Lent – coming up on the third Sunday!


this will be a mishmash.  shocker, i know.  Lent – the 3rd week IS on my mind.  a LOT.  but, as usual, so are lots of other things.  and at the moment, it’s just me in the house.  say what???  well, my daughters are in the poolhouse – one daughter is having a friend sleep over and when a friend sleeps over, well, the whole conversation, at this point of the evening, gets very much on a need-to-know basis, and clearly, I DON’T NEED TO KNOW :)))))  so, they retreat to the pool house.  if i am the only one in the house, then why in tarnation am i having to be sentenced to listening to a disney show?  that hefty kid who got thin?  you know? jake and josh.  yesssss.  nailed it.

anywho.  let’s see.  Lent.  has made me think.  dude.  a LOT.  about real necessities.  i make these quiet – as in i don’t tell anybody – that way i don’t have to actually commit.  however, God knows what goes on in this heart and coconut, so He deals with my thoughts as they come – i make these quiet edicts within myself.  like…that’s it.  i don’t think i ever want to eat crawfish and drink beer.  well, the chances of that happening – or not happening, as it were – may be good.  i do love me some crawfish and beer.  but as i delve deeper into Lent and what it means – and to me it means getting real.  keeping what counts, shucking what doesn’t and in all along, giving it up for God – thinking of Jesus.  so, for me, i gave up meat, beer, and cheap gluten.  i know, ‘cheap’ gets me too.  on occasion, i have a piece of Ezekiel bread.  and i’m a runner for Heaven’s sake.  my body does actually need a modicum or better of gluten, i think.  well, on the gluten front, if i am craving it, i eat it.  like tonight for instance.  it’s no-meat-Friday, right?  took my daughter and her friend to the best po-boy place EVA.  (olde tyme grocery).  for the FIRST TIME ever, i ordered a shrimp SALAD.  foregoing the langlinais bread AND beer AND shared french fries.  so i didn’t beat myself up over the batter on the shrimp that beautifully topped my salad.  i even packed my own yogurt dressing.  and i ate the croutons that came on the salad.  it was all so good.

so.  so…i’m a work in progress. we all are.  sometimes the meat thing is hard – i am doing it all through Lent, with the exception of Sundays, if i so desire.  but that’s what it’s about – sacrificing something we enjoy.  i’m sure Jesus enjoyed living His life until the Crucifixion came.  and He went through that for me.  and YOU. 

okay, so now.  the Zydeco Marathon. it’s a week from Sunday.  i went to my doctor the other day for my yearly.  i have MVP.  i found that out when i was 35.  so, my wonderful doc heard a murmur, which i’m guessing is mvp.  he wants me me check it out.  i am.  i am already scheduled.  my doc joked, ‘you run marathons, i’m sure it’s nothing…but still, get it looked at.’  for a nano-second, i was remotely scared.  why?  what if i croaked before i ran the 3-day or 6-day run in colorado?  or Chicago?  or walked St. John’s Way in Spain????  or went to the Vatican??  or Disney World?  specifically, the Carousel of Progress???? and ate the dark-chocolate-drenched-vanilla-mickey ears ?  or drank wine in belgium at Epcot?  and those are just the selfish parts of what popped into my mind; i didn’t even come close to the obvious life-changers – my children getting married and becoming parents themselves, among other things.  anywho.  i’m not worried.  i’m not stopping my life.  for what?  to wait and see what a puny little murmur means?  worse case scenario – i drop on the marathon course on march 30.  well, i was doing what i loved, they can say.

enough of that.

it’s a weird training interval, this one.  i couldn’t ramp up fully because of my timing over the marathons i did in december and january.  oh, get this – the elevation change for the Zydeco????  like 96 FEET.  Baton Rouge has almost 1,500 change in elevation!  i’m not sure what to expect weather wise.  i’d love cold & rainy, but i am expecting warm and humid.  that means i’ll be doing the galloway method.  probably 3:00 run and :30 walk.  i’m enjoying my veggies all i can this weekend, because sunday is my cut-off on greens, for the most part.  i start tapering (going a little nutty) and not consuming as many calories because i won’t be burning as many.  thinking about what i will wear.  what the weather will be.  germexxing everything.  lysoling everything.  it’ll be fun.  no matter what happens, it’s a 4-hour, thereabouts, run, with blocked streets, hydration stations, through the town i was born in.  and i get to sleep in my own bed the night before.  now that’s nice! and back to training, i’m not even very fast.  but who cares?  in my book, if you start, and finish, you win. 

peace OUT.  hang tough with your Lenten promises.  add new ones as Lent progresses.  for me, i want to go to Mass during the week, too.  and i’m trying to at least LIStEN to the Rosary every day.  “Now Bible” app on your iphone.  so soothing and certainly worthwhile.

sigh :)))

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  1. Hello there! I have MVP too! I just found out last year and it scared the heck out of me. I literally thought I was dying…when I felt my heart “flip flop”! I have an upcoming apt with my cardiologist in April as a yearly checkup and echo to monitor things. Curious to know how you found out you had it and if you find anything triggers it (like makes you feel it more) or do you even feel it at all? I find when I am under STRESS, drink too much caffeine and during my monthly cycle I feel the flip flops a lot. Has your cardiologist mentioned if a lot of runners get this or is that happen chance. Is it safe to run with MVP? This is all still so new to me! Good luck with the marathon!!!!

  2. Hey, girl!!!! I found out about having MVP when I turned 35 (I’m 46) – I had this mid-30’s-freak-out where I was concerned about my health & having small children, etc…I was pretty surprised to find that out! It has never given me any problems. I will say that the morning of my yearly, that my doc heard the murmur, I had made a run through Starbucks & had a medium roast black coffee…I’m sure Starbucks could give anyone heart problems :)))) I’m seeing a cardiologist for the first time around April 9. I’ll let you know how that goes. This is my 11th marathon! I’ve run them all with MVP, so I’m not changing anything now. However, with the warmer weather that is expected on Sunday morning, Jeff Galloway is looking really good!!!! (Run/walk method) I used this method in December at the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon – I didn’t want to burn myself out because that wasn’t my “goal” marathon, but as it turned out, I LOVED it! I was really surprised at how those early walk breaks help tremendously!

    Okay, I hope things are all well with you and your beautiful family. Talk to you soon!

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