yay, summer.


11 days in the book of “no nachos/no beer” :)))) yay.  just finished two laps.  i’ve been trying to get two laps all summer and with the heat & humidity, it has been pretty darn impossible for me.  i start out fine, but getting halfway to the first lap, i am thinking, ‘God, please let someone find me when i burn up & die out here!’  plus, girls started camp here in the neighborhood, so that gives me a little extra time to torture run. 🙂 it’s just one of those summers where i don’t want to run on the treadmill.  i do get in the pool & that’s awesome, but there’s something about that asphalt that just beckons me…i do love it.

i am loving having my son home from school.  he is such a good person.  he is quiet & reserved, kind & thoughtful.  he creates beauty under the radar and i love that about him.  i caught a glimpse of him last night and for a split-second, it was like seeing my sweet son as a 7 year old again!  it took my breath away.  he has had a scruffy, college-kid beard all summer and he shaved it last night.  he is a beautiful-looking boy & with his clean-shaven face, he just tugs at my heart strings.  anywho, it has been great spending time with him.   it seems like only yesterday i was dropping him off at high school orientation, wondering what the next four years would have in store for him.  wow.

anywho, busy.  just about done preparing for homeschool.  got my religion stuff in last night.  i love the education at my daughter’s school, and i plan to adhere to it as much as i can.  my only sticking point was science.  the 6th grade science book was quite outdated and much of the information taught was done through supplemental materials.  i need a book.  i need online resources.  so, after researching every possible avenue of teaching my daughter science, i have found something i like a lot.  i feel it is a good compromise, considering what what would be taught to at her school.  we should have quite a full day.  i plan to incorporate everything she would have received educationally into our day.  i feel good about it.  we are quite excited.

my throat has been tight & sore.  i finally looked in the mirror yesterday as i sat a stoplight.  BRIGHT RED!:0  angry throat.  dang.  i made a great onion soup last night & that was fabulous on my throat.  taco soup tonight.  to be followed by a full night’s sleep, please God, help me get that.

gotta get this house in order!  no one is under foot today; no excuses!


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