what happened?


brace yourself. it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
what happened???? how did we get this way???
person a has a drug addiction. starting in high school. has been on a slow downward spiral ever since. has gotten his ass in a crack. no pun intended. really.
person b is wonderful. used to be best friends with person a. person b – not an addict. has great future. does good things.
person b wants to ‘help’ person a. person b wants to give a huge gift to person a, who, by the way, has not 2 nickels to rub together currently.
person c tries to explain addiction to person b. person b seems to not really understand. person c tries to explain to person b that person a is not the same person as the pre-addiction person a. in other words, give it up. let person a go. just let that person go. it’s not going to happen.

i’ve been around addictions, way too much. i know how they work. there is the school of thought that says addictions are like other diseases. yes, i subscribe. i get that. there is also the school of thought that says addictions are black holes, sucking the life from everyone around them. addictions are selfish, thoughtless, liars.

so…person b? YOU READING THIS? you are going to make a really dumb choice if you put your eggs in that basket. do something else rejoice in the fact that you have a great life, free from addiction, full of promise and full of people who love and support you. person b? if you want to do something philanthropic, feed the hungry. clothe the naked. give a drink of water to the thirsty. people close to home need you. you have so many gifts to give. gifts that will be cherished.

addicts? notsomuch. give an addict a gift and they look past it to see what else he can get or take.

sometimes, we just have to leave people in God’s hands…His hands are huge and capable.

moving on…

i saw a picture on facebook this morning of the hamburgler (mcdonald’s) from the 80’s – a playground piece. remember mcdonald’s playgrounds? those were fun. the oldschool ones. metal. painted faces. fun. we don’t have those anymore. okay, i detest what mcdonald’s has become, but i miss the oldschool mickey d’s. there, i said it. those tiny hamburgers with tiny onions. yum.

our world has just gotten so screwed up.

i like the simplicity of when i was a kid. kids? go to school. after school, you have a snack and do homework. you don’t watch tv till later, if at all. there certainly were no electronics to deal with. sleepovers happened on weekends. Mass happened either on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday. people seemed normal. no one had piercings except in their ears. no one shoved unGodly ideas down our throats.

obedience to God is an obligation and a privilege. it should live on the front burners of our lives. every day. every day.

i’m exhausted mentally just from trying to drag people away from bad decisions. tomorrow, i am taking a day off. i’m getting a pedicure. i am going to Christmas shop. i am going to Christmas wrap. i am going to listen to Christmas music. i am going to get my car cleaned. i might even have lunch somewhere.

help us, God.

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