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The way things flow…


I guess my patient husband recognized my restlessness this morning, even though I tried my best to hide it.  He told me, “Go.  Run. I know that’s what you want to do.”  But, as his wife, I like to be home with him before he goes to work…anywho, he was getting a late start himself, so I went.  And it was all I was hoping for.  I took my Garmin, only to make sure it was functioning properly; it was.  I didn’t have my I-Pod; just one of those mornings I didn’t want it.  As I ran, one of the thoughts running through my mind was my sweet third grader, whose biggest request to me lately was, “Mom, I need more art paper.”  I love that simplicity.  She is a phenomenal artist…total side bar here – kids with some kind of impairment often make up for it in other, fascinating ways.  In her case, she draws/colors/paints beautifully.  I love to watch her because she sees things and captures them in ways that I just adore.  And I just love that “more art paper” is what she’s looking for these days.  Then, I thought about her rock project due on Monday – a dozen rocks in an egg carton.  When I got to my turnaround point, I spied a few really cool little rocks that I thought she would like.  I’m sure passing cars thought I was just a nut – breathing heavily, bent over/squatting & picking through apparently nothing much on the ground!  After careful selection, I ran on home & stowed the rocks in the carton…can’t wait to show my girl. 

Afterwards, I took off my Brooks, kissed them, yes, kissed them, and told them I’d see them bright & early Sunday morning in New Orleans! 

So, here I am, finally REALLY excited about the race on Sunday.  I’m excited that I’m running, yes.  I’m really excited to be visiting the city where my parents lived/met/went to college/got married/had babies/buried one of them/brought us kids to visit our whole lives…the city where my parents enlightened me on the World’s BEST sandwich, Central Grocery’s Muffalatta – this sandwich is a masterpiece and I don’t share it and I can’t eat it all at one sitting, but what I can’t eat gets wrapped up & goes in my purse…the same city where me & my husband got married/conceived a baby (AMB)/had countless walks…this beautiful city that has seen so much, given so much, taken so much, will smell sweet, a little heavy with the morning air, even cold air (you’ve never felt air till you feel it in New Orleans; I mean, you FEEL it…) This run will feel historic underfoot – cobblestone streets here & there, damp with morning dew, especially through the French Quarter…streets perforated by street car tracks…I love New Orleans.  I always have and I always will…before my mom died & we knew she was dying, I drove her to New Orleans to reminisce with her…all her old “stomping grounds” from the streets she lived on, houses she lived in, the mailbox near Loyola where she met my dad, the storefront where she bolted from my dad during their brazen attempt to elope – she didn’t go through with it because she knew it would hurt her father too much not to have the honor of walking her down the aisle – the churches she prayed in and lit candles begging God to give her a child (she couldn’t have babies for the first 7 years of her marriage to my dad, then, she ended up having seven kids!  See?  Prayer works : ) !!)  We visited the mausoleum where her parents and daughter are buried…Sunday’s run will be a total sensory trip for me & I’m so stoked about it…Peace, y’all!

My running date…


Last night, instead of watching the Olympics, I watched Nat Geo’s special about the Chupacabra…yes, you read correctly.  It’s this freaky little animal that looks like a leathery dog/pig…I was just about to find out what was going on with it’s DNA when my husband came in & jacked the remote from me…oh, well, the mystery will have to wait for another day.

While I was driving last night at 8:00 to watch my son’s 8:30 hockey game – I just can’t get used to any sport starting so late when our kids are in high school…there was even a game after THAT!  The nerve… 🙂  Anyway, I was stopped at a train on a really dark road & I cracked my windows to hear it – I love that sound.  Of course, I was extra vigilant because with my extremely active imagination, I could just envision some axe murderer running up to my vehicle (I was 3rd in line out of about 20 cars), putting his axe between his knees to hold it while he crammed his unclean hands into the crack & just broke out my window so he could murder me…anywho, it just hit me – getting ready for a big race is like getting ready for a date!  You sign up, eagerly anticipate the event and as the big day approaches, you get ready, just like for a date.  What am I going to wear?  How will I do my hair?  Which deodorant???  The normal, unhealthy kind if I’ll be nervous, but the natural, aluminum-free if I won’t be…who am I kidding?  It’ll be Mitchum, for sure.  Oh, and don’t forget to shave.  Pits & legs.  Just like a real date!   And finally, the day arrives to do this thing and nerves or no nerves, you put everything on you’ve planned & tried already, find your comfort zone at the starting line & wait for the doorbell…the gun, I mean!  I love it.  I love everything about it.

My sweet son’s team lost, 7-2…I came home, went to kiss my sleeping daughters & found JonTerez sleeping peacefully in MY nightgown and HER pantyhose!!! 

I love my life.

Unseasonably cold…loving it!!!


We didn’t have the anticipated snow flurries, but the temperature certainly dropped!  The temp. this morning was 39 with a wind chill of 30!  That is so unlike South Louisiana…I’m wondering what all the race participants must be thinking!  We have such crazy fluctuating weather here.

Got my 3 miles in…realized I was a little overambitious in my attire about 3/4 of a mile down the road, but we live on a golf course & I found out a long time ago, there’s something about the way the neighborhood is designed, it’s always a little colder & windier down toward the turn-around of my run.  No Garmin, no I-Pod (thanks, kids;), so it was actually nice just to run happy.  I always stress out the week before a big race, but I’m getting better at managing it.  “Why am I running so slowly?”  among other questions.  But, the older I get, the more relaxed I become.  I’m quite satisfied to have the ability to start and finish a race.  If my time is good, that’s just lagniappe (prounounced: lohn-yop) and it means extra!

I’m excited to go to my son’s school this morning to pray for the students and faculty & their families.  We are Roman Catholic and our kids go to Catholic school.  Our kids’ high school has a wonderful adoration chapel & a group of us moms volunteer at the beginning of the school year to spend an hour once a week in the chapel.  At the beginning, I thought I was doing a good thing for the kids, but realized very quicky it was doing what I perceived to be so very much more for me.  My time there is at 11:30, lunchtime for them, and the kids who come in and out while I am in there is just beyond-words amazing.  They come in to pray, sit, quietly visit with friends, etc.  My spirit is always lifted when I see these sweet children kneel down and bow their heads.  I love that place.  Sometimes, the kids play music, Christian, of course, and the lights are always low.  It always reminds me of a newborn’s nursery.  I just feel God’s love every time I step in there.



Okay, not even enough time to write much that I want to write….just got the girls back to school today & my day has already filled up with things to do!  And I’m not even running today.  I guess when I woke up at 5:45, went into the kitchen to get coffee & get organized, I found 4th grade valentines scattered all over the kitchen, courtesy of our CAT!  Our girls had 2/12 off due to snow in the area of their school…people FREAK down here when there’s snow because we aren’t used to it & most people down here don’t know how to drive on icy/snowy roads…yikes.  Anywho, my quiet house and I can’t stay here to enjoy it!  Gotta go do things for the family…

Oh, and I decided to take today off from running – a very hard decision for me, because my legs are actually pretty sore – medicine ball workout, lots of running days…even did a cold plunge yesterday to try to relieve the achiness.  But, I’ll take off today so I can have rested, happy legs for the New Orleans Half Marathon!!!!

I always think of things to write when I’m not near my computer!  I got going today & thought about how difficult it can be to live a health-conscious lifestyle in an area that is…not so much!  I had lunch at Sandra’s Health Foods – LOVE that place – great food, great shopping for organics & supplements & very knowledgable people.  They offer whole, free-range, fresh chickens every Tuesday!  This is big around here.  The healthiest chicken I’ve been able to find is an hour away in Baton Rouge at Whole Foods.  So, small thing to most, but big thing to me!  I got one & will cook it tomorrow night.  Corporate Challenge kick-off is early March.  IDK if I will get involved – not sure of the particulars – would love to get my husband’s office involved???!!!  But, less than 50% hopeful on that.

Hello world!


I guess I just entered the world of blogging!  I’m a wife & mom, and extremely busy with our family!  We have 5 kiddos between us being that we are a his, mine and ours type family.  I absolutely adore running, which is my main reason for wanting to start blogging…even if no one ever reads it, I can get my thoughts out of my head & make room for something else!  I’m getting ready for the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon in New Orleans this weekend.  It will be a blast…I can’t wait!  My legs are sore today and I know I have to take it easy to be ready for Sunday…