Laundry list of life things…
My head hurts – I’m pretty sure I need glasses. At first I couldn’t clearly see things far away. Then it was the close up things. Sigh…
Hurricane Isaac may pay a visit. Whatevs.
I just fed the cat, grabbed a Stella, and left the kitchen in a pretty good state of disarray. I have yet, after all these years, to find the proper balance of spreading out my daily energy to last till the end of the day. My workouts have changed, understandably. It’s as if at a certain time, my energy just ends, “Done for the day!!! Goodnight!”
Okay – my eyebrows?!? Hideous. Wax. Tomorrow. Hair? Same. How do homeschooling moms do it? I have 1 child in homeschooling and I love it – Absolutely love it. But I am quickly seeing that planning time is for real! For the whole shebang! Groceries, dry cleaners, exercise, doctors, hygiene, etc. wow! I am not beating myself up – I know changes like this need time to settle. My daily goals these days involve clean, well-prepared children, prepared meals, fed cat, clean clothes, prayer, and lots of it, and the major subjects. A little exercise is sought after. I am not adhering to proper paragraphs as I type on my iPhone this late, but I must say, I am signed up for the Cajun man tri on a couple of weeks. Truly, at this point, I am viewing it as a 2-hour workout. I just have different priorities now since I signed up for it. It’s just enough of a workout to coax me out of my comfort zone. And really, the older I get, the bigger kick I get out of a big, hairy workout! I really need new goggles. Sigh.
Anywho…I thank God each and every day for allowing me the breath and ability to be the person He created. Left to my own devices, I shudder to think what I would be, but in His hands?! Well, there is no place else I would rather be. On the very few occasions that I can’t sleep, I imagine myself curled up in God’s amazing, all-good hands…does the trick every time. I wasn’t raised with protective hands around me, but I know they are there now. His hands give me the example of the protective shield I must be for my children. And, like all relationships, the more I nurture what I have with our Holy Family, the more I am guided in the way I should go…which is also the way I should lead my children.

Okay, it’s getting late & Jim cantore is building this storm up more than I can stand.

Lemme just say this – parents, pray for your children. Pray with your children. Place your hands on your children and pray for them. Hubs & I were at Mass this morning with 4 of our children…we were all pretty much crammed into one pew. It was great! I prayed for each of them and put my hand on each of them. I think a parent’s hands-on, pure prayer, is quite powerful…pray for God’s blessing to pour over your child in all that they do. Pray for your child to do God’s will no matter what.

Okay. That’s it for now. I didn’t even get to tell you about the race Friday evening! 🙂

May the peace of Our Lord, Jesus, be with each of you!!!



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