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Welcome to my life. There, you’ve been warned :)


I drank my last drink exactly 3 years ago today. Tomorrow is my sober birthday. May 6, 2014. I love that day and date. It was May 5, 2014 and I ordered Mexican food, margaritas, and beer…Modelo Especial and Stella Artois. Looking back, I rarely had beer in the house…cause I drank it. All.

Anywho, so this is where I welcome you into my life. I’ve been silent on many issues for the majority of it and, well, I’m just not going to be that way anymore. I can’t think of a better day than today to start living more authentically. I was ambivalent about being open with regard to alcoholism. I understand that some people are pretty out there about it and some people aren’t. I get it. I respect it. I had to think long and hard about what being an alcoholic means to me. I realized over the past several days that the simple reason I keep it under wraps is because…wait for it….fear!  Yes, fear!  What will they think?  They, they, they. I’m tired of being the inaccessible piece of God-made goodness that floats through the universe not really showing up to life as fully as I could. Let me be clear: I show up a LOT MORE than I ever did in these last three years. It’s so weird how normal I do some things now, especially with regard to communication. If I don’t understand something, I ask. Yes, folks, I ask questions! :)))) And I don’t feel badly about it, either. I was just at lunch with a magnificent group of women. I marvel at them; they are all so gifted in different ways…the subject of FaceBook came up and someone mentioned she couldn’t understand how anyone could put so much of their lives on social media. I thought about it. I share a lot, I think. I have lots of social media platforms and I’m always considering more. For me, I have lived my life without healthy consistency. It’s been a great life. It’s been extremely difficult at times.

Funny: I put a deposit down on an apartment a few weeks ago. I was given the choice to live above regular tenants or above a business. I could have the first apartment much sooner. Let me think about it…I did. And the conclusion I came to is that I’ve tiptoed around my whole life and I’m sick of tiptoeing. I’m not doing it anymore. At least above the 9-5 business, my workouts and rumpussing won’t bother anyone. Not funny: I’m scared to have that conversation with him. Seriously what does a person say in a situation like this? Very little, I think. Nothing will come out right.

Me: Hey, you suck. I’m leaving.

Him: No, YOU suck. YOU aren’t leaving till I SAY!

See what I mean? There’s just no organic flow happening. Holy Spirit, You gotta come through on this when the time comes.  Read the rest of this entry

running smooth. thank You, Jesus.


I did “hills” yesterday. on the tm. in the clubhouse. with hubs. with daughter. not with. but with. i think i finished at almost 1300 vertical feet. i do my own program. i warm up. i alternate the speed and incline. i like to push the limits. 15% incline is the max. then, i lower the incline to so that i can actually run on the incline for awhile. and do you know what makes it feel like you are descending a hill? a HUGE hill? well, after you’ve climbed for ahile, lower the incline to zero. pump up the speed to 8.3 miles per hour. WWWHHHHAAATT? it’s a blast, i kid you not. my quads were so happy to be at zero & the speed was fun and dare i say, easy, at that point. this morning, i have that much sought-after achiness that affirms, yes, we did hills yesterday!!!!

oh, and my baby toe on my left foot is indeed still broken. not a running injury. i was preparing hubs smoothie in my VERY LOUD NINJA blender. i did the logical thing while it whirred away his blueberries & spinach. i tried to do a handstand against my fridge. but i didn’t have enough velocity the first time, trying to throw my feet up. i gave myself a little running start & BAM! i was gonna NAIL it! you should know that i am doing a september push-up challenge & that morning, i had already done 45 push-ups. so, i didn’t account for being a little tender & weak ;\ across my shoulders. so, i definitely got my feet up and then my left arm decided it had enough & I crumbled into a heap on my kitchen floor, but not before slamming the almighty hell out of my left foot on the granite counter top. i scurried up & over to the still-pounding blender & hubs was OBLIVIOUS to me the WHOLE time! He had his back to me reading the paper. heehee. so, when i saw him again later & he noticed my limp, i told him what happened. he said, “wait, i was in the kitchen when you made my smoothie.” “yeah, well, I was too embarrassed to tell you what happened.” Oh, Lord.

Anywho, so, yeah, a broken toe that only hurts when i touch it. but it hasn’t stopped me from running. i’m still doing the push-up challenge. today is a rest day. yesterday i did 75. tomorrow will be 80.

gotta run. i won’t be doing anymore mary lou retton moves in my kitchen. at least not till october!!!