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Okay, so, I’m busy!!!  Wow!!!  I just miss my blog, but things are going great…Melissa C., your words resonate with me daily!!!!  Thank you and HUGS to you!!!  You inspire me with your training and homeschooling!!!

So…I thought I could just throw up a few pictures from the past week…and I’m still getting 90 percent of my training schedule done for 1/13 Houston…it boils down to this – i’m home a lot more, my beautiful new car stays clean, my bank account has more $$ in it, my home-schooling child is THRIVING, and HAPPY and RELAXED…because of this change we have implemented.  I love our lives.  This is the best school year ever…

As i type, our two boys are home from college for the weekend and sleeping, my FAVORITE dog is in the back yard, and I’m cooking bacon…

MASS at 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!  PEACE :)))))))))))))






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  1. Hey Friend! So glad to hear that you are doing so well!! Im touched that my encouragement has been helpful to you. The pictures you posted are beautiful! My training is going well ..according to the training schedule I was supposed to run 10 miles yesterday and guess what? I did! I am just introducing the GU gels into my longer runs on Saturdays and Im not sure if its mental or what..but i really feel like they help me get thru strong u know. I am feeling stronger after every long run, and all glory to the Lord, I would have never thought I could run long and absolutely love it. Also I lost 3 pounds over the last 3 weeks ..going wheat free..have a physical situation i am dealing with.( a nodule on my thyroid and slightly enlarged thyroid gland) Endocronologist said its just a tad to small to biopsy so I have to go in December for labs and ultrasound for that but in the meantime doing some research and being proactive. My chiropractor told me that she had a nodule and it shrunk in size( by half) going wheat free. So hey what do i have to lose right !lol Well a few pounds.lol. I am gonig to the naturopathic doctor with my son on Tuesday ( youngest son who has ulcerative colitis ) and will ask her if there is anything else I can take (supplements) or do .Just a note my son also sees a gastroenterologist but one of the meds they had him on really messed up his liver enzymes and God in His AWESOME goodness led us to this natural doc(who was a med doc) and she has helped him tremendously!!! Well wow i had alot to say huh.lol Sorry…but .. If u think of me please pray… I am asking the Lord for a great report when i go back to the doc in December…all gone..perfect size…totally healing!1 Thank You:)

  2. Yay, Melissa!!! I’m so happy for you getting through that training!! I LOVE GU! I believe they help, too. What flavor do you like?!!? I ran a really hot 8 on Sunday afternoon & it was just sweltering…I just reminded Jesus that it was through His power, not mine!!!! You have so much you are dealing with, bless your heart! I have been praying for you since I read this when you posted your comment – I get a notification on my phone, so even though I am just responding, I definitely read it and I am MOST definitely praying. Hugs to you, my friend, and know that you are staying in my prayers!!! By the way, I like to believe BIG because whatever we can allow ourselves to believe, God can do INFINITELY more, so I am praying & seeing you and your son restored to perfect health. Peace!!!

  3. Hey! Let me just say (sincerely) Thank you for the prayers! I do believe in the power of prayer and as I sit here messaging this I am on the verge of tears..(in a good way) well..and sort of overwhelmed. I was touched by your comment about ..”believing BIG, because whatever we can allow ourselves to believe, God can do INFINITLEY more”. I just wrote this dowm to keep with me…This is scripture based. Thank you for speaking that word.. I needed that today! Some days I feel like faith woman and other days im wondering “where did it go”.(today is one of those days) lol. But I am learning to trust and relax in Christ.( encouragement from my hubby). Anyway on another note, I picked up the strawberry banana flavor GU. I like it..I figured that would be a safe first try.lol. 8 miles in the southern heat in the afternoon is commendable!! I have been trying to run my long runs on Saturday mornings (pretty early) ,like 6a.m…and the only reason I do that early is because one of my 3 sons has football games on Saturday mornings and there is no way Im missing those games!!! And it is a little cooler but u know it doesnt always work out like that. The last time I had to run 10 (according to the schedule) it was a Saturday and I couldnt do the a.m. so I did 4 in the afternoon and after mile 1 it started raining!! I just pretended that I was in a race and kept going. It was such a beautiful run.I felt like a kid and it was sort of a spiritual run as well. So I guess whats important is just getting it done and not so much focusing on what time of day. Cuz no matter what time of day,u always feel better after a run!!! Thank u for reading this lloonngg post. Talk again soon!

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