My housekeeper seems to have abandoned ship today. Warning: This will probably sound really bad. I don’t mean for it to, but I think anytime someone complains about the work of a housekeeper, etc., it just inherently sounds bad. With that being said, here we go:

I had a GREAT HOUSEKEEPER for 10 years. She quickly became my friend. I loved her. I will come to her aid if she calls me at midnight and we are 80. She is just an amazingly good person. She left. Sigh. Bigger sigh. She had to help her family in Florida. I totally got that. What I didn’t get was She left like 2 weeks after I began homeschooling my now-7th grader. That was 2 weeks into 6th grade.

Here is a list of some of the things I have encountered while trying to find someone who could fit in and help us run our household smoothly:

One person liked to go “out” on Sunday nights. OUT – like, drinking to obblivion out. On Sunday, y’all? Go to church. The reason this affected me? She could not get here on Mondays to save her life. My car, my stomach, my blahblahblah. How about my bottle of vodka & I stayed up all night?

One person stole my watch and necklace within a week of coming into our home. I shoulda known something was up by the way she dressed for work – really nice jewelry. My wonderful hubs told her the gig was up and if she gave me back my stuff, we wouldn’t call the police. Done deal.

One person came as a team with her husband. They were great. They were expensive. Still, I paid. Over $50.00 per hour. They were like a hurricane. Got in, got it done, bam. BAM. Then one day, they brought their daughter in. She looked sketchy. Sorry, but she did. The next day, my daughter freaked out because her much-cherished hundred dollar bill was GONE from her nightstand. We confronted the cleaning couple. Nothing. Crickets. Okay. Sorry. Gone.

One person came in with obvious problems, but seemed so excited to have a job. She talked WAY too much. She gave her opinion way too much. She brought her newly-expelled kindergartner to my house and plunked him in my homeschool WAY TOO MUCH. We tried to counsel her. Go to church, we said. It will be good for you and your family, we said. Her mother tried to commit suicide while the sister was trying to get out of prison. Bye.

One person came who promised that everything would “be done right the first time.” Girlfriend NEVER got here on time. She was constantly late. She came from about 15 miles away. To compensate her, I gave her $10 every day for gas. I asked for 4 hours. She gave me 3. Consistently. She had lots to do that didn’t involve cleaning my house.

Today. I came home. That last housekeeper was here when I left to go to Avery Island with my college son and two daughters. When I came home, there was a sinkful of dishes. There was a dishwasher full of dishes. None of the sheets had been changed. Nothing really had been done. $20 per hour, PLUS $10 gas to get lame excuses, absenteeism for whatever reason, shoddy work.

I figure if God can send me two deaf angels who can now hear and communicate beautifully, I can keep my own house clean. And keep the money. For us to have fun with.

Well, I gotta run. I gotta change some sheets. 🙂


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  1. Oh Girl, I’m on that same bandwagon with you! Trust is my number one priority. I’ve had 3 housekeepers over the years and thankfully, they were all trustworthy. I am happy to say that the one I have now is so honest and trustworthy that I could leave a million dollars on the kitchen counter and every dime of it would be there when I got home. Now if I could just get her to put things back where I had them after she dusts. Any pictures I have sitting out in frames are all caddy wompass when she’s done. If you choose to look for someone else, good luck!

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