We had my brother’s service today.  It has been a rough few days.  I have slept like a rock and that’s good/weird.  It’s over now.  I came home from the Mercy Meal at my sister’s, put on workout clothes (comforting), and sat by the pool to watch my daughters and hopefully snooze.  It started raining, too hard even for me, and I came in and crashed on the couch.

I just feel weird.  numb.  sad.  wondering about my brother’s children who are all 20 & up.  Thinking about my brother. Hoping and believing he heard me while he was in a coma.  I think he and I were cool.  Always the unspoken, ‘i’d be there for you in a heartbeat.’  i miss him.

Keep riding, Brud.  See you on the other side.

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Contact me like this: Via FaceBook - Mary Broussard, Certified Health Coach (feel free to private message me) or e-mail me - I am also on Twitter - MaryBob143. Instagram - Southern Running Mom...peace out. I keep my original profile details up because...well, that was my truth back then. Today, I'm much different. And busy. So, I'll update the About Me section very soon. Meanwhile, my tags would be: recovery, AA, 12 Steps, honesty, abuse, recognizing narcissism. Any who, thanks for reading this far. Mom with great husband & family...I totally love running, cooking, gardening...

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