2nd day of school. like, now. I’m in the class; little one is languishing in bed. We went to the doctor yesterday. No strep. Just a big runny nose and burning throat. If there is still pain tomorrow…TOMORROW??…I can call the doc back and she will call in a prescription. sigh…oh, lord.

did you know if you stick a huge handful of spinach into your smoothie that you get the glorious benefits of raw spinach and it doesn’t change the taste of your smoothie AT ALL?? I didn’t say anything about the color – your smoothie will be a lovely green hue. This morning, I ventured outside my smoothie comfort zone and made my smoothie with pineapple, vanilla almond milk, my usual vegan organic rice protein mix, a third of a banana, healthy drizzle of honey and a big handful of spinach. I kid you not, it tasted like dessert/desert. I NEVER spell it right :-]

I did my first day of T25 yesterday. nailed it. heehee. I feel like doing day 2 right now as baby languishes, but I drank my smoothie and a huge glass of water. my stomach is pretty darn full.

Neville had his dew claw taken out yesterday. Poor fella. Now he’s taking pain meds. I seriously stop in my steps to watch his stomach move in order to make sure he’s breathing. “may cause sedation” ya think? 🙂

lovely august weather. dude. i’m seriously signed up for the Cajun man tri. my bike probably has flats. I am so woefully unprepared at the moment. I don’t know if i’m up for it. I paid my $, so normally, there is no discussion. I pay, I race. plain & simple. this summer was just busy. yes, I managed to get my runs in, mainly because the girls had outdoor soccer lessons 4 days a week. so, running is fine; biking & swimming…mmmmm, notsomuch. we’ll see. last year’s race was a disaster; my first no-show. I hated myself. I baled due to girl-related reasons. let’s leave it at that. I guess another way to look at it is, it’s a 2 hour workout on a Sunday morning. and it IS good to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. sigh. I know I CAN do it; just not sure if I WANT to do it. of course, i’m still trying to shake off the 3 pounds of Boston weight I gained a couple of weeks ago. it was the perfect storm – no workouts, lots of eating out & indulging in drinks & dessert…it was fun! now i’m paying!

I ran my cadence workout last night for :30. that was good. I took off sunday; i’m trying to follow Jeff Galloway and he definitely believes in rest days. Saturday evening I ran my marathon pace run outside. that was just FUN. Jeff incorporates walk breaks every 4 minutes in my case, so after a :45 walk break, I would run at marathon pace…I thought I was doing really well. then after I got home, and saw my mile splits, they were 8:10, 9:01, 8:41, 9:03, 8:57 and 9:57. Not bad, but not very consistent. That’s okay. I’m in the ballpark and it was a little warm out, too! It’s August in South Louisiana. :)My pace should be about 8:55…

Okay, peace out.




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