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okay, so it’s been awhile. Divine Mercy Sunday was amazing. there are no words to adequately describe what a moving experience that day/event is…let me just say – receiving the indulgence for Divine Mercy Sunday means going to Confession, which is just hard for most people. i mean, who wants to do this? but it is a beautiful Sacrament in our faith and is certainly not used enough. i’m a pretty transparent person, i think. in other words, what you see here on the blog is pretty much me. i think more curse words than i say. i speed at times. so, when i went into the confessional, knowing that, i think, anyway, my sins to be confessed weren’t THAT bad, i thought i was ready. i was overwhelmed and i was trying to read the Act of Contrition because i couldn’t remember it. i was crying. a lot. and it was the strangest sensation – i wasn’t crying because i was ashamed. i was crying because i truly, truly felt the presence of Jesus right there in the confessional with us. i can only describe it as saying i felt like i was near the “biggest” presence i had ever encountered in my life. it took my breath away. He was there, just like we are taught. The funny thing was, though, it was hard for me to explain this to the priest, who was surely waiting to hear some pretty bad sins, with all the crying i was doing!

all of our children were with us for Divine Mercy Sunday, except for our daughter in New Orleans.

the next day, i got up as usual at 5:40. i did what i do every school morning. after i dropped off my daughter at the bus stop, i was walking through my dining room, which was all dark. the only thing that had light was my gold cross that i have on my sideboard. it took my breath away. i will try to add a picture. i grabbed my camera because i was so blown away. it was just beautiful. a good friend suggested that the light was from Jesus thanking me for spending the day with him on Divine Mercy Sunday. I will take that. I check that cross everyday now and it hasn’t happened again. And I certainly never saw it happen before that!

okay, gotta run. i’ll see if i can upload a picture from my phone. peace!!!


As you can see, everything else around the cross is pretty dark. It was such a beautiful thing to see. There is a story about that cross – I will share that later, but I’ll just say that I bought it around Christmas several years ago – my son’s grandfather had just died – he was a very wonderful person and a great influence in my son’s life. Also, my step-children suffered the loss of 2 family friends – a father/son in a private plane they were flying – so, i bought this cross to put on my mantle that year – i guess I shared that story!

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