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Have fun while you can!


Woke up & realized I needed to drive the girls to school because they needed Mommy’s arms to help carry all their stuff for the final day of teacher appreciation week!  Dress in running gear.  We are unloading at school & 4th grader realizes lunches are MIA.  No problem, I assured her, I’ll bring you lunch before 11:00.  Get everyone & everything deposited where they should.  Back in car.  Car wash.  (Per 4th grader’s request due to sleepover tonight…)  Done.  11th grader:  “Yep, my glasses are definitely gone.”  Wouldn’t bug me so much if the boy didn’t need them to SEE!  Target.  Pack lunches at cashier stand.  Smoothie King.  Small Strawberry Shredder (you & I both know I could easily suck down that 40 oz. that’s only 5 bucks on Fridays, but I restrain myself).  Dr. Piccione.  “Yes, I know we just bought glasses.  No frequent buyer card?”  heehee. No, apparently not.  $2–.00 and 5 minutes later, I’m out of there…oh, yes, I’ll be back before noon because you close at noon on Friday.  got it.  Back out to Grand Coteau.  Sneak upstairs quietly to deliver lunches.  As I’m about to sneak back downstairs, I hear a soft, sweet voice, whisper, “Mom?  Thank you!”  I turned around to see my darling 3rd grader.  She ran up & hugged me & kissed me & said, “I love the lunch bag!  It’s new & pretty!”  Of course, that made it all worthwhile.  Okay.  Moving on.  Moving on.  We’re walking.  We’re walking.  Back in the car.  Drive to eye doctor dude again.  Pick up glasses.  Deliver them to school.  Look at the time.  Look at my cargo area!  Left on the list:  emergency stop for coffee.  Manicure/pedicure (birthday celebration dinner for 16 year old tomorrow night – the feet & hands must look good anyways, right?).  Oh, yes, and RUNNING.  How can I run AFTER my pedicure, I ask the Starbucks drive-through dude???!!!!  Do you think I should take up barefoot running today?  Well, do ya, punk?  Now, I’m just getting a little freaked out.  Don’t want to mess up my soon-to-be shocking purple toes, but dang, a girl’s gotta run, right?  So, drive-through dude tells me to run barefoot on the treadmill, or swim for a cross-training day.  Not bad, drive through dude, not bad at all.  I’ll take your ideas into consideration.  Keep the change.  Get the mani/pedi.  Feet look great, especially for runner’s feet!  I’m home.  Car’s all unloaded.  Forgot the Jiffy Pop stove-top popcorn.  Dang.  Still no run, but I’ll get there.

My life is extremely blessed and wonderful. 

In the back of my mind, I think of the slow moving hurricane in the Gulf – not the windy, rainy kind, but the wind-driven, can’t stop the oil from gushing, kind, already hitting our poor, abused coastline.  We Louisianaians (sp?)  watch reports and listen to the news with horror in our minds and prayers in our hearts – our industry that has shaped our state and shaped our coastline, too, is turning on us for the moment.  We’ll recover.  We always do.  It’s how we are.  But for the mean time, lives will be changed, economically and otherwise.  At this point, as much as I love things with heartbeats that don’t have the ability to reason, I’m not so upset over those things that will die and be ruined, but the poor people who make their living from their boats with their nets.  They will suffer the most. 

My prayer list just grew.  Likewise, yes?



Here’s what today’s workout consisted of:  first, let me say, MOST days I get a run in and about 5-10 minutes of weights & a little ab work (some of that ab work is saved for commercials during a couple of favorite shows I watch with kiddos)…anywho, I made up a little index card for my son in an effort to give him a push to mix it up with weights & running…he looked at the card last night & said, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”  So, I looked at the card today and said, ‘let’s see if a girl can do it.’

25 medicine ball sit-ups (10#), steepest incline

15 15# shoulder presses, L&R

15 15# lawn mowers (bent over, proper form, of course, pulling weight from side of shoe…like you are starting a lawn mower!)

15 15# arm curls, L&R

25 10# kettle balls (squats with extension from floor to overhead)

25 weighted jumping jacks (3-5#)

…so, I did it!  HOWEVER, I knew I wanted to get 6 miles in today.  Did that.  Did first 3 on treadmill & then, well warmed up, did second 3 outside.  Did I mention I was a sucker for following off-road tire tracks???  Well, I am.  On my outside 3 miles, I did my oh-s0-lovely grassy track and then as I began my return trip home, I spotted them:  big, flat parallel strips of flattened grass with a healthy mixture of flowering weeds…before I knew what was happening, I jumped the curb and was trotting happily on those beautiful tracks.  They turned into plain, soft, cinammon-colored dirt, which was fine by me.  I adored it.  I had so much fun, the kind of fun I had as a kid.  I was running because I loved to run, not because I had a Garmin app on my computer that needed to be filled in for today.  I was running because the sun was out & it was breezy & warm & I was playing outside.  It was great.  It’s rare for me to have that much fun while I’m by myself!  I loved it.  Then, I ran home, grabbed my bike & pressed repeat.  It was great.  I loved flying over my grassy, weedy track, standing up in the saddle (like a kid!) and just feeling the weeds stinging my legs as I flew through.  I even sang a few bars of Dave that happened to be playing on my I-Pod!  “You and me together, we could anything, baby! You and me together, yes, yes!” 

I love days like today…unexpected…fun.


I thought I’d run heavy outside this morning – waistpack & hand weights – extra 7# alltogether…I thought with 2 10ks in the last couple of days I’d need to hold myself back.  But, after running almost 3 1/2 miles, some of it offroad, I still managed to run 9:28 miles!  That pleases me.  That surprises me.  I rewarded myself with a speedy bike ride. 

Baked tons of carrot/oatmeal cookies yesterday for the teachers…and my husband, apparently! 

Gotta get ready for this beautiful day – shopping for my son & his girlfriend – their birthdays are a few days apart…I’m going to have my hour in the Adoration Chapel, as well.  There is something about my knees hitting the kneeler as I bow my head to pray and I just feel God’s arms around me.  It’s as if He takes my face and listens to every little piece of my heart & soul.  It makes me teary just thinking about it.  I know He hears me and I know He loves me.  There is nothing better than that.  Once we expose the lies that bind us in this world and recognize the unending love our Heavenly Father has for us, there is no limit to what we can do.  I spent such a huge chunk of my life believing I was unworthy and incapable…now, I know the truth and I believe it and I know all things are possible through God.  I fall asleep praying and wake up praising…life is surely good. 

Yesterday afternoon, me & my daughters rode bikes to my grassy track & they found a spot to sit and draw – my 4th grader had the idea on our bikeride the day before – she wanted to return with drawing supplies and draw a particular tree that caught her eye.  She did a beautiful job.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching both girls.  Their little chubby tan hands grasping very used small rectangles of colored charcoal-style colors…just to see what they were drawing and the perception with which they drew amazed me…my 3rd grader balancing her drawing pad upon scraped up knees…I love those girls…

Okay, I am going to enjoy this day.

Still chasing the sun…


Well, I know I said I would try to not fit regular things into an irregular week, but evidently, not averaging 20 miles (come on, that’s not a biggie – I’m not even training for anything at the moment) has remained present in the back of my mind.  I felt that I painted myself into a corner last week because I ran two 5K races on two Saturdays in a row.  So, with that in the mix, it kind of changed up my week of running last week – I didn’t run on the Sunday after the first race & then the week unfolded differently than I expected, so I didn’t get my 20 in either!  Wow.  So, after Saturday’s race, which I got 4th for my age group – oh, let me digress – the streets were WET, the air was somewhat cool and a little moist and the state of Louisiana was under a tornado watch (the same tornado watch that took lives later that day in La. & Miss.)…anywho, I was off to a good start, damp street & all and about halfway through the race, I realized my right shoe wasn’t tied as tight as I wanted…the outside of my calf was achy & that’s the deal on that.  But, I wasn’t about to stop & waste precious seconds, so I sucked it up, pretended it wasn’t happening and moved on.  I ended up with 25:something, not awful.

So, I didn’t run Sunday last either.  I made up my mind – two back to back 10Ks on my tm, Monday & Tuesday, that is.  I just finished my second one & feel great.  I have over 12 miles toward my weekly goal and it’s only Tuesday.  I might just make up some miles that I lost over the last couple of weeks!  That’d be sweet.

Speaking of sweet, I have to go bake cookies for teacher appreciation week – every day the girls bring something to their teachers.  Today was the day for them to bring flowers.  Yesterday was the teacher appreciation luncheon.  So, while my Sweet Potato Casserole was baking away in the oven, I was pounding it out on the t.m.  I jumped off TM, changed shirts, sprayed Chanel, gingerly packed up the casserole, drove the 25 miles to school, sneaked into the cafeteria, placed my oh-so-delicious casserole (let me know if you want the recipe; no one has ever been disappointed in it, I promise.) in line with the others, sneaked out, desperately trying not to be seen, freshly run & sweated – if that makes grammatical sense…

Kept on going – cleaners, Sam’s, etc…ended up swimming in afternoon with girls & then bike-riding with 4th grader.  Oh, and cooked a fabulous crawfish etoufee for dinner – Sam’s had fresh Louisiana crawfish for $10 a pound!  Couldn’t pass that up.  Served on a bed of organic brown rice, of course…

Great day. 

I gotta run…no pun intended.


Knew I’d get up and NOT run.  I’m running a 5K tomorrow morning & historically don’t run the day before a race…much to my chagrin.  I took a weighted walk, though, so that was nice.  We are expecting some pretty ugly weather to come through, and it’s been threatening to pour all morning.  I only walked two miles because I figured getting struck by lightning would just not be good on a Friday morning…totally messed up weekend, right?  Then, I jumped on my bike because I thought, if it starts pouring on me, I can get home faster.  That was fun.  That was WINDY!

I FEEl EXTREMELY bloated.  cuz I am, i guess.  here’s my venting paragraph…my feet are killing me and the best reason I can come up with is because of those hideous black gardening boots that I had on all yesterday morning.  My arches are so pained.  Plus, I’m thinking from a pressure point standpoint, I think that’s my stomach area/girlie parts…whateva, just OUCH.  I think I will do some stretching.

K, that’s done.  The flip side is I’m still strong & healthy & will be running a great race in the morning.  Oh, I think I can pick up my packet today downtown.  I LOVE the t-shirts for this race, which is my main motivation. 

Gotta go order a Dave Matthews t-shirt for my beautiful son who’s turning 17 soon.  I’m “surprising” him with concert tickets – I’ve taken him for the last two years, so this will be our third.  Tickets in the pit!  It’ll be fun and Lord knows I adore that time with him.  He is a wonderful person and I am so unbelievably blessed that God has entrusted that sweet soul to me!

Festival Internationale is in full swing this weekend!  Check it out online, yo!

GREAT music, lots of locations, lots of great food, etc.

Unexpected cross-training!


It’s rare for me to have an empty house early in the morning.  My husband usually leaves after all the kids, depending on what’s going on at work.  Today seemed to be one of those days.  He left at the same time as the kiddos, so I thought, I’m tired, I’m hormonal, I’m going to get back in bed with a cup of coffee & watch Joyce Meyer!  Which is just what I did after dropping girls at bus.  Not 5 minutes went by & you guessed it!  Ring, freaking ring!!!  Hello?  Mom?  (Okay, at this point,  since it’s someone I love, it was a retroactive ring, ring!!!!)  Yes, hey, honey, what’s up?  Are you at home?  Why, yes!  Do you think you could bring me my belt and glasses?  Sure.  Oh, wow, thanks.  Okay, I gotta go to class, the bell’s about to ring.  Well, Joyce, I’ll catch you on the flip-flop.  So, by the time I got home, my morning was creeping toward 9 & that’s not restful territory for me.  I don’t vegetate (sp?) easily, so I pulled on my gardening boots & gloves & got to work!

To put my front yard in perspective, I used a 50 pound bag of Osmocote to fertilize the gardens.  That’s  a lot of fertilizer for a lot of gardens, a lot of very full, happy gardens.  My flower-happy husband purchased 48 FLATS of these beautiful vinca flowers that I ‘ve been planting for two weeks.  Today was the day.  A vinca in every spot!  Not really, but you get the idea.

When I got to the backyard, we have these beautiful large urns that needed replanting thanks to the freezes we had.  However, the root system of my braided hibiscus had me SWEATING and thinking horrible WORDS!!!!  Guess how I finally cut some of the roots?  Well, give up, cuz you’ll never guess.  I had to use our branch cutter.  Yes, you know the really long-handled thing with the blades on the end that are crazy-sharp?  I used that and felt a sense of accomplishment at the blades slicing through those exposed roots like I cut cheese.  No, NOT THAT cheese.  I’m thinking a nice brie with an organic glass of red…okay, I digress.

I had everything planted, fertilized, and watered and decided to get my 3 miles out of the way while I was in my outdoor-mode.  I had to get cleaned up to run; can you imagine?  It’s true.

It was a hard run for me.  I was weighted yesterday and did speed intervals the day before – my friend Andrea gave me the best idea for intervals – sprint :60, slow 1:20.  I liked this a lot because the 2 minutes of slower running really lets my body settle down so I could do my sprints with more energy than if I only took :60 in between.  Follow?  I don’t know why I always have to find a way to push the envelope that way.  Blast my lungs for 1 & recover for 1!  Hurry, hurry, do it!  I mean, the sprint is the real key in that workout, is it not?  Maybe at some point, 2:00 is too long to rest, but I think 8 sprints is good.  This is preceded by a :10 warmup & a brief cool-down.  Bottom line is I’m always looking for new workouts to try.  I love this type of workout because it doesn’t require a track, just a watch. 

Getting excited about Festivale International!  Great music from all over the globe right here in downtown Lafayette!  Great food, great shopping!  This upcoming festival has always been my favorite.

Happy Earth Day, y’all!  Gotta go figure out dinner for family…

Top of the triangle…


Saturday evening’s race was great.  When I got there, I began to immediately look for a ladies room that was not a plastic movable rectangle…;)  Saw this lady & her daughter – every time I see them at a race, I think,  ugh, but a very mixed ugh…they are wonderful runners, both of them, and very pretty, seemingly very nice people, as well.  But I knew my work was cut out for me.  I had been working in the yard all day and I mean WORKING.  Planting tons of stuff, lifting, moving, etc.

Anywho, this mother/daughter team quickly moved past me during the first half mile of the race.  I saw the pace & thought, mom, you can’t keep up with your daughter…continued on in my own race, enjoying the bridge run.  About 3/4 of a mile from the finish, there’s mom, daughter, well ahead.  Mom’s pace had slowed, but she was still doing really well, I thought.  I kept going.  I realized I was the “bottom” point of a sideways moving- – triangle — there was mom at the top, some girl in the middle and then me.   I almost just held my pace…this was a friendly race, right?  Almost.  It was, after all, a race, RIGHT?  So I turned it on, y’all!  Evidently, neither mom nor female liked it, cuz they started coming after me!  It was great.  I thought, “I want to be at the top of the triangle! I want it more!”  I could see mom’s shadow approaching my left shoulder.  Oh, no, you’re not!  I let it rip, and happily landed my right grey & blue Mizuno on the timing pad before either of those two chicks.  When I looked at my Garmin, the last part of the race, I was running 5:49!!!  Woop-woop!!!  It was great!  I grabbed two cups of water, went to my car and drove home to spend the evening in the hot tub with my daughters & hubby…perfect ending to a perfect day.

UPDATE!!!  I won my age group!  Results finally available last night!  I was the 5th female finisher & 1st for the 40-49…totally stoked about that.