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Oh, God.


When I think about how much God loves me, it makes my entire being ache. When I think of what His Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, did for me, I almost can’t take it. I am so sorry for all my sins. I know I am forgiven, but I’m still sorry that I ever hurt Jesus with my actions and inactions.

This week, Holy Week, always brings me closer to Him, whom I love so. There are so many opportunities coming up in Church to honor Jesus…

One quick thought :)


I was just making two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, thinking of how our lives have changed since our three older kids have graduated and are, mostly, out of the house. I thought about my own son, being on spring break this week, and coming home today. I can’t wait. I just want to see him. I just want to give him a hug and be with him. I don’t want anything from him except his time. I want to hear what is going on in his world. Then, I realized – that is just what God wants from each of us. We have nothing to give Him; He has everything. He MADE everything. But he wants US to be with HIM – to give Him our time, to tell Him what is going on in our world. We are lucky to be loved by God, who is so generous, loving, forgiving…

Race report!!


Opelousas Duathlon – it was yesterday morning – my you-know-what started Saturday. My daughter said it seemed like my races were cursed that way. Sigh.

Anywho. This was the second race I had done in which I had to pass by a dead body. Yes, sadly, you read correctly. First time was a half marathon with some off-road mileage – I wondered why the course changed last minute. I thought the cops were all there for us. I digress. Yesterday morning I saw the abundance of emergency vehicles. And yes, there was the pedestrian/victim who had gotten hit from behind. I said prayers for all involved. Sad.

So, the race. There was a wind warning for the morning for the area. Seriously? During a bike race? Well, the race was a 2 mile run, 16 mile bike, followed by a 2 mile run. I didn’t have any timing capabilities on me – couldn’t find my Garmin and when I saw the wind advisory, I re-thought of the race as a great workout, nothing more, which worked out great. I ran hard & did my first mile in 7:57! My next one was 8:28. Then I jumped on my bike. My splits ranged from under 3:00 per mile to 4:30’ish per mile. I finished in 1:01, a very respectable time in 14-20 mile per winds. Then the next run, I did in 8:50 & 9:10. I really wanted to shout out that it was the second day of my you-know-what!! I didn’t, of course. It was a great day, and transitions included, I finished in1:33, first in my age group!!! I was shooting for 1:30 in the best of conditions, so I was stoked about that.

The funny thing was, when my alarm went off that morning at 5:30, I briefly considered not doing the race! I was bloated; I was tired…

My daughters wished me well before they went to sleep on Saturday night and that’s what went through my head. No way was I turning slacker!!!

It’s a lot easier taking a rest day when I placed in my age group!!! I feel like I earned it.

Anywho, this is Holy Week!!!


Feeling the need


Are we obliged to carry on relationships with people simply because we possess the same blood? I have thought, fought & prayed over this a lot. My answer is always a solid “no”.

I’m just stating the facts. I “stalk” him on FB to see that he is alive, to see the state of his mind, to see him. He’s my brother. I love him. I miss him. I guess I miss the way he used to be. But maybe he wasn’t so different even back then. Maybe I was just naive to his problems. Either way, I miss the light in his face, the unabashed love he had for life, the way he threw caution out the dang window…he taught me to drive a 5-speed in 5 o’clock traffic & then how to shoot whiskey, all in the same evening and in that order!

But now, he’s not that person. He said things to suit the moment. Only to suit the moment. Lies, I guess. Sigh. I just couldn’t take anymore. It was offensive, the bullshit he concocted.

And one day I realized, if a stranger was telling me this, I would walk away. But he wasn’t a stranger. He’s my brother. I’m not very proud of him anymore. But I do realize ad believe he will go straight to Heaven, when his time here is complete.

And I do hope he knows how much, how very much, I love and adore him.



Why do I wake up between 2 & 3???? I usually feel an intense need to pray, so I’m guessing it’s my glorious Father waking me up for some much-needed us-time…it’s almost tangible, the burning desire to bring all the situations I know to Him, because He is the Master. I am nothing. And I am happy. I think I have covered it all with Him…for the moment, for the very brief moment.

I checked out the windows – no shooting stars, no digging armadillos…the house is quiet, but also noisy. You ever notice how much noise a house makes? Geez. Air conditioners, toilets, etc..


Oh, Good Lord, I am here for You.

Slow to start


I am sitting here at the university, watching my angelic-faced little girl brainstorm ideas for her paper she is working on for the literacy program. Speech & literacy is offered here and it’s a great program. I have already eaten the Reese’s that was stashed & forgotten for my other daugther – I was trying to slip a bit of chocolate into her lunch. Her school is rehearsing all week for the musical & being that she gave up soft drinks for Lent & the bubbles will be flowing during lunch, well…I was going to brighten her day with chocolate. It brightened mine. Hmm. I obviously didn’t give up chocolate either :-]

The yucky cold has made it’s way through my household and seems to be eyeing me again. Nope. Forget it. Move on germs. One time & that’s it.

Anywho…the housekeeper saga continues. Sigh.

My son’s beautiful doggie has heart worms. He started the protocol that will get rid of them.

Homeschool is going well. We just finished reading, “the Endless Steppe” and we loved it. My sweet daughter did a great job with it.

I replaced my iPhone for a penny. Yes, it’s true! That was a sweet surprise!

Had to buy a new computer tower for classroom. Whatevs.

My legs are a little bit in a protest today. 30 minutes, straight running, every day is whipping me into shape! I love it! I feel like with the continuity of running, due to Lent, I am pushing myself right past my comfort level. Then the next day, I do it again! And so on. I do run one day with 6 pounds of had weights (total weight) and that is a good thing for me.

It’s Monday! The Biggest Loser is on tonight! My daughter and I love that show! We do sit-ups, planks, and Bosu balls during commercials…

Ok, the speech/literacy train just detailed as I typed – the clinician is wonderful, but she is not being super-clear in illustrating this exercise…

Oh Lord, it’s all good. Just the stuff that happens during a day. I’ll take it all, thank You, Jesus.

Peace, y’all!!