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Weekend rundown


We have been eating out…a lot…too much if one indulges in bread/butter/appetizers/ANYthing with cream sauce/dessert…thank God, albeit for a couple of small pieces of bread and one, possibly two swipes of hubs terramisu (sp??), I have fought the good fight!! My running is pretty strong; my perseverance stronger.

We had 3 soccer games this weekend…oh, and a sleepover beginning after school on Friday – which included the Jump Zone, hibachi, and a movie. And cookie cake…

Today called for a 13 mile run which I gleefully anticipated all week with the impending cool weather. 8:00 soccer game. Today. Mass yesterday. Run. Run? Well, today, right? Right, right. Two wonderful Texas family members to be house guests, unexpectedly = cooking, visiting, etc…

Long story short? I jumped on the treadmill this afternoon for 7.6 and then made crawfish etoufee, and hit the road, heavy quads & all for another 5.5. I’ll take it. Broken up, I didn’t care. As I lay here & type this on my iPhone, stinging toes threatening to blacken and fall off, I know I did what I needed to do…I’m happy and proud…

It has been a great weekend…I love my life; I love my family…

I love how much I feel the presence of Jesus as I prepare to receive Holy Communion. I fight back tears every week. I just can’t wrap my mind around how much God loves me. That’s the best. He just keeps on blessing me, whether I deserve it or not. That’s unconditional love right there, y’all…if I can just please Him, then my life will be well-lived.






PS to this day….


I detest coming across as ungrateful. Truth is truth…I really don’t like rest days. I do them…but only because I hafta!!! We got back from Orlando a week ago – I did 5.3 that hot evening. Then I ran a lot till I had to take off Friday cuz the race at my church…then 8+ miles yesterday…my feet are hurting but I don’t do rest days well…I eat badly, I just feel like its a sick day…and you know with all I have going on, it isn’t a matter of being bored…well, the back to nature thin mint clone cookie box is in the recycle bin…Heineken light is too…I’m thinking I may do another 30 days beer free & eat better — maybe that’s just the cookies talking:)

Regardless, if it is God’s will, I’m gonna run tomorrow…and give Him all the glory…

Peace, y’all.



working backward…


well, the house is asleep.  i’m pondering my three laps (8.3 miles to be exact) – guessing i’ll do them this evening.  running can be a sticking point in my house.  it always happens, but it’s not always the most welcomed event i throw out there. and Mass, of course, at 11.  that’s a given.  anywho. i did the 5k for my church yesterday.  the temps were WARM – 74 & lots of humidity to start.  at 8:00 a.m.!  i don’t like small-talk before a race.  i don’t do it & i don’t like to listen to it. so, i just get in a “time out” place & get into my own head.  i jumped right on the starting line & stayed with a group of about 4-5 other runners.  i’m pretty sure i was the first female over the finish line.  my time wasn’t a PR, but for the sweltering, moist condtions, i’ll take it – right under 26 minutes.  plus, my phone told me i ran my first mile at 8:00 flat & that stoked me.  anyway, it was a fun, quick run.

homeschool is amazing.  i love teaching my daughter.  we are still fine-tuning our curriculum.  i know i am not loving our social studies, so i ordered one that i do like from Seton Home School.  their site has excerpts of the book and i like it.  what we have been using thus far is actually a 7th grade curriculum, and she loves it, but we are getting bogged down.  she loves learning, but i find when we are in social studies, which is actually world history, we spend lots of time on the computer looking at things that she is curious about.  i don’t want to thwart that by any means, but we need to make some progress.  Seton is set out in an easier format.  i have also started using their reading program.  there are books with short stories, a “thinking skills” workbook and a “comprehension” workbook and i like that.  i thought, originally, that we would use novels as our reading course, but that is not giving her everything i want her to have, so we are tweaking!  we are, however, toward the end of “Fever, 1793” and we are LOVING it.  historical fiction is one of our faves.  plus, i want to get through it so that we can read something new.  so, we are going to use Fever as “outside reading” and then that will cover what i intend.  she is rocking through 6th grade math!  and english.  forget about my lack of proper punctuation or capitalization.  that is only on my blog, y’all.  promise! 🙂  and speaking of writing…she is on week 6 of Time4Writing.  i LOVE this – online, real teacher feedback extremely quickly – i am already looking for the course that she will do after this 8-week course is complete.  really a treasure trove – i currently have my daughter in the ‘essay writng’ course and it has been great.

other life – well, aside from school & running, there is not much time!  my wonderful housekeeper is out for a week, so that makes life’s plates in the air multiplied, sadly!  soccer, lost dog – this is crazy – my sweet son called me from college on thursday evening to tell me he lost his dog.  our dog.  neville.  long story short – little sleep, lots of tears, placed ads, hubs had 100 posters printed – we picked up 7th grader from school early, drover over to baton rouge to start putting up posters – our daughters had placed a couple of posters in the windows (very tinted windows) of my vehicle – can you believe that while we were stuck in traffic while driving onto campus, a guy on the sidewalk saw our poster, recognized the dog as the one his friend had picked up the night before & called his friend????  thank You, God!!!!  we didn’t know it at the moment.  our daughter said, “that guy looked at the poster & pulled out his cell phone!”  me & hubs looked at each other like, “right!” sure!”  but it was true!  anyway, about 45 minutes later, while i was trying to add staples to our staple gun, we got a call & our sweet Neville was about a half-mile from where we were that very moment!  what a great ending!  my son was just beside himself – he had taken Neville’s collar off of him, so the poor dog was out and completely unidentifiable – i’m glad that’s over.

he’s snoozing in our backyard as i type…neville, not my son, heehee…

okay, so i’m alive & well & hope all of you are, too!!!!

i hope & pray all my running friends are killing their workouts & have a race on the calendar!!!!  my next one is the cajun cup 10K…last year my goal was to get under 50 minutes & i did.  with another year passing, that remains my goal.  it’ll happen.  i have about a month until.

peace, y’all.