How do we (I) stop judging?


As I knelt at Mass today – we were on the 2nd row – if you want your children to really behave at Mass, sit close! Wow! It does wonders! Sit toward the back & somewhere around the homily, I’m wedging myself between 2 poking & pinching teenage girls. Geez. Plus, I love being close to the Light:)

Anywho – btw I’m on my cracked iPhone. And double btw, I know I have some comments that I will definitely respond to…

So. I’m on my knees, eyes on the priest during the transubstantiation – know this: when this is happening, the alter I crowded with as many angels as can fit – angels are Godly beings – but they aren’t human beings – they can’t receive Jesus in the way we do – but they can be crowded around Him at the alter.

I have add. I’m sorry y’all. I just don’t want anybody to miss out on the absolutely most amazing relationship we can have – with Jesus – I’m 46 & I’ve seen it all – nothing comes close.

So I’m kneeling & thinking about Jesus in His perfection and the pain He went through for us. Suddenly I saw so clearly that He died for each of us in our sinfulness – and our sins really don’t matter as far as the crucifixion goes – what I mean by that is, Jesus came and died for Hitler, Dahmer, and me. Screeeech. Huh? Yes. At the foot of the cross, we are all the same – sinners – salvation is personal and not a given – I want mine. I want to store up treasures in Heaven. So, in that thought, I apologized to Jesus for all the wrongs and sins that He died for. I begged Him to help me see each person I encounter as He sees us – which is with love. We don’t know what each of us are going through. The most and the least we can do for one another is to be kind, show love, and give each other a break. The small acts that we can leave with one another may be the only love of God and His Son, Jesus, that some of us may see.

I’m going to do my best to try to see my fellow humans through a better set of eyes – His…the way He sees me 🙂

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  1. Oh my goodness! I was just going through yesterday afternoon! I was so disappointed in a family member-in-law! This person is unreliable, and seems to flat out lie or exaggerate the truth and makes excuses as to why they can’t make important family functions! I was so hurt and frustrated! So, after some calming and reflection within myself…I went to spill my thoughts to my husband and thinking I would get some sympathy….he instead tells me so very loving…”You need to stop having expectations for this person. Why did you think things were going to be different?” To that I responded, WHAT?” and proceeded to list everything that frustrated about the person. And he (my husband says,”Jesus loves (insert name)”….and some faults are more obvious than others but we all have things we need forgiveness for and you must be quick to forgive and release them to the Father…. Easier said than done sometimes. I don’t like that I am judgmental at times and it does force me to look to the Savior for help! We all need the cross. Thank you for this post and letting me rant awhile.

    • Wow!!! It’s awesome that your husband is so close to God and recognizes human frailty the way he does! What a gift! I get you…sigh…my latest strategy in dealing with it is, as soon as I find myself becoming judgmental, I see the face of Jesus, who loves us ALL, and press the delete key. I learned about pressing the delete key from a site I follow on FB – it was in relation to letting negative thoughts creep into our minds. So, feel free to use that for whatever you need! I used the delete key a lot during the last marathon I ran! It often comes in handy! Also, I know that each of us have crosses to bear – some of them are obvious, some of them…not so much…I notice that the constant that I get out of Mass over the last couple of years is, LOVE. That’s really all we have. To give, to get, to leave behind. Jesus even said that out of all the commandments, “The greatest of these is love,” and I have to agree. It’s hard, though, sometimes, I know. My husband pointed out to me years ago that the level of frustration we experience with people is directly related to our level of expectation from them. I couldn’t agree more. You just rant anytime you want!!! :))

      • Im not on facebook but would love to know if there is a site with more info on this delete key.. I def could use less negative thinking!

  2. Hey, there! Okay, go to “” – I just checked my FB & that’s the .com address you can check out. The “delete button” post that I mentioned had to do with seriously visualizing a delete button as soon as negative, life-draining thoughts enter our minds. I was intrigued when I read this because it’s so natural for us all to have those thoughts. But we can change how we deal with those thoughts which can help change us – by hitting delete, in our imaginations, in relation to those thoughts, we prevent those same thoughts from taking root and festering in our spirits. For me, during the marathon I ran in January, I had some negative thoughts encroach – I just saw that delete button, pressed it, and immediately replaced that space with an affirming thought…it’ll take some practice, but there is nothing to lose except negativity! :))))

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