get a grip…


wow. dude. so, yesterday, i was running in the EXTREME humidity (southwest La.) – we’re talking 85 degrees, with a “feels like” temp of 95. humidity was 76%. H.O.T.

me & daughter were at Red’s – the bomb health club of the South, for sure. outdoor track. i had a good pace going, in spite of sweat pouring. daughter was getting her workout on on the machines & was coming to meet me. i enjoyed the solitude. it was even nice seeing the other brave souls on the track. there weren’t many…anywho, i just had this epiphany – check it out – i’m 44. i love to run. i’m pretty much like a hamster. i don’t need a lot of diversion. okay, ANY. i just want to get a good sweat going. i love to race. i’m not that great. THANKfully, i know who i am in GOD. i KNOW He loves me with all that i bring to the table – faults, etc. – so, i’m running along & i thought, ‘WHY am i doing this exactly? it’s not that i’m going to freaking win something. i get a bit of flack from hubs at times. what’s the deal?’ and then i realized, it’s not about winning something. it’s not about appeasing someone else. it’s about doing something I love because I LOVE IT, damn the rest. it occurred to me that even the serious cyclists i see mid-day are not out to win the tour de france; they are out there for the same reasons i am. they have a passion for something and simply love doing it. that little internal jaunt made me feel so much better. all the while, pounding away on the outdoor track. all said, i ended up with 5 miles for the day – some indoor & some out. it was great.

today, we were back for more. but instead, i mixed it up and did 5000 meters on the rowing machine. then i did 20:00 on the elliptical. doesn’t sound like much, but on the elliptical, i actually asked the gym dude for a towel. i’m not like that. the majority of the screen was covered in brightly lit orange squares. that means i was totally kicking ass on that ellipitical. daughter was riding the bike. i think i am a little intense when it comes to fitness, but in a good way. i pretty much leave it all out there. i don’t care who looks at me weird. i don’t care what they think. i’m getting mine 🙂

and now…the tops of my quads are saying, “what in the hell did we ever do to deserve this? did we just run a marathon???” heehee. my arms feel like i did laps for an hour. i love it. glorious fatigue.

then…i realized something else….i’m homeschooling baby daughter next year. i relish in the thought. i’m trying to get my stuff in order, people!!! i have spent the last three mornings trying my darndest to find a teacher’s edition of her 1991 math book…which…truth be told, ain’t that great. same with science. science is very supplemented due to the age of the book. i think 1991. yes, that is correct, no typo.

so…the more i dug, the more i couldn’t find, BUT, something better happened…i realized, thank YOU, God, that I can do better. I can buy my baby the most updated, appropriate materials she will need for this school year. we are NOT at the mercy of outdated books. and why that is, i do not know. tuition is steep; books should be better. true dat.

anywho, so now i am putting together a better math & science curriculum for her with the assistance of Glencoe. i’m very much looking forward to guiding her and teaching her this year. bless my baby’s heart. she’s so smart and has so much to offer. i rejoice in the thought of homeschooling her.

peace, y’all…


Loved today.




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