i’m here!  let’s see…where were we???  oh, yeah, i was about to do my training run in baton rouge.  did it.  i realized that calling a marathon a training run is still a full-blown 26.2 mile run!!!  seriously, i don’t think i will do the full again.  not there.  my runkeeper app showed that i ran almost 1,700 feet in elevation.  that is not “fast & flat”.  that’s hilly.  it’s a double loop.  it’s beautiful.  it is certainly the most scenic marathon i have ever done.  and it does have the sweetest hill/bridge that i adore.  full of traffic & runners are just running along the tiniest sidewalk.  i passed a dude on the sidewalk.  i couldn’t take it.  i love to “let it rip” on the downhill- well, the dude had on a little backpack & was being really careful about his steps.  finally, i just said, “Left!”  and popped past him.  i don’t think he was in favor of it, but it had to be done – the hill was cresting & my downhill was calling!

i finished in 4:21.  definitely not great.  for me.  definitely got my legs familiar with the distance.  my groin was so sore.  my knees were sore.  my ankles, particularly my right one, were sore.  oh, and the temperature warmed UP a lot.  which is why it’s great for the really fast runners – they still finish while it is cool.

i drove home, grabbed a beer & my bathing suit bottom & stood in my pool for as long as  i could stand.  i have so much more to say, but i’m trying to hit the highlights.  sigh.

i have felt sidelined all week.  i know – i ran 26.2 – some people don’t do any thing physical for a week.  i just don’t like the fatigue – tired as if i just ran, but it was saturday.  so, today, i did the elliptical – very easy because my right ankle still hurts – for 30 minutes.  that did wonders for my mental well being.  i have been hitting the weights a little more and i’ve gotten back to my abs.

i think our bodies are capable of healing themselves if we just listen to them.  i won’t push myself this week.  i want to be able to recover fully & pick up my running for houston on my 45th bday.  i found myself craving cherries – i made a post-workout cherry vanilla smoothie.  then, for dinner, i made meatloaf and was dying for pinto beans.  cherries and pinto beans help inflammation! wow.

okay, gotta get the evening stuff done – homework, clean-up, dinner, get little one ready for foot surgery tomorrow.  (the world’s most expensive splinter – went in on Easter, is being surgically removed at Advent)


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