over the rainbow…


here we are, january 15, 2013…

let’s work backwards, shall we? i ran 26.2 in Houston on my b-day, sunday – i woke up to blustery temperatures and rain!!!! my absolute favorite running weather. plus, it was dark, crowded, and chaotic. not that that’s a plus. anywho.

i got dressed and was so happy i had an extra layer – a jacket i planned on depositing somewhere in the lower economic section of my run…the free gloves from the expo were perfect, too. i hustled across the street to the convention center; we stayed at the hilton, which was absolutely wonderful…i went over later than i should have – i asked a dude in the middle of the street directing throngs of runners, where corral b was…that way…okay. um, no, director-dude, you seriously lied. he directed me to the start of the half-marathon. this race had almost 40,000 entrants. moving around was not easy. i freaked. it was 3 minutes till race time! i ran AWAY from the half-marathoners. hey, i love them, but i wanted my own proper spot for the day & wondered if starting there would disqualify me somehow. anyway, i was running before i was running. i found the race start, a block & a half a way. i was ducking under the rope when the race started. it took me a full 6 minutes to reach the starting line!

keep in mind, i was not properly prepared – i ran the baton rouge beach marathon at the beginning of december & my mojo had been off slightly, ever since.

so…i just enjoyed the fact that it was my birthday, the weather was sublime & i had a 4-hour run ahead of me.

funny thing was, my first marathon was on my 40th birthday in houston as well & i finished in 4:06. not horrible. hey, i finished! and this marathon? ON my 45th? chip timing was also 4:06! so, 5 years later, improperly trained, and same time? that’s a victory, my friend! i was GRATE-ful!!!!!

it was a great race. the course is great. it was much kinder to me than baton rouge.

seriously? i was googling the louisiana marathon this weekend because i have an entry paid for into that race, too. no, i’m not that crazy, but i would run the half. my 7th grader is having a sleepover on friday night after the dance, so when i couldn’t sleep this morning at 2:00, i thought, well, if it’s on Sunday morning, i might be able to make it! so, we’ll see.

meatime, i took some Christmas money hubs gave me & ordered a wetsuit so i can swim when the water is too cold. our pool is not comfortable for me until may. i’m blessed to have it and so want to swim in it & i’m hoping this wetsuit will do the trick! i can do weights & laps year-round.

home-school is going great. i love this time with my daughter.

okay, time to move her on from vocabulary to English!

Peace, y’all…

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  1. Wow!! and Congratulations to you!!! And Happy Belated Birthday as well! Thanks for being such an inspiration. Glad to hear as is well with you. I have been running, increasing my weekly mileage by a few..trying to improve from last year. Love my longer runs on Saturdays. They are priceless. Taking your advice from a previous post when I asked for advice about running at a faster pace and how to do that. and you gave the best advice ever: To run faster you have to run faster.HAHAHA and so I am running sprints faster.Our homeschooling is going great. My oldest son Gabe, will be in 9th grade next year 2013-2014 school year and wants to play football for the homeschool saints organization here in New Orleans.Spring training starts in April. He is really excited.My other two boys are too young to play . Boys r doing well with homeschool! My oldest was asked by his peer if he wanted to go to “regular school” and his answer was “No, I like being homeschooled!” YAY PRAISE THE LORD..doing this now since he was in 5th grade..8th now and he still loves it! All glory to God!I So congrats to you with what you are doing with your daughter. Its not for every one or maybe not an option for everyone..so we need to know what the Lord wants us to ..whats best for our families. So happy you r blogging again! Happy New Year!

  2. Hey, Melissa!!! Thank you for the kind words!!!! I have thought about you several times and I am so happy to hear that running & life are going well for you! Way to tackle speed!!!! It’s true though, right? You will find that incorporating those speed intervals will make you a better overall runner – your stamina increases, for sure, and what I love is having a lot of endurance to finish strong. I believe that comes from those bursts of speed that we incorporate to our workouts. I’m so happy to hear about your homeschooling experience! I love having the ability to add things to our curriculum or make changes to our schedule, as needed. My daughter is still really happy with our situation. She is working on math at the moment, converting customary units 🙂 That is awesome that there is a football program for homeschooled kids! This reminds me that I need to check into some spring sports for my daughter! She loves soccer and track & I was hoping that she would be able to play for her old school, but they wouldn’t go for it. We’ll find something that works. Soccer is easy – there are leagues that she plays for regularly, but it sure would have been nice to have her play up with her sister! Anywho…I hope your Advent and Christmas Seasons were peaceful and joyful! We took our 5 kids on a road trip to New Mexico. I need to blog about that! It was truly one of the highlights of our family time together.

    Happy New Year to you, too, my friend!

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