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Festival 5K


So proud to have my son run his first race with me this morning! He will be 19 next week and having him share something so dear to me thrills me beyond words! He has grown up so much this last year and seeing him hang tough in his first race makes me so proud!






He had a chance to stay out late last night, but came home early instead so he would be rested for this morning! I even told him last night that if I woke him up at 6:30 this morning and he wanted to skip it ad sleep in, I would totally understand. Yay for his stick-tuitiveness!!!

We also enjoyed Festival International happening this whole weekend….pretty amazing world music festival right here in Lafayette Louisiana! We are blessed.

This has been a wonderful weekend with all of our children in and out of the house…

Now, I shall try to go to sleep!



Wanted 7 laps to gate and got them!




I hope those pictures show up 🙂

Anywho there is 14mph winds. Adds to the benefit of the workout, right?! And the last pic is me and my sweet daughter, after the 5k at her school! She got 1st in her age group!! So proud…

Gotta go busy!!! Peace out!!

less power…not powerless ;)


yesterday was long & busy.  i don’t do well sitting in one place for very long & yesterday, that’s mostly what i did.  i managed to get a quick late run in right at dusk, which was a beautiful surprise, expecially with my daughter on her bike beside me.

today…i knew i’d wanna jump on my bike.   i knew i’d wanna take tomorrow off because on Sunday morning, i’m running a trail 5K at my daughter’s school.  i always take off the day before a race, big race or small race.  just a good idea, i think.

got on my bike & wasn’t feeling the power surge i normally feel.  i had fuel in the tank – strawberry/banana smoothie made by yours truly…hmmmm….wazzup?  i cut myself the slack that i obviously needed & decided just to enjoy my planned ride, no pressure to stay close to 20mph.  i managed 20 miles, but it took me 1:20, just shy of 15 mph.  then i ran. 3 & 1/2 miles at 10+ pace.  i’m not sad.  i’m not disappointed.  i’m fine.  i got a great, BIG exercise in that i’ve wanted to do for a couple of weeks.  i haven’t done back to back workouts in a good while, so i was pretty happy to go through the paces.  it felt good.  i enjoyed myself.  and now? shower!  and another smoothie!

oh, can we talk?  my * arrived a WEEK LATE!  so, yeah, that’s always a factor, i don’t care what anyone says.  it’s a factor for ME!

and, since i’m going down the more-information-than-you-care-to-know-lane, leave this post unless you have the same, sometimes off-color humor as me.  i’ll wait…k, so it’s just us, right????

during that quick run last night, i ran with hand weights.  when we got to the furthest point of my run, i had an urge to PURGE.  i told my daughter, “i need a bathroom.”  she retorted, “ME TOO!!!”  “Think we can make it back to the house?”  “Maybe we should find a tree?!”  “No, that would not be cool.”  we trudged on & raced each other into the house to take care of…business…hubs asked how my run was & i told him, “great.  but if i had known the load i was carrying in my lower intestines, i never would have carried hand-weights.”  the look on his face?  oh, it was great.  so glad i shared that with him…he did laugh, by the way; after all, we both have a pretty weird sense of humor!

k.  friday is here.  i have promised s’mores for the evening.  i have to make dinner ahead for sunday…lasagna, i’m thinking?  conge’ fundraiser at my daughter’s school on sunday & that’s an all day, very fun day that we will not miss!  means Mass Saturday…




…for lots.  for everything.  mainly for a quiet start to the week.  for my son in college who amazes me.  who has one of the most beautiful spirits i have ever seen in a young man.  or any person for that matter.  for him being with me, next to me, at Divine Mercy Sunday.  for my very old (so old she used to baby sit me & i would STAND UP next to her while she drove her mom’s station wagon old) and very dear family friend who sat behind us on Sunday & who had never met my son & grabbed my hand toward the end of Mass & said, “Your parents would be so proud.”  She was referring to me and my children.  That went SUCH a long way with me…in my spirit…you know, so many times, we just go through life, doing what we think is right & pleasing to God & BAM!  someone notices.  someone says something so nice…and this kind compliment, coming from Christie, well, that just pretty much is a jewel in my crown…she knew both my parents…she refers to them as “Libby & Jimmy”…that is music to my ears.  i think what i am most grateful for at present is the mountain God has given me as a blessing for being in the valley, in the trenches, of parenthood…this is a good time…peace.

home again…


…which means that on my home pc, pictures will not be forthcoming so easily…sigh…but that’s okay cuz my phone app makes that pretty easy for me…

TODAY is DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY!!!!  don’t know what that is??  fear NOT!  i didn’t either till i was in the adoration chapel at kids’ high school.  people.  wow.  can i tell you?  i can’t.  just google it.  READ it.  on a thumbnail, people who are Catholic can go to church today for reconciliation & mass, and be afforded the INFINITE MERCY that flows out of the Heart of Jesus.  WWWAYAAAYYY back when Jesus first appeared to St. Faustina, He shared with her this time that comes right after Easter will be for us to receive His Mercy.  Yes, I know He is merciful 24/7/365, but this is pretty much a real-deal “Come to Jesus” DAY!!!  Wouldn’t you like to wipe your slate clean spiritually?  I would.  He knows I need it, too.  I’m excited.  This is our first time for our family to partake in this huge blessing from Jesus himself.  Even my step-daughter who lives out of town is going to find a Divine Mercy Sunday service in her city.  And a great P.S. to all this?  Doesn’t matter if you have been AWAY from the CHURCH for a LOOONG time!!!!  Doesn’t MATTER!  It’s His Mercy pouring out today for us to bathe in.  I’m going.  I’m so excited for my children to experience this with me & hubs.

home.  school.  we can do this.  i still feel raw internally, but i feel even more than that, God’s hand on my neck, showing us which way we should go.

4 pharmacies last night & then i got lucky trying to fill littlest angel’s medicine for her foot!!!!  still an issue.  we put holy water on it last night & prayed.  you know Jesus said we would do things even greater than Him?  Wow.  I just want her to feel better.  poor peanut.

peace!!  go getchu some today!!!! :)))))

Mixed bag :)))


Okay, yes today has been peaceful, but…expensive…well, here it is — today, while dotted with laughter, sand, surf, movement, stillness—was also dotted with a call from the car dealership place giving the price for our high school senior’s truck (that is a story for later:) AND a nice visit to an ER in Destin – littlest angel had an ugly splinter – no tweezers – trip to Walgreens – then no splinter? Is it in there festering?! So we went to er while hubs manned cooking dinner – er doc said, hmmmm, no splinter!!! Great. Great.

Anywho I just realized in doin some bloggy stuff, I left out of my peaceful day 2 things which might have rattled my peace, once upon a time…we just rolled with it. We are all blessed crazy-good & that’s that…

Home!!!  AND I fixed the lined thru thingy.  whatever that was…I can totally see it’s value when used appropriately 🙂