keeping on


is it already almost mid-july??? dude! wow. well, in case i haven’t mentioned it, i will be definitely homeschooling precious youngest daughter. i have prayerfully considered (and affirmed & re-affirmed) through our Almighty, Ever-Living God, that yes, this is the right decision for us.

Wednesday – that was Tuesday up there 🙂 some days…well, the good thing is, sweet, VERY organized daughter helped get her classroom just so…love it.  can’t wait to get in there & fill that brain of hers with the knowledge for which she thirsts!!!!

Thursday – see what I mean?! Time, dude….it just goes…

Sigh…sometimes, I have learned, the biggest favor we can do for our children is to step back and let them be….give them the knowledge & love they need and then pray they use their “adult” freedom wisely in a way that is pleasing to God. Another longer sigh…

Anywho…5 hot-a$$ miles on track today – glorious, dude, just glorious…I stopped every mile for a swig of Gatorade….I don’t think I ever got that hot running outside…


Boiled shrimp for dinner…yum…

May the peace of our Lord be with you…

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