:24 minutes


That’s all I’m giving myself – :24 minutes – cuz it’s 2:36 in the dang morning and there is no reason for me not to be asleep – seriously – hubs is snorin’; I have changed rooms, even Fat Boy aka Robiespierre sleeps quietly next to me. So, :24 to tap away ony iPhone in the dark.

Let’s see. What is up 🙂

Trying to wrap up school; 7th grader has last exam tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out what I can do to wow her class…we are hosting the end of the year party & our house/pool are quite suitable for those things, thank you, hubs, for all your nancing about the garden, I love those girls & always want to reward them extra special for another year of their hard work.

Ok, I’ll figure it out. Y’all I ordered Insanity. I follow a wonderful little lady in Dallas who runs, embraces fitness with open arms & always talks about Insanity for runners! BUT. Ok, well, she offers lots of support – in the form of groups, etc., for those who need accountability & support when undertaking a lifestyle change. Well. I adore her encouragement but I’m much more of a lone wolf when it comes to my fitness. Wait, y’all – why do I hear birds chirping At this hour???? Wth?!?! I thought they were supposed to sleep till the sun started to shine & I promise you, nothin is shinin around here at 2:47 in the blasted morning! Global warming, I guess. Or aviary domestic violence – they are fighting perhaps & it just sounds oddly melodic to me – hmmm.

Anywho. So I’m not officially in training for a long run, so I figure why not mix it up a bit & try something new? And let’s face it – I haven’t qualified for Boston. YET. Who knows when I might stumble over the workout to help me do just that? I have been trying to regularly schedule speedwork & magic miles into my running. I know tradmills aren’t the favored equipment for speedwork, but my Landice has a pretty sweet, kick-butt, hill/speed routine built in – I did it today.

I also got myself some swim literature – shows workouts, etc., for the pool.

My shoulders are a little achy. I am also planking a lot more these days! Just trying to mix it up…

Okay, I pray all is well with all of y’all!! Peace!!






Pics include – sunset on my evening run; meditating fat cat; hubs & daughter in New Orleans; the sweetest beagle ever :)❤; oh, and reading time in our class – my daughter was reading to the beagle!

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  1. Our neighbor’s daughter (who’s in her mid 20’s) did insanity INSTEAD of running when she was planning to run the same half marathon that I ran (Pittsburgh). She did a couple of 10-milers but mostly just did Insanity. And she took about 8 minutes off of her time from last year (her time was just under 2 hours)! Maybe it will get you a BQ time!

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