not ready to leave the desert


Easter Sunday. LOVED. felt like i had made a really good, really fulfilling Lent. not perfect, but really good. and i think it pleased God. that was what i was aiming for. if He’s happy with me, then what else is there? i went to bed feeling a little forlorn that it was over. i enjoy being in the desert with my Lord. i enjoy stretching my spirit, increasing my faith, looking for ways to please Him. i’m not ready to leave. so i’m not leaving. i’m going to keep my eyes on Him, press in and press on. whatever He wants, i want. wherever He leads me, i want to go. i can’t bear to watch the culmination of what my Lord did for me, and then just hop off the train and embrace being a sinner again…which i am; i get that, but i don’t have to think there is no other way, that this is just how i am. i don’t accept that. i will strive to make God happy with me, to secure a place in Heaven for myself, and hopefully, to live a good example for my family, because, after all, i can’t get them to Heaven, but i can show them a way by the way i live. it probably won’t mean much to them, anyway, for now, but one day, i hope it means a lot to them.

anywho. that’s that. i just can’t tear myself away from Jesus. i love Him.

speaking of, Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. the depths of it go way too deep to capture here, but trust me when i tell you, it’s worth looking into and worth immersing yourself in. i know i just ended a sentence with a preposition. sigh.

i began my Divine Mercy Novena…i hope you check out what this day means.

alrighty, peace to each of you. my girls are on Easter break. gonna go do some fun things, i think!

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