Lent!!!!! Who’s with me????????


Okay, seriously. I LOVE Lent. I love it for what it does to me. Physically, spiritually, emotionally…the older I get – trust me, I wasn’t always like this – but I am now, and for that, THANK YOU, GOD. anywho. the older i get, the more i relish in it. i always thought my plans were so great, but when i moved out of the way in total surrender to God, are you kidding me? HIS plans are the bomb.dot.com. no joke.

i left no stone unturned at the start of the new year this year. i surrendered to God a long time ago, but when i gave “permission” for God to use me for His Kingdom, well, talk about getting out of the way and letting God work.

so…i’m not sure why i am so compelled about people on the other side of the world, Christians and Muslims, but i am & with that, i’m not sure why God is putting that kind of a burden on my heart. i’m not questioning it – i’m doing what i can with it – putting a lot on facebook, researching what i can and making sure of the stories i’m told, because to be honest with you – i didn’t think humanity could be like this. i tell God how sorry i am, but i know it isn’t enough. the treatment of people, the mistreatment of people. for what? it’s not religion. it’s not muslim or Christian. it’s just lack of concern for humanity, regardless of God. how do we act that way? how do we see people and NOT see CHRIST? with God as my witness, each and every person who walks this planet, i see the image of Christ in them. i know we aren’t supposed to talk about certain things because we forfeit our reward in Heaven, but sometimes i think that if we DO talk about certain things, to raise awareness and hopefully, consciousness about our fellow man, we might help other people here and now…so if i forfeit my reward in Heaven, i think i got my reward already if it helps somebody here on earth.

anywho. i just got off the phone with my son. he is so amazing. he is light-years ahead of the person i was at his age. the craziest thing of all??? he is now living where i was living at his age!!! in central florida! this is a development that has happened in the last 3-4 months. amazing. God. That’s God working!

so today is the day before mardi gras. lundi gras. we havent partaken at all this year.

i digress. back to what is happening on the other side of the world. Christianity is being erased, methodically, on the other side of the world. i honestly don’t know what to do EXCEPT to ask people to pray. i mean PRAY. for the whole region. i ask that the Blood of Jesus that was shed for ALL of us to redeem the haters.the murderers.the disenchanted.the disheartened.the suffering.the broken.the martyred.

GOD LISTENS. no prayer is left unheard. no tear is left unnoticed. that’s how great God is.

the story that got me today was the story of a young man, a Christian, who was murdered. why? well, that’s not exactly clear. the fact that this young man was a Christian doesn’t seem, at the forefront, to be the motivating factor. however, the Christian young man had a crucifix around his neck. from what the story says, the murderers, who were extremist islamists, took this young man’s crucifix and impaled it into his heart. this was after they decapitated him. i don’t know what to make of this. at all. how does one pray about this? where do we start? that has been my problem, “God, there is so much to pray for; where do I start?”

so i start with the tiniest, pin-head sized light i can find. me. me! i pray. all that i can. for all that i can. i let God know that I KNOW what is happening there. on the other side of the world. that HE created. i apologize to Him. i am embarrassed at His feet. i can’t even lift my head for all the shame that our world produces. i am ashed of the juxtaposition of mardi gras and a mother’s broken heart.

the question turns from: what can I DO? to ‘dear God, let me do something. let MY prayers help something. help someone. i KNOW the sorrow in this world. help me to make a difference.’

and that’s what my Lenten season seems like it will be about. minimalism on the outside. maximum prayers and maximum-everything for Our Good Lord for the rest.

to be honest, when i filter myself through my compatriots who are travelling through this world with me – i know they are on their own journey through this world – i chuckle for a moment to think what they must think of ME! they must think i’m a little nutty and a complete Jesus-freak. well, i am. i don’t mind, though. that’s the beauty of surrender. throw your hands in the air. surrender like you just don’t care! hey, Jesus, i’m here! YOU are the REAL deal! i’ll follow you ANYWHERE!

alright, y’all. so, Lent. it’s not just for Roman Catholics. getchu some. you will be stretched. you will be aggravated. you will be TEMPTED. you will be STRENGTHENED. you will feel like you succeeded at something ALMIGHTY because you have!

it ain’t about this world, y’all. i promise you that. i promise you. my mom gave me bits and pieces. those that she gave me helped a lot. but i’m breaking it down for you. this world – that we live in – is temporary. Heaven – eternal life – that’s where it’s at. so…store up treasures for Heaven. NOT for Earth.

so get your Lenten Season ON, y’all! if you really want to partake, go find yourself an Ash Wednesday Service – non-Christians, there is no Communion – there is usually a word service. at the end, you get in line as if you are going to Communion, but you are going up to get your ashes. guess where they come from? Palm Sunday palms are burned and used for Ash Wednesday to mark our foreheads. i highly recommend it.

May the Peace of Our Lord Jesus be with each and every one of you.

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  1. I love Lent. Last year, I struggled through and I’m not sure why. This year, my commitment is strong. I’m ready. I’ve planned my sacrifices (sweets) and my spiritual mission (LOTS more prayer). I’ve downloaded some apps and I’m ready. I am SO ready.

  2. Hey, there!!! I’ve missed you!!! Okay, so how’s it going?? I love your enthusiasm about Lent. I am with you! I’ve definitely had years that were a struggle. But that’s okay, because the struggles make us stronger. Stay strong!

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