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:24 minutes


That’s all I’m giving myself – :24 minutes – cuz it’s 2:36 in the dang morning and there is no reason for me not to be asleep – seriously – hubs is snorin’; I have changed rooms, even Fat Boy aka Robiespierre sleeps quietly next to me. So, :24 to tap away ony iPhone in the dark.

Let’s see. What is up 🙂

Trying to wrap up school; 7th grader has last exam tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out what I can do to wow her class…we are hosting the end of the year party & our house/pool are quite suitable for those things, thank you, hubs, for all your nancing about the garden, I love those girls & always want to reward them extra special for another year of their hard work.

Ok, I’ll figure it out. Y’all I ordered Insanity. I follow a wonderful little lady in Dallas who runs, embraces fitness with open arms & always talks about Insanity for runners! BUT. Ok, well, she offers lots of support – in the form of groups, etc., for those who need accountability & support when undertaking a lifestyle change. Well. I adore her encouragement but I’m much more of a lone wolf when it comes to my fitness. Wait, y’all – why do I hear birds chirping At this hour???? Wth?!?! I thought they were supposed to sleep till the sun started to shine & I promise you, nothin is shinin around here at 2:47 in the blasted morning! Global warming, I guess. Or aviary domestic violence – they are fighting perhaps & it just sounds oddly melodic to me – hmmm.

Anywho. So I’m not officially in training for a long run, so I figure why not mix it up a bit & try something new? And let’s face it – I haven’t qualified for Boston. YET. Who knows when I might stumble over the workout to help me do just that? I have been trying to regularly schedule speedwork & magic miles into my running. I know tradmills aren’t the favored equipment for speedwork, but my Landice has a pretty sweet, kick-butt, hill/speed routine built in – I did it today.

I also got myself some swim literature – shows workouts, etc., for the pool.

My shoulders are a little achy. I am also planking a lot more these days! Just trying to mix it up…

Okay, I pray all is well with all of y’all!! Peace!!






Pics include – sunset on my evening run; meditating fat cat; hubs & daughter in New Orleans; the sweetest beagle ever :)❤; oh, and reading time in our class – my daughter was reading to the beagle!

it doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish…


This post seems to be the most popular one that I have ever written. I enjoy revisiting it…seems like no matter where I am in my life, this post rings true…and said kiddo is now 20 – still beautiful on the inside & out – still a very thoughtful, insightful young man…he makes me proud.

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…LOVE that…heard it so eloquently put at my son’s 8th grade graduation by Father Russo.  Those words have stayed with me since and it’s been 4 years.  those words come in handy.  when my children feel like they have fallen short, i remind them of those words.

yesterday, i reminded myself of those words.  not to bore, but long story short – cruddy smoothie (note to self:  always OMIT granulated sea kelp from normally sweet drinks:) followed by a run in scorching heat and humidity left me walking!  for  a moment.  i intended on doing two laps (almost 6 miles).  got back home after first lap & scrapped the second lap.  i got on my bike for 4 miles.  just not good – too hot.  i was drenched.  i was trying to make up for not being able to work out for two days prior to do kiddo obligations.  so,


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Mother’s Day rundown. quickly.


Let’s work backwards. Granddaddy still deathly ill. Still, Mother’s Day is here. We went to Mass yesterday, which was beautiful. We had crawfish for dinner last night out by the pool. Fabulous. My family was amazing today. I got a great text that brought tears to my eyes from my step-daughter. My step son gave me one of his signature hugs last night & wished me a happy Mother’s Day before he took off to be with his mom. My son has been here all day with the rest of us. Just wonderful. We spent most of the day lounging by the pool. Mother Nature visited me today. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. But my children & hubs swam and that was great. We had a great lunch downtown at Don’s. Hubs & daughter picked me a bouquet of flowers from our yard & placed them in my mom’s vase. She’s in Heaven, and I surely do miss her. My son gave me a Ninja-everything!!!! I can’t wait to use it! Juicer, processor, blender, dough mixer, etc.! He also gave me a Starbucks card. Yum!!! That will have it’s first use tomorrow morning, in the form of a Venti Black! My hubs & daughters gave me the Proform Tour de France bike!!!! I can’t wait to get that! I’ve been looking at it for over a year, a la the kid in “A Christmas Story” looking at his beloved bb gun…I can’t wait for that to get here. I’m pretty amazed at hubs & what he was able to do for me today, considering all that he is going through and dealing with AND working, I might add. Plus, I got a great dobache cake from Poupart’s. DIvine. mmmmmm.

I ran 10 miles yesterday. I was gonna do it on Friday, but halfway through, my daughter texted me, “Mom, my throat is burning.” I high-tailed it home & brought her to the doctor. Strep. Yep. 😦 ZPac, here we are. She’s terrorizing the cat; she’s sassy; I think she’s better.

So, that’s that. I’m full. I’m bloated. I’m not exercising today. I have energy. I’m washing clothes & cleaning. I’m wondering if my new housekeeper is gonna cut the muster. mmmmm, not looking promising. I just miss Lisa. sigh. She was the bomb. Like a big sister who knew me so well AND kept my house clean! The way I like!

Peace out, y’all. And the Lord’s peace, not just any peace. His peace rocks.

Stinging toes:)


Stinging toes
Make me feel alive
With each foot strike.
Burning ice
On just a few of them,
Half of them really,
Spread over both feet
No matter what I do,
No matter how I lay,
No matter what I think.
Lightning blue energy
At the smallest part of my body
Mother’s Day
With a thankful, strong



As I stood at the top of the stairwell, packed hamper behind me, waiting to be washed, I was happy that I decided to raid my daughter’s Halloween candy (sadly, you read right), instead of taking another FREEZING dip in the pool. I popped the giant Lemon-Head into my mouth, began the descent, carefully, with said hamper, and was immediately reminded of the crisp fall evenings that we enjoyed where the light was bent just like it is now…softly hued, not even kissed with humidity. I’ve been working out hard – running hard. Cross-training hard. Living hard. By 9, I am WHOOPED. Ready to crash. We are, sadly, experiencing family difficulty – my father-in-law is not doing well at all – he’s only 79. It’s hard to rejoice completely in life when someone we love is in pain and probably looking at the end of his life.

I find myself even more introverted these days. It doesn’t really bother me; it’s just something that I notice. Just a phase of life, I tell myself.

My son, who made me a mother, turns 20 tomorrow. He just got his first role in a small production. He is as happy as he can be. He has a dry sense of humor – reminds me so much of his namesake, my dad.

Anywho, it’s all good. Lots of praying, lots of thinking, lots of thanking, not enough writing.

Peace, y’all.