I couldn’t wait to wake up yesterday morning….just wanted to run in what was sure to be hot, sticky, flowery-smelling, Louisiana air. I made on pb&j sandwiches for the girls breakfast. I got ready & hit the door…

I admire what other people (runners) can do while being immeasurably grateful for what I can do…that I could even get out there on any given morning was huge for me.

As a mom, I almost always think of my children’s needs before my own – I believe that’s the way it should be. I think by being this way, it makes me reconsider what my needs really are – they (my needs) seem to get simpler as the years go by. I love that.

Case in point – Friday past – dropped 2 girls off for swim party – I wanted to go run – at home – it was the first day of the AMR challenge. I wanted new shorts…there I was, in Acadamy, looking at pricy, not that great either, shorts! I looked around & thought, “Wait a tic! I’m IN running stuff!” wth?!?! I bee-lined for the door, went home and ran 3.04 miles, incredibly happily. I toweled off, threw on new orleansy clothes & hit the road again, feeling like a million bucks…and what I did was free, life-affirming, and incredibly good for me!


Hopefully, I just inserted the pic I sent to my sister while at a red light, jokingly showing her me, without a shower, yet happy & fulfilled, heading to pick up children and go to New Orleans for the weekend.

Didn’t I call this post run? Maybe I should change it to ADD…

Anywho, I ended up grabbing a couple of pairs f shorts yesterday at Target – cheaper and cuter…

I was, however, pretty disappointed to realize I missed the mini tri I had signed up for – I totally thought it was next weekend – it was this past Sunday morning…sigh…

Sunday morning had me running…with my children to St. Louis Cathedral for 9:00 Mass!


I love this beautiful old church…

Anywho, that’s it for now…



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  1. You’re too cute! I shop like that, too – realizing I’m about to spend $ on something I already own (and sometimes am wearing).
    I love old churches, too. Our church is old and beautiful (modeled after Notre Dame!) but it’s so far away (25 minutes) and we just found out our priest – who we absolutely ADORE – is leaving. My stomach actually hurt after hearing the news. 😦 He married us (twice!), baptized all of our babies, and gave me my first Holy Communion. That kinda relationship can’t be replaced but I’m keeping an open mind that we’ll get an equally awesome priest in the end. Hey, a girl can hope, right? Unfortunately, I know that, just like regular guys, priests come in all different personalities.

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