been too long!!!


i have had so many blog entries go through my head over the last couple of weeks, usually while i’m running…on the few occasions i run alone.  i usually have at least one daughter accompany me, which is great.  doesn’t really let me get to the “eye of the tiger,” but i know one day, these days of sweet, bicycling, furrowed-browed questions will be over, so i embrace each one as best i can.  which brings me to another kid. 

my son.  my beautiful son, who i can never get enough of.  i guess i’ve always been that way with him because my time with him was always divided, sadly, thanks to divorce.  i still find myself trying to absorb his sweet spirit when he is in for a visit.  he is one of a kind.  he is growing up no matter what i say about it.  he is really a pensive person, i find, especially since he is leaving his teen years behind.  he has always been such a good friend to his friends.  i think he is experiencing a dose of adult-hood, and i think it’s a bit of a bitter reality.  i tried to talk to him about it – there really is no way to prepare a young person for how cold our world generally is.  i did, however, share my own enlightenment about finding out that harsh fact.  so, i think he is coming to terms with what “real life” is like and is doing his best to be true to himeself in spite of it. 

a praying parent is a powerful weapon in the defense of a child facing the world.  i have consecrated my own children and family to God, to Mary, to Jesus, to name a few.  Heavenly relationships are real, thank Heaven… 🙂 

i just see such a difference between the young man who used to come downstairs in his school uniform, tired, hungry, and ready to go to school.  he still had a look of innocence in his face…a look of someone who had a loving parent to look after him.  that’d be me.  now, when he comes home, his look is rougher, more tired.  he battles allergies. 

it’s a struggle.  as mom, am i ever supposed to stop reminding him to wear a jacket, keep his chest covered, change his sheets, change his air conditioning filter, take a multi-vitamin “at LEAST” … among other things?  “Jesus is always with you and so is your guardian angel.  everything you do, you are doing in front of them.”  okay, yes, i say that.  i care about his salvation.  i want him to care about his salvation.  i know that things of this world fall away.  they are cheap and temporary.  i know that God’s Kingdom is everlasting.  i wanna be there.  i want my family to be there.  it isn’t guaranteed.  Heaven is real.  Hell is real.  we have a choice where we end up.  i would never steer my children or family in a way that would take them any place else other than God.  i know what i know.  sin costs.  a LOT.  i know young people have to make their own mistakes.  hopefully lessons will be learned.  i knew what a praying mom i had.  i just didn’t know that i was entitled to that same beautiful love from God.  i just always figured me and my brothers and sisters were so bad, our mom had earned some kind of earthly sainthood, something way beyond my comprehension.  i wish she would have told me i could have had the same loving relationship with God.  especially since my own dad died when i was 8.  boy, would information like that have saved me a lot of bad choices…maybe i would not have listened…but maybe i would have.  either way, at least i would have had the information that, hey, God will take you right now just like you are, sinful & all.  he loves you and can fill ANY void in your life.  try Him.  if you don’t like Him, the devil will always take you back.  true dat…sigh…

on a different note…training is going pretty swell.  home school is going well.  my daughter is taking a chapter test in math which is why i am typing feverishly away trying to get a blog entry…tomorrow is the cajun cup 10K…love that race.  great 6.2 mile workout.  great weather.  father/daughter dance tonight.  gearing up for thanksgiving…planning on what i am going to cook…i like to hear what my children’s favorites are from year to year…so far this year we have a request for mashed potatoes.  yum.  definitely.  and of course, something chocolate…like an eclair dessert, i think…we’ll see…it’s a good thing i run 🙂


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  1. I had to smile – my mom STILL reminds me to wear a jacket, and I’m 40! I’m with you – praying for my kids (and I actually pray for their future spouses, while I’m at it…) is a daily thing…when I make it so. {SIGH} Some days, it’s just “Jesus, help them!” And some days it’s “Jesus, help ME!” It’s been a rough couple of days around these parts, but we’ve got a nice long 4-day weekend to reconnect and squelch some crabby behavior (theirs and mine).

    Can’t wait to hear about the Cajun run! Go you!

  2. Hey there! So love reading your blogs:) I am in agreement with covering your children in prayer and the (spouse) prayer the above post suggested, is a great one too, especially since I have 3 sons which means 3 daughter-in-laws!!! I am happy to hear the homeschooling is going well! We are enjoying it as well. I just gave mine their hard-earned report cards! They are all doing well…my 3 I pray you have fun out there on race day. I certainly did for the Jazz Half Marathon on 10-27-12. It was cold and overcast..i loved every minute of it. I didnt realize how ssslllooowww I am:( and I ran the entire way NO STOPS at all and it took me 2:39. Didnt really have a goal for time per say ,the goal was just to finish since that was my first half ever!.lol. I am working on picking up my pace by doing some HIIT workouts and getting a Garmin 305 watch for Christmas. Do you have a GPS watch? If so is there a particular watch u could suggest? Also, any advice on picking up the pace? Anyway, so glad to see this blog and Happy Holidays to everyone..where did the year go..I feel like I just put up the Christmas Love the holidays and Sooooo grateful for JESUS!

  3. Hey, ladies!!! Thanks for the comments…I LOVE the idea of praying for future spouses…I used to do that, actually, but it kind of fell off of my prayer-train…time to pick it back up!!! Kim, I’m not sure if my comments made it to your blog, but I was so sorry about your mother-in-law. Your post about that whole experience was beautiful and enlightening…I had never thought about having to mourn twice. I’m so sorry about that.

    Melissa!!! Way to rock your first half!!!! I’m glad you loved it!!!! I love running in that kind of weather. I felt that way about my first half, too – the slow part and the loving part!!! The good thing is, you had the experience, your legs know what it is like to run 13.1 miles – that is such an investment in your training. I do have a Garmin 305. I LOVE it. I don’t use it so much anymore because I love my Runkeeper app on my iphone. Runkeeper is easy to personalize – when I post about my race yesterday, I’ll mention how I personalized it for that race. A Garmin 305 is a great tool to have because it’s right there & you can just glance down whenever you want. And, YES, I have great advice on picking up the pace. Sounds a little silly, but if you want to run faster, you have to run faster. I know… But seriously, when you are out on a run, just even once or twice a week, add some bursts of speed into your regular run. There are countless ways to do it – if you have never done it before, a couple of ways to get acquainted with it is to count to 10 or 20 in your head while running at a pretty quick pace. Then, just slow down to a slow jog or even walk if you need to. Then, after a minute or two, do it again. A way I like to do it is, I make sure I run for a quick burst between street drains. They are spaced pretty evenly in my neighborhood, so it makes it easy. Or, I’ll run for two street lamps at a quick pace. The idea is to get your legs used to that fast turn-over (which, incidently, really torches calories!). After a couple of weeks, you can increase the time you run quickly – for maybe 30 seconds to a minute…doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up & will definitely help you increase your overall speed. Also, there is a saying among runners, ‘hills are speedwork in disguise.’ This is so true. If you ever run on a treadmill, raise the incline, and run a little faster than you are comfortable. You will work out different muscles, and work on increasing your speed. For me, on the treadmill, I like to do increased interval training – which is simply, increasing your speed at certain intervals. I’ll start at 5 miles per hour for one lap (which is 400 meters, the distance around a track), and then increase it until I get to 9 miles per hour (this is hard for me, but I fight through it by reminding myself that it’s just one lap!), then I step my way back down. Another way I like to interval train on the treadmill is to increase my speed every other lap – so, my miles per hour would look like “5, 6, 5, 7, 5, 8, 5, 9,” with 5 being something slow for me where I can catch my breath.

    I can’t believe the year is quickly coming to a close either!!!!!! I still have some Halloween stuff to put away!!!!

    Talk to y’all soon!!!

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