Monthly Archives: November 2010



I know why God gave me the ability to be an endurance runner.  It’s so that I can endure the storms in life…when things aren’t right in one of my children’s lives, things aren’t right in my life.  Plain and simple.  I am neck-deep in marathon training – just over 2 weeks from the first one (which is actually going to serve as a trainig run) and just over 6 weeks out for the mac-daddy, Houston…BUT…I can’t run today.  My legs aren’t in it; my heart certainly isn’t in it…it was with a heavy heart that I dropped my daughters off at school.  It just ain’t happening, folks.  We’re trying to feel it, the groove in the new school, but we aren’t.  There are simply issues.  It isn’t a good fit.  I’m tired of doing battle.  I just want my girls to be where they are loved and accepted.  I just want them to be the thriving little miracles I know they are.  So, with that being said, I can’t run because I am anticipating yet another meeting at new school.  Yuck.  Yuck.  Double yuck.  My legs will forgive me.  They always do; they’re mother’s legs, for heaven’s sake.  They know all about taking a backseat when required.  I know this shall pass.  I just want my life back.  Can we get a do-over?  Say…I don’t know, rewind to July 27th?  Like, at about 3:00 in the afternoon?  Prior to that, all was right in our world. 

Come on Lord, I’m ready to get this exile OVER!!!  Bless us, won’t You?

P.S.  On a humerous note, my life these days:  my laundry is all running clothes and pajamas!!!  I love it!  I just noticed that when I was putting everything away the other day…