few minutes


just a few minutes. well, Granddaddy went on to Heaven a week last Sunday. last week was super-busy, with relatives, arrangements, so on. it was more of a celebration, though, of a great man and the life he led, his quiet accomplishments. our house was full of guests until yesterday.

i made a decision – i’m not going to do the Cajun Man Triathlon this Sunday in favor of doing my 15 mile run that’s on deck. I missed a couple of workouts last week and being that my bike is FLAT in the garage, well, i am making this decision. I even swam a half mile in our pool on Sunday, just to see if I still had “it”. I did. I’m not a great swimmer, but I do have endurance & I can get there.

So, we are all moving forward, trying to get back to normal after a really tough couple of months.

Our beloved priest from our parish did the service for my father-in-law. It was a beautiful reminder of why I am so in love with our faith. We are so steeped in tradition and if you have never been to a Roman Catholic funeral in a big cathedral, well, it’s truly breath-taking. I even told our priest afterward that I think that service would be enough to prompt some lukewarm Catholics who were in attendance. I can’t describe the feeling except to say that it felt like being in the presence of greatness – like huge guardian angel wings over the whole place, and of course, the tradition is so comforting. Incense, combined with the church-y smells…divine. seriously.

okay, gotta run. with weights. whhhhhaaat?

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