Late evening state of – uh – the union


Just saying. I love my life. I absolutely do. But sometimes…sometimes…things just do me funny. We are all decompressing after last week. Given. Littlest daughter wants to sleep in my son’s room who is at college. Why? I think because her cousin slept in her room. A guy cousin. Guy cousin cooties won’t be gone for a couple of weeks. Her truth. Sigh. Littlest daughter is completely deaf without her implants. Did I mention she has ADD? Did I mention my son’s room is RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD???? And it’s 10:30??!! So I go up to check. Make eye contact. Give her the mean face, then the nice face, kiss her goodnight & go to sleep! All of us! I go up. Shower is running. Lights are all on. She is in her room – completely away from shower – wrapped in robe, a very bad mascara application smeared down her face. Sigh. Mean face. Nice face. Kiss. Sigh. 🙂

About southernrunningmom

Contact me like this: Via FaceBook - Mary Broussard, Certified Health Coach (feel free to private message me) or e-mail me - I am also on Twitter - MaryBob143. Instagram - Southern Running Mom...peace out. I keep my original profile details up because...well, that was my truth back then. Today, I'm much different. And busy. So, I'll update the About Me section very soon. Meanwhile, my tags would be: recovery, AA, 12 Steps, honesty, abuse, recognizing narcissism. Any who, thanks for reading this far. Mom with great husband & family...I totally love running, cooking, gardening...

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