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Things I’m thankful for today:

God allowing me to wake up and triumph through 16+ hour days;

My daughter imitating the crow above our heads at Cypress Lake after speech/language therapy;

My son who always thinks of others;

50’s Primetime meatloaf recipe;

UPS packages outside my door (hello, Dyson!!)

A hummingbird that just zoomed by;

My 7th grader declaring, “I LOVE school!”



Week in pictures;)





Okay, so, I’m busy!!!  Wow!!!  I just miss my blog, but things are going great…Melissa C., your words resonate with me daily!!!!  Thank you and HUGS to you!!!  You inspire me with your training and homeschooling!!!

So…I thought I could just throw up a few pictures from the past week…and I’m still getting 90 percent of my training schedule done for 1/13 Houston…it boils down to this – i’m home a lot more, my beautiful new car stays clean, my bank account has more $$ in it, my home-schooling child is THRIVING, and HAPPY and RELAXED…because of this change we have implemented.  I love our lives.  This is the best school year ever…

As i type, our two boys are home from college for the weekend and sleeping, my FAVORITE dog is in the back yard, and I’m cooking bacon…

MASS at 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!  PEACE :)))))))))))))








yes, reset.  i need it.  i am still feeling my way to the right schedule – homeschool, as it turns out, is quite my bag, baby… 🙂  seriously, i’m good at it!  i LOVE the time with my daughter and her energy & work ethic for learning is just amazing for me to be around.  wow.

still, change, y’know?  good change is still change & today i was re-vamping our schedule – trying to fit all the classes in on days where we go to speech therapy is a challenge…we are figuring it out –

okay, the other side of the coin – my physical life – well, i did print out the training schedule.  i am adhering to  it.  clap, clap, clap.  🙂  at the last minute, i punched in that i could only run 5 days a week, which has been really great.  i did my first “long” run of 6 miles last Sunday.  What??? UNheard of…i used to hide my running passion early in the day, as best i could, so that it didn’t interfere with wifely or motherly duties.  well, i guess hubs sees the look in my eye – about 6:30, i come into the living room, asics in hand, sitting & chatting with him, lacing up all the while…”I’m running.”  “Okay.”  GOT to.  Got to.

So,,, i’m not doing as much as i was, at least physically, but i am doing so much more.  having the responsibility of making sure sweet baby gets what she needs is of the utmost importance to me.  my credit card bills are WAY down; i just don’t have the time to be in stores…weird, but true.

i don’t feel as pushed physically as i did.  i didn’t do Cajun Man.  i was bummed, i’m not gonna lie.  but, hey, you do whatcha gotta do, right?  however, i found myself almost fearful of water since last week.  okay, it was temporary, but it was weird.

tomorrow – super busy – an actual OFF day – from any running, etc., – homeschool, the end of ‘spirit week’ for my 7th grader, picking up a new car for me in baton rouge, dinner for my step-daughter’s b-day… all good stuff that works out perfectly for me to honor that off day…saturday i’m going to get 2-3 miles in…i think this new training program is good…

i ran last night – 3 miles in 26 minutes.  on the heals of a super-bee-otch period.  period.  still bloaty & yuck feeling.  sigh.  but i was cruising!  as my runkeeper said my mile split at 2 miles, “17:something,” i was like, WWWWhaaat? trying to figure it out in my head.  i was thinking, wow, i feel like a fat-ass, yet, the proof is in the app!!!  sweet!

idk.  i just feel different.  i feel like my goals have shifted and i guess, for awhile, they have.  i have wondered about home-schooling – not about the choice, but other things – will we do it forever, or just this year?  either way is fine by me.  i personally love the lack of stress in the afternoons.  dealing with a particular teacher who gave frigging nothing is not something i miss.  baby girl is thriving, just like i said she would.  we are one month into school.  she is taking her chapter 2 science test tomorrow.  she is almost finished with chapter 3 in math.  she GETS it.  she is brilliant.


She is the wind beneath my wings…


I am sitting here in the observation room at speech therapy, watching my daughter who continually awes me with her stick-to-itiveness…

I could not put my finger on what has happened to me since I began homeschooling her. I LOVE running, but I love teaching her more. I will do my races as planned.

Sidenote – I didn’t do the Cajun man this weekend past…when my alarm went off, my throbbing head and cramping abdomen made me think twice. I have never felt that way race morning. Yuck. Hubs helped me get rid of my headache around noon – this very cool, electrical contraption…it worked! I fell asleep with the thing attached to some pressure points in my hand. I slept for over 2 hours!!! Unheard of!!!

Anywho, my sweet girl is the wind beneath my wings these days…I find myself constantly thinking of ways to make our homeschool better, our material better…after this, we are going to get some fall decorations for our classroom…

She is brilliant and strong and I am humbled and honored to be the steward of her beautiful soul…



Prob not for dudes…

Throat hurts. Pms. Two friggin’ naps today. No running for 2 days. Yuck. Again, I give a lot of fitness advice – I would tell myself, take it easy. Sprint tri 2 days away. I briefly – briefly – considered not doing it….I’m gonna do it. I’m committed. I’m just bummed because of how I feel. I took an antibiotic. I guess I feel inactive, heavy, and pms-y. Sigh. The Holy Spirit keeps lovingly reminding me that I am fine & it’s all good. The sun will rise tomorrow. I will get my tri gear together. I will make the most of what I have and be grateful all the while. I’m ashamed of feeling “less than” – I know it will pass. I think, too, I feel a little ambivalent about Sunday’s race. I will do my best. I mean, seriously, I am getting on a Sunday morning, a 2 hour workout!! Now that is SWEET!!


50 percent is better than 0 percent


Yesterday was longer than usual. Thumbnail – it was after soccer practice that I wanted to run – figured I could steal 1 out of 24 hours to run…sun was fading fast. Hubs persuaded me to jump on treadmill. Safer. I was gonna do 5 miles at that point. I got on tm tired – I would have told someone with my complaints to skip the workout…but I couldn’t leave my training plan empty…meanwhile, my daughter, recently showered, still deaf, came in to say hi…I was trying to communicate to her to turn off the light above me. I wasn’t communicating well, it turns out 😉 picture it – she’s deaf, puzzled look on her face, and there’s me, sweating, running, arms high above head – I’m laughing as I type this – trying to say turn off the light!! I had a biggest loser treadmill moment except I flew off the side, still hanging on with one hand…have you ever had whiplash?! Ouch! Well, my daughter was killing herself laughing – “mom, now you know how the biggest loser people feel! You shouldn’t run distracted!!” thanks. Thanks a lot. The ass-whippin opened on me by the treadmill pretty much taxed all remaining energy…yet, still I plodded till I hit 3 miles…I figured 50 percent was better than 0 percent. True.

Then today, my homeschool daughter and I combined her lunch time with my run…I got 3.22 in the sweltering heat with extra humidity for added fun 🙂

Topped off the day with an early dinner at olde tyme grocery…7th grader had braces adjusted & Lord knows I can use some carbs stored for Sunday 😉

I hope this all came out right…totally on iPhone…


Tired and happy…


Yes, I couldn’t wait to get in bed tonight!! Finally got on my bike for 20 miles yesterday afternoon. 95 degrees. Saturated air. Went thru 2 bottles of fluid! Raced some boys. Ppsshhh…smoked ’em…”raced” is too generous…blew past them and they tried to catch me…

Anywho, I did print out my runkeeper marathon training plan. I have been slow to do so because I feel as if I can’t devote enough time to the kind I training I want to do…BUT…gotta do what I can. And I think having something to go by, even loosely, is cool. So, today, I did speed work on the treadmill…loved it!!! 5k – 1:00 fast & 1:00 slow. Worked out great.

Cajun Man tri on Sunday. Like last year, I refuse to let an almost 20 minute swim stand in the way of a sweet workout. I haven’t been able to train the way I would like, but rather than back out, I have decided to do what I can do. It isn’t about placing for me, but for finishing…

And that will probably be my last tri for while. I think. I guess…seriously, to crank up the heat on training for a tri – well…I don’t know.

Plus, I have three marathons tentatively scheduled between December & January…

Today has been a great day…lunch & shopping with hubs and daughters…Seen below getting their own workout going today!!! I love it!

Thank YOU God, for this day!!!