Vocabulary Workshop :)


VW is what my sweet girl is working on. Independently. Which allows me to jump on my blog, y’all! I’m always breaking some rule of English on my own time, aren’t I??? If it’s the non-capitolizing-eecummings-thing, or incomplete sentences, I’m always doing something 🙂

Anywho…I ran on our new Landice treadmill yesterday. I loved it. I hadn’t really appreciated it for all it’s goodness. The last time I ran on it was before Houston & my mojo was still MIA. Glad it’s back. phew.

Mass on Sunday keeps coming back to mind. One of the readings was about how the Holy Spirit gifts us with different talents/gifts according to His Will. I had never really thought of it that way. I have asked for certain gifts of the spirit over the years, and wondered why I didn’t receive them. Now I know. The Holy Spirit knows better than me, for sure, but I hadn’t thought of simply being grateful for those gifts that I DO have. Well, now I’m more grateful than ever! Like always, His ways are wwwwaaay better than my ways!

My son is still in town. His classes start next week. I love having him here. He is such a good person. He has a kind, discerning heart that I admire so much.

I’m back to running. I love it as much as ever. I turned 45 on my b-day/Houston Marathon day 🙂 I will not take a day for granted. As long as God gives me breath, I will make the most out of what He gives me. I realized during my marathon, at a little low point that I experienced, actually – and by low point, I mean low as in emotional – it just hit me: “I’m running a marathon ON my 45th birthday! THIS is awesome. I am LUCKY! I am blessed!” My legs chugged a little faster at this realization. I won’t let other people’s limitations be MY limitations. I won’t let THEIR junk rent space in MY head. Life is GOOD! At the end of the day, it is up to each of us to be able to have a solid, good accounting of how we used the time we were allotted. And, we all get the same 24 hours, right?

Soooo. I’ve decided I’m going to move at least once a day. I think it’s good to have a default. My default is at least 30 minutes a day. Something. Ride, run, walk, swim, elliptical, whatever. Homeschooling has changed the complexion of my day, in a beautiful, filling way. I don’t have a “next race” on the horizon & I’m okay with that. I gotta have a goal, though, that’s for sure. My goal right now is 80 miles by February something. I forgot what I picked. I picked it right after my marathon, so I’m sure it’s mid-February. That’s 20 running miles a week, thereabouts. I can do that. I’m waiting on my wetsuit to arrive. I had issues with the first one. Yay, Amazon.

Alright, VW is over!

Peace, y’all. Lent is right around the corner! I love Lent. It’s marathon training for the spirit. Seriously.

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  1. Hey there! So funny that u posted about your treadmill. My sweet hubby offered to buy me a couple weeks ago when we were having all that rain everyday and I couldnt run. Well, I guess i could have run in the rain..i have sone that befor and it was so fun..but I just bought a pair of Newtons and didnt want to soak my new shoes. He saw a treadmill on clearance at walmart. It was a Jillian Micheals one and i said no but know Im thinking it may be good to have for many reasons. Do you run on your treadmill alot?
    I love love love running outside and dont know if I would get super bored. So how do you like your treadmill. We may have to start looking again for one!:) I wanted to know if you run everyday or if you take breaks between your runs. Also , do you run a certain # of miles every run or do you go by time. I have been doing HIIt runs two days a week to lose some more weight ( I read that the HIIt is the way to go for fat loss.) but I dont want to lose the momentum for my longer runs and so I have been doing those on Saturdays. I still kinda feel lost as far as a schedule goes. Trying to lose the weight and keep the long runs and its all kinda jumbled in my mind as far as what to do each day. Any tips? Thanks!

  2. Hey, Melissa! I adore running in the rain! So, Newtons? How do you like them? I have never tried them. There is a running store here in Lafayette that offers classes on how to run in them. That kind of intimidated me, so I stick with Asics! I’d love to know what you think of them. I used to run on my treadmill a lot more, especially during the summer when my daughters were very little. Now, I use it more for specific workouts – hills, interval training, and lastly, when I just have to get a run in and that’s the only way I can sneak away for one! We bought a Landice – my husband is a big guy & likes a treadmill that is very sturdy, so we ended up buying one that was sturdy (aka expensive 😦

    BUT I LOVE it, I have to say…it’s the Cardio version, which lends itself to heart rate training, which is pretty much the sweet spot for runners. It’s also the hardest training, in my opinion. It’s definitely something I aspire to doing.

    I LOVE Jillian Michaels…overall, she’s great – she’s kind of a meanie this year on the Biggest Loser – but her workouts are amazing!

    I usually take a week off after a full marathon. I did that this time, too, and then jumped right back into exercise. Yesterday & today, I felt like my legs were pretty heavy, a sure sign of not enough rest. So, I will exercise tomorrow and then take the weekned off. Also, when I take the weekend off, it’s not that I don’t run or exercise, it’s just that I don’t have any specific workout in mind. I might rollerblade with my daughter or do something like that…

    As far as mileage goes, I usually hover between 20-25 miles per week. That is not that much. (During a race-training session, my miles go up.) That amount seems to keep me happy, fit and uninjured, thank You Jesus. Also, that amount is a good jumping off point in case a race comes onto my radar!

    So, Hllt? I need to check that out, too! I think it’s great for you to keep a longer run in the mix. For me, speed is always an issue – which, coming off of a marathon, I’m really supposed to wait a month to begin speed work again. But speed work, intertwined into my workout in any way, is something I fit in about once a week.

    It’s hard to know what kind of a schedule to have when you aren’t training for anything specific. I try to set small goals during non-race schedules – like 80 miles by February-whatever. That’s my current one. But, other ideas are to try to run a mile in under 8 minutes or 9 minutes, or whatever presents a challenge for you. Or, running with very light hand weights. And I do mean light – I just ran on Monday with 6 pounds of handweights & those suckers were HEAVY by the time I got home! You’d be surprised at what 1 pound or 1.5 pound handweights will add to a run. It will increase cardio & help shape your arms – summer is right around the corner! 🙂

    Anyway, I always love chatting with you!

    Congratulations on keeping on! Running moms have a lot to contend with! I hope you are proud of yourself!

    Talk to you soon!

    • Hey there! Thanks you for your informative response. I love my Newtons. My first pair and Im hooked. The Varsity running store here in New Orleans was a wonderful experience. I signed up for a Newton “consultation” and the guy from the Newton business was there assessing and videoing you while running and showing you ways to improve posture, lean, and how you are landing( forefoot, heel stirke etc.)
      I love the bright fun colors they come in as well. They have what they call “lugs” on the mid foot strike bottom of the shoe and they r supposed to help guide you in a “natural foot strike”. I was a heel striker and knew I needed guidance with that. They have helped me. But you know everyone is different so I guess we have to find what works for each of us.
      I love Jillian too .She is a little overboard this year I find with the “meanness” Haha. Still looking into getting a treadmill within our budget . My husband has a naturally athletic physique. He played sports all his life but currently works during the day and going to college at night four days a week so, he hasnt had any time for physical activity and he wants to be active for health reasons. So I think it would be great to have one. I love the option that you can do incline etc too on treadmills.
      I have tried to come up with a sorta kinda schedule for my wokouts. Maybe mon and wed sprints and tues and thurs 4-5 mile runs and saturday long runs. And try to incorporate some light arm weights and ab work. I have been doing planks and wow those really work!
      Hubby and i will do Crescent City Classic this year again together along with some friends. May do the Mardi Gras half in february but havent decided yet…I guess I really need to make a decision.
      I just felt like I wanted to work on speed and a little more HIIt training during this time..I will c though ..decisions, decisions.hhahah. I have this quote I found posted on my fridge that says..”To Run or Not To Run What a Stupid Question”. Hahaha!
      Thanks for all your advice and helpful suggestions! Its Friday Fellow Homeschooling Mom! Another week done! Have a blessed weekend! and will chat again soon! 🙂

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