I’m still in Week 4 of Insanity. Not because I’m a slacker. I know that is an incomplete sentence. Sigh. I am listening to my sweet daughter snoring away in the next room, knowing she’ll be upset that I chose to let her sleep in. It’s summer, for goodness sake. We went to Red’s yesterday. I did my 7 mile slow run in the heat – which was great. She met a couple of her bff’s. She thought they would be doing laps in the lap pool. They didn’t. They had a bit of a workout upstairs & then “walked around and sat at the table.” Not what she was hoping for. Snoring girlfriend is a chip off this old block – except I am SURE I NEVER snore…heehee. She takes private soccer lessons in the afternoons and it’s quite a workout. She’s pretty driven. I love that. So, she went to bed last night expecting to get up & go do those laps with me. Which means we don’t get home till 5:30, which means it’s time to cook dinner & do laundry, which means Insanity won’t be happening again today. But she’s snoring. Because I decided to let her sleep, bring my little one to her camp, dash back home to get my Insanity on so I can at least make some progress. Snoring child won’t be happy. But maybe she’ll feel better when I tell her we can go do laps tomorrow, when our beloved housekeeper is here. I’m almost out of time for the morning. I am going with the Jeff Galloway 30 week plan. I love a long plan. It started yesterday & I, true to form, fooled with the schedule because I didn’t want to miss that first long run. This is South Louisiana, so we need to get our miles in the best way we can & as luck would have it, I had a pretty good morning, as temperatures go, yesterday…82 balmy degrees without too much humidity. I ran for over an hour. I thought about a couple of FB acquaintances who either just came off a full IronMother (IronMan:) or just beginning training…wow. Wow. So in awe. I just look at my life and I know I don’t have that dedication to that level of training right now. So, in the meantime, I do what I can & continue to embrace the water. I still don’t know what it is. It’s just hard to get in, but once I’m in, I’m good. And I especially like doing laps with my daughter. She’s a fish & she’s very much fun to hang around anyway. Sigh.

Okay, gotta finish getting this day prepped so we can live in it.


Oh lord I don’t know where my update went y’all but lemme tell you quickly – we swam – I did notdo insanity but I swam OVER A MILE with my awesome daughter! Her idea. It really was great. I realized as I was typing that entry this morning that I was probably secretly avoiding the water….sigh. BUT I did it. Sweet. Thank You, Jesus.❤

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