with my girlies.  They are watching Toy Story 3 which is so not happening for me.  I cried my eyes out in the theater during that movie!  If you are the mom of a teenage boy, you get me.  If not, then one day, you will.   Don’t watch that movie while your boy is in high school! : )

Okay.  Mom’s remedy beckons.  Peace, y’all.

Merry Christmas…


Thank you, God, for this day.  Jesus was born…regardless of whether or not this is the exact date, it is indeed time to celebrate His birth.  That’s the point, not the date.  He was born…in the worst of conditions, to save us, ungodly sinners who don’t know enough to know enough…but that’s okay, cuz He loves us ANYWAY!!!  Isn’t that awesome????  There is nothing we can do to separate us from the love of our Father in Heaven.  I love that.

I’ve had wonderful things happening…too many to write about at this moment, but the highlights are definitely the ones I cannot hold, but can indeed hold close to my heart and enjoy…most recently would be my 10 year old daughter, who couldn’t wait to try out her sidewalk chalk and she drew a giant flower and wrote “I love you Mom, Love, JaJa”…melted my heart.

Seeing the returning warriors from Afghanistan was so touching.  I don’t think those guys realized how in awe most Americans are seeing them trudge, en masse, through the Atlanta airport.  They were tired.  We were tired, I thought.  Till I saw them.  They had awful sleeping conditions, I had a cabin on a chartered catamaran.  I thought I was hot.  I hope I never complain again.

I told my husband today that no gift could take the place of the best gift ever – my girls going back to the Academy.  My heart takes flight every time I think of it.  I am so happy and content knowing they are there.

More later.  Thank God for something today, will you?  And, please, make room in your life every day for Jesus.  Peace.

race reports…


Baton Rouge Beach Marathon…first of all, I wasn’t about to miss my step-son’s football game the night before the marathon, so I cancelled my room and decided to drive to BR the next morning, about an hour’s trip.  Sadly, they lost to Acadiana.  They’ll get there next year, no doubt.  Anywho, my drive over on Saturday morning was great.  Quiet, peaceful, I even said a Rosary.  Racing conditions could not have been better.  I planned on running this as a training run in anticipation of Houston, so I was counting on 10 minute miles for the first half.  Being that I hadn’t run in almost 2 weeks I wondered how it would all play out.  But, as before, my favorite moment of the marathon is as I cross the starting line, knowing I have hours to run.  I love it.  I ran strong and exceeded my goals.  I still finished in 4:17, which is not terrible.  I wasn’t busting it trying to get a PR, I just wanted to get my legs used to turning over repeatedly for four + hours! 

I really didn’t hurt much, either.  I was achy on Sunday, mostly calves…forgot to stretch them…dumb, I know.  I was in the pee line when the mass of people made their way to the starting corrals, so I totally forgot about that stretch…

A couple of days later, I decided I felt good enough to run the Cajun Country Half Marathon, which I did yesterday.  Talk about nice!  I love that course.  Anytime I am dreading a particular part of a run, I also love it at the same time because I know I’ll feel stronger afterwards.  Such was the case on the cross-country part of the course.  It’s over a mile cross country, twice, due to the double loop course.  Stopping is not an option in my book.  I finished in 2:04.  I was really happy with that.  I don’t think I have ever considered running two major races that close together ever before.  It was great.  I could tell I wasn’t totally back to normal after BR, because my quads felt a little heavy on the second loop.  But that was okay.  It was something I could manage. 

Now, I am looking forward with great anticipation to Houston.  However, between now and then is a family trip to Belize and Christmas.  So, how training will be affected is pretty clear.  I won’t get to do as much as I would like, but these past two weekends have proven to me that I am stronger than I realize and will do fine.  I always hope to qualify for Boston, but know realistically that is not about to happen without putting in the work.  So, I don’t think Houston will be the race for that.  But there’s time.  And other qualifying races.  I would rather run the New York marathon through winning a spot in the lottery.  First.  Then, maybe try to qualify for Boston after.  I just think it would be a kick in the pants to run through all 5 burroughs of that beautiful city.  I was so entertained in Baton Rouge with the landscape – houses, wildlife, landscape – time flew. 

I ended up finishing 3rd in my age group for Baton Rouge and 2nd yesterday (in my age group).  That part doesn’t matter to me, really.  I am most grateful for the ability to finish the race after recognizing the courage to sign up in the first place.  I am grateful for the example I inadvertantly set for my daughters, who tell me how proud they are that I am a runner.  My sweet daughter whispered to me in Mass this morning, “Mom, I saw your race picture and you looked so happy!  You were smiling so big!”  And she was right.  Running makes me so very happy on so many levels.  I am blessed to be able to lace up my Mizunos and get out there every chance I get.

Shout out to Momma Mia


today is the day of the feast of the Immaculate Conception. I had to post today, of all days, because I know Mary listened to me, interceded on my behalf, and continues Her beautiful, loving, peaceful presence in my life. Why? Because I asked. Because I was willing to trust everything I would have to go through without ever letting go or taking my eyes off God. As I type this I sit in line, back home where I am totally certain we belong.

Mary was given free will, same as us. She said yes to God even when she had to be unbelievably worried and afraid.

As I sat in Mass today at STM, I realized the same, welcomed feelings I experience at almost most Masses. I just am in awe at being in the presence of God, knowing I am going to partake in the body of Christ. I have to suppress my joy. My life was not always that way but it is now. Because I asked. Because I listened. Because I used my free choice to choose the goodness of of God.
I know I will always run into problems. God has delivered us through this one…I’m still basking in His goodness.